Lēíxom means "sun language." it is the official language of Lēíhōíkúlo "The land of the sun" or "the land under the sun" The language was spread by emperor Vatyánun, as his armies conquered much of the land south of his city. In reality language is loosely based off of Germanic and Celtic languages with perhaps some Slavic or Baltic influences.

Word order: VSO


Plosives: p,b,t,d,k,g,ʔ

Nasal: m,n,ɲ,ŋ

Tril: r

Fricative: f,v,θ,ð,s,z,ʃ,x,h

Approximant: j

Lateral Approximant: l

Other... tʃ, ts

Vowels: a, e, i, æ, o, u

Diphthongs: ai, ei, au, oi,

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