This page lists all Larvoc words.

Larvoc Origin Type English Esperanto
akyat Tagalog verb climb grimpo
Angla Esperanto noun English Angla
arbo Esperanto noun tree arbo
árbol Spanish noun tree arbo
bienvenida Spanish noun welcome bonvena
bonvena Esperanto exclamation welcome bonvena
compute English verb compute komputi
computer English noun computer komputilo
document English noun document dokumenton
documento Portuguese noun document dokumenton
documento Spanish noun document dokumenton
dok Bosnian adverb as
dok Bosnian conjunction while
dok Bosnian noun dock
dok Croatian adverb as
dok Croatian conjunction while
dok Croatian noun dock
dokumento Cebuano noun document dokumenton
dokumento Tagalog noun document dokumenton
dokumenton Esperanto noun document dokumenton
English English noun English Angla
hello English exclamation hello saluton
hispana Esperanto noun Spanish hispana
I English pronoun I mi
Ingles Tagalog noun English Angla
Inglés Spanish noun English Angla
kahoy Cebuano noun wood ligno
kahoy Tagalog noun wood ligno
kam German verb came venis
kama Swahili adverb as kiel
komput Azerbaijani noun computer komputilo
komputi Esperanto verb compute komputi
larvae English noun larvae larvoj
larvoj Esperanto noun larvae larvoj
ligno Esperanto noun wood ligno
madera Spanish noun wood ligno
meme Cebuano noun meme meme
meme English noun meme meme
meme Esperanto noun meme meme
meme Portuguese noun meme meme
meme Spanish noun meme meme
meme Tagalog noun meme meme
random English adjective random hazarda
saluton Esperanto exclamation hello saluton
telebisyon Cebuano noun television televido
telebisyon Tagalog noun television televido
televido Esperanto noun television televido
television English noun television televido
tool English noun tool ilo
tree English noun tree arbo
vikio Esperanto noun wiki vikio
welcome English exclamation welcome bonvena
wiki Cebuano noun wiki vikio
wiki English noun wiki vikio
wiki Portuguese noun wiki vikio
wiki Spanish noun wiki vikio
wiki Tagalog noun wiki vikio

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