For reasons, I have decided not to do the dictionary in alphabetical order.

Asperger's Syndrome - Asperger's Syndroom

Autism - Autism

Autistic - Autistiische

Sponge - Sponse

Bus - Autobus

Magic - Magicen

Car - Autokaven

Caravan - Voorkaven

English - Englisck

Conlang - Konstruckt Lingen

Language - Lingen

Angry - Wutend

Favourite - Favoriet

Helicopter - Helikopter

Camping - Camping

Dark - Dunkern

Light - Licht

Dangerous - Gevarlijken

Safe - Nichtgevarlijken

Possessions - Bezittingen

Personal Possesions - Bezittingenufpersoonen

Disabled - Nichtabled

Abled - Derten

Language - Sprachenen

Germanic - Germanishcen

Funny - Lustig

Strange - Underlig

Happy - Happien

Sad - Sadden

Certain - Saker

Uncertain - Nichtsaker

Popular - Popular

Unpopular - Nichtpopular

Nice to meet you - Gaman voor jehitta

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