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What's Lixaleia? Edit

Lixaleia is an a priori conlang which is being made by a high school student named Ziphil Aleshlas. He was Japanese and born in 1995.&nbsp "Li" means "language", and "xaleia" is a fictitious country.

The motive Edit

He was making RPG before he decided to make a conlang. One day, he began to think, "Why can people living in the fictitious world understand and speak our language? It's very unnatural!" So, he started to make a conlang which would be spoken in the world. It is lixaleia.

Example Edit

This is the translation of "Sonohinoki" (the oliginal text is here).

zo tos a xan de sant, o a sant de falas, o a falas de bank. o, zodi fandus a baad e valtia. zoya zoon a katot paki geem e misal. zae, zo es a keil teek e nobodiit ole valtia, zae e bodiit zep ole zostep fik.

I pronounced it here.

Present State Edit

Now, Lixaleia has about 700 words. Its grammer has already been created.

Sorry. There is only Japanese material for lixaleia.

Contact Edit

Mail Adress
Twitter @Ziphil

Links Edit

Official site of lixaleia (Japanese)
Dictionary of lixaleia (Japanese)

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