There are six dialects of Farnian at total.(The language names written in the picture are written in Latinized Farnian, and the names are shortened.)

As we could see from the name of "Latinized Farnian"(Lioŋ Faornnis Lotovnnninib) in La.F., the "Faornnis" actually means "Of Farnian people" or "That belongs to Farnian people". The word "Faorn" means "Farnian people" or "Farnian nation".

Here are some notable differences between the dialects.

Palatal and palatalalized consonantsEdit

English Full Name

Farnian Shortened Name Palatal and palatalalized consonants Examples Note
Biajuan Biëmduën

+ ˊ (Acute)

can be alone

  • ĺos (strawberry) /lʲos/
  • jć (mat) /iːkʲ/
  • ǵos (light) /gʲos/
  • ílfas (bone) /jifas/
Kefian Cefies

+ é

+ í

  • lïos (strawberry) /lʲios/
  • jcí (mat) /iːkʲi/
  • gíos (light) /gʲios/
  • ilfas (bone) /ilfas/
There is always a vowel behind the palatalized consonant
Farnian Faorn

c, d, g, t + i / ï

others + ï

  • lïos (strawberry) /ʎos/
  • jcï (mat) /iːc/
  • gios (light) /ɟos/
  • ilfas (bone) /ilfas/
Palatal consonants instead
Iladasles Iladazles + ı (dotless i)
  • lıos (strawberry) /lʲios/
  • jcı (mat) /ikʲi/
  • gıos (light) /gʲios/
  • ilfas (bone) /ilfɑs/

There are no long vowels in Iladasles

There is always a vowel behind the palatalized consonant

Lyis Lïis

+ ï

can be alone

  • lïos (strawberry) /ʎos/
  • jcï (mat) /iːci/
  • gïos (light) /ɟos/
  • ïlfas (bone) /jilfas/
Palatal consonants instead
Upper Farnian Wogënfaorn

+ ĭ / ï

can be alone

  • lĭos (strawberry) /lʲos/
  • jcï (mat) /ikʲ/
  • gĭos (light) /gʲos/
  • ĭlfas (bone) /jilfas/
Sliaver Zliaawer

No palatalization

  • lios (strawberry) /lios/
  • jc (mat) /ik/
  • gios (light) /gios/
  • ilfas (bone) /ilfas/
There are no long vowels in Slaver

Pronunciation of "R"Edit

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