Lazrian is the language native to the Kingdom of Lazira, being one of two kingdoms not to use the Common Tongue as their first language, and the only established one to do so. It is often thought of as an evil language, as Lazira is notorious for being wrought with crime.

A: U

Again: Casamia

Ahead: Heirl

An: Tyra

Animal(s)/Being(s)/Creature(s): Lars(ah)

Are: In

As: Wyth

Am: Darr

Assassin: Morwe

Aunt(ie)(s): Naneth(a)(ld)

Beautiful: -theyin

Big (older): -nath

Big (size): -gian

Blessing(s): Panala(maer)

Boy: Kyran

Brother(s): Kintora(ck)

Cousin(s) (female): Dagmar(ayr)

Cousin(s) (male): Palinar(ayr)

Daughter(s): Juria(n)

Day: Dia

Defeat: Merlas

Evil: Faare

Father: Gwiun

Final: Kanya

Finally: Kanyal

Friend(s): Plunith(eya)

Girl: Linnithie

Give: Thryn

Go: Geh

Guild: Sancta

He: Kasaq

Hello: Vinniam

Her: Linnim

Hey: Vai

Him: Kyr

I: Gi

If: Dir

In: Fi

Is: Dartha

It: Di

Know: Gnol

Little (size): -luine

Little (younger): -nad

Love: Weor

Me: Tres

Meet: Hunith

Met: Huni

Mine: Tyriawe

Moon/Moonlight: Luniar

Mother: Nawe

Murder: Kuzda

Murderer: Kuzdanir

My: Tori

Nice: Frera

Night: Notryn

Of: Jor

Old: -hubuhk

On: Ju

Parent(s): Gwynith(al)

Power: Verri

Save: Hasra

She: Lira

Sign(s): Meraka(la)

Sister(s): Lieth(ri)

Some: Nama

Son(s) - Quinar(il)

Soul: Minoren

Strength: Fring

Sun/Sunlight: Golenir

Thank you/Thanks: Meanneon

The: Ri

Them: Tinoth

Theft/Robbery: Manest

They: Tinair

Thief: Manir

This: Drem

To: Nol

True: Corice

Ugly: -orcra

Uncle(s): Adarne(rit)

Us: Rewe

Want: Desre

Welcome: Kinai

Well: Kin

What: Walin

Will: Kawth

You: Maiy

Young: -yerr

Your: Mansa

You're Welcome: Main Kina


Mita - Meryld

Kura Tribe: Yelinash

Liza Tribe: Thenanash

Teer Tribe: Kulinash

Asra - Huyer

Esenleth: Foeda

Fraina: Thuith

Gleneth: Rolena

Faryl - Firen

Cavanned: Beornythia

Nara Senna: Sanas Jerr

Canarane - Cynthia

Calima: Chima

Dormir: Phalar

Thanar - Welyana

Cilus: Sillonna

Gwyr: Wendolin

Offin - Oran

Lorbis: Faalar

Pentovier: Dimilu

Ejuidi - Pasnil

Guinus: Srashk

Mandril: Tolun

Narma: Alanum

Tuscara: Nale

Lazira - Theyan

Rohinar: Lorse

Tyma: Qaznak

Venusra: Yaelie

Mynd (Dark) Isles - Gnarvahallieth

Sol: Fythe

Seven Isles - Thurehallieth

Vasra: Fanerre

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