Li Nzunur Ba Vräkt is the language of the Pofrakf people. The name means "the speech of men."


Labial Dental Palatal Velar Glottal
Voiced Voiceless Voiced Voiceless Ejective Voiced Voiceless Ejective Voiced Voiceless Ejective Voiceless
Stops b bˠ p pˠ d t t' ɟ c c' g k k' ʔ
Affricates pf pfˠ dz ts ts'
Fricatives β~v, vˠ ɸ~f fˠ z s ʑ ɕ x h
Nasals m mˠ n ɲ ŋ
Taps ɾ
Approximants w l y ɯ

Romanization(Written in table order)

b, bg  p, pk  d, t, t'  j, c, c'  g, k, k'  q

pf, pfw     dz, ts, ts'   

v, vw, f, fw   z, s      jh, ch            x  h

m, mg  n      ñ               ng


w                 l                   rw

Front Mid Back
Close i y ɨ ʉ u
Close-mid ei ʊ
Mid ɛ œ ə o
Mid-open æ
Open a ɒ

i, y  ï, ÿ  u

ei           ü

e ë  ö     o  


a            ä

Initial Consonant Mutations
Base Genitive Nasal Strengthening Lenition
b v mb qb v
bg vw mbg qbg vw
p b mp qp pf
pk bg mpk qpg pfk
pf v qmf qmf f
v w mv b w
vw gw mvw bg gw
f v mf pf w
fw vw mfw pfk kw
m mv qm qm mv
mg mvw qmg qmg mvw
w w m b -
d r nd t' dz
t r nt t' ts
t' c' nt' t' ts'
dz z ndz ts z
ts z nts ts' s
ts' c' nts' ts' ts
z jh nz dz l
s ch ns ts h
r jh nd d l
l y nd d y
j jh nj c jh
c j nc c' ch
c' jh nj' c' c
jh y njh j y
ch y nch c h
y iy ñ j -
g rw ng k rw
k c nk k' x
k' c' nk' k' k
rw y ng g -
q iq qn qh qh
h ch nh qh -

Noun Morphology and SyntaxEdit

Nominative case (animate nouns)Edit

Strong Weak
Type 1 2 3 1 2 3
Citation frak (person) bgut (fool)


(maternal uncle)







Singular frak bguto nifei sanla xust galashti
Plural frakf bgotf neiföf sanla xust galashti

Accusative case (animate nouns)Edit

Strong Weak
1 2 3 1 2 3
Citation frak bgut nif samil xust galaset
Singular fräknö bgutnö nyfnö samul xust galasët
Plural fräk bgot neif sanlam xustom galashtem

Instrumental caseEdit

Animate paradigm
1 2 3 1 2 3
Citation frak bgut nif samil xust galaset
Singular frak bgut nif samel xost galaset
Plural fräk bgot neif samul xust galasët

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