1. a (and - unspecific)
  2. o (or - unspecific)
  3. de (of) (possession) (categorization)


  1. ae or a ae (and - inclusive) (but) (yet) (also)[1]
  2. au or a au (and - exclusive (logical intercept))[2]
  3. oae or o ae (or - inclusive (logical union))[3]
  4. oau or o au (or - exclusive or)[4]
  5. daea (group)[5]
  6. de daea (is part of) (categorization)[6]


  1. Combination of 'a' with '-ae'
  2. Combination of 'a' with '-au'
  3. Combination of 'o' with '-ae'
  4. Combination of 'o' with '-au'
  5. Combination of 'de' with 'ae'
  6. As in 'A is a member of B'; Combination of 'de' with 'dae'

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