The verb system is very easy and logic, once you get used to the crowd of suffixed.


Every verb has two stems, the presentive stem and the perfective stem. To get these, open your latin dictionary and look for your favourite verb.

TO GO - abeo [ăbis, abii, abitum, ăbire] Now take out the 'o' from the present (cometimes 'or') to get the presentive stem, and do the same for the 'i' of the perfect item (the third one). In the example, you will get the pair ABE~; ABI~.

What is a tense?Edit

A tense is just a little suffix that defines the moment which the subject does the action in. Each of the three tenses has four forms, according to the "Declination".


What is a personal suffix?Edit

A personal suffix is another little suffix that you add according to the person who speaks, just like you do with the english pronouns.


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