General NotesEdit

This ode to Ḱægx́a (Old Ktarh: /cɜɣxɑ/), or better known as Hǣhha, is a standard Ktarh ode, with the exception of it being written in dodecasyllabic verse as opposed to a dodecametre. Ḱægx́a was a tribal warlord that succeeded in uniting the western Ktarh tribes and thus established the first Ktarh nation.

The OdeEdit

1 Ūro', āne! Ūrumekake ūmere!
  Ōktāke nikā'ne! Ī'make nirire!
  Nāk, "oetōke!" dītidaratæi sōrak -
  "Mākrarem daāke dāmūman ētai akak."


1 ū-ro', ā·n-e! ūrūmek-ake ūme-re!
  ōkt-āke nikā'-ne! ī'm-ake niri-re!!!
  nāk, "o-etōk-e!" dīti-dara-tæi sōr-ak
yet, "!" scream-plup-ppl
  "mākra-rem dā(m)-āke dām-ūman ē-tai akak"
" sound-pres.psg not"


Praised be, hero! You father of fathers!
Daughter of authority! Son of the skies!
Yet, "sinner!" shout the clouds -
"Your own words sting but do not sound."

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