Lingwei Laiþhionoei [λiɲɟɥɛi lˠainˠɛi] is a language which descends from the Classical Latin of 200 B.C.


In this alternate history setting, the Germanians and Gauls attacked and defeated the Roman Republic early-on, but the Romans continued to speak Latin, which went through a generalisation of stress to the penultimate syllable, then the Goidelic secondary articulation formation, then Grimm's law and the a/o->a;á/ó->ó merger, then the Goidelic lenition and eclipsis, then some more sound changes, as well as the Germanic stress accent on the first syllable, all the while gaining many Celtic and Germanic loanwords.

Basic GrammarEdit

This language's grammar is a reduced form of Latin's, particularly in nouns, as many forms have been borrowed from Proto-Germanic.

First, the remnants of Latin's declension:

First Declension (a):

eohwoei, -a
water f.
Indefinite Definite
  Singular Plural Singular Plural
Nominative eohwoei –oei eohwa –a su eowhoei su þu eowha þu
Genitive eohwa –a eohworu –oru þeosu eohwa þeosu þasu eohworu þasu
Dative eohwa –a eihwi –i þeosa eohwa þesa þaimi eihwi þaimi
Accusative eohwa –a eohwa –a þu eohwa þu þu eohwa þu
Vocative eohwoei -oei eohwa -a
Ablative eohwo –o eihwi –i þiö eohwo þiö þiö eihwi þiö

Second Declension (o)

muru, muiri
wall m.
Indefinite Definite
  Singular Plural Singular Plural
Nominative muru –u muiri –i soei muru soei þa muiri þa
Genitive muiri –i mururu –uru þes muiri þes þeosu mururu þeosu
Dative muru –u muiri –i þamu muru þamu þaimi muiri þaimi
Accusative muru –u muru –u þoeun muru þoeun þa muru þa
Vocative muirei –ei muiri –i
Ablative muru –u muiri –i þiö muru þiö þiö muiri þiö



Example textEdit


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