1. ce (who) (what) - asking[1]
  2. ca (who) (what) - already known/infinitive[2]


  1. ce de la (which) (which of these)
  2. ce de le (which) (which of those)
  3. ce ti (when) ((at) what time)
  4. ce to (where) ((at) what place)
  5. ce por (why)
  6. ce por ha... (why did... happen)[3]
  7. ce par (how)
  8. ce par ha... (how did... happen)[4]
  9. ce cuanta (how many)
  10. ce ofta (how often)
  11. ca de la (which) (which of these)[5]
  12. ca de le (which) (which of those)
  13. ca ti ((at) what time)
  14. ca to ((at) what place)
  15. ca por (why)
  16. ca por ha... (why it happened)
  17. ca par (how)
  18. ca par ha... (how it happened)
  19. ca cuanta (how many) - declarative
  20. ca ofta (how often) - declarative


  1. Read as 'ke'
  2. As in, ' which time something will happen.' - declarative statement
  3. As in, 'Why did this happen?'
  4. As in, 'How did this happen?'
  5. As in, 'I know which of these is correct.' - declarative statement

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