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  • STEM (Realis Isg, Potential Isg, Imperative Isg) - translation
    • DerivedWord
    • DerivedPhrase


  • NOUN (Declension) - translation
    • DerivedWord
    • DerivedPhrase


  • ая (a/a) - baby, toddler, small child, light insult for adults
  • анен (e/0) - mother
  • аур (conjunction) - furthermore, and (between sentences)
  • ба (абту, обру, бо) - to want
    • мава (амавту, омавру, маво) - to desire, to crave, to lust for - ман + ба
  • век/вех (postposition) - before, preceeding
  • бок (абокту, обокру, боку) - to give, to gift
  • га (агдул, огал, гал) - to fall, to stumble
  • ка (акту, лкару, кал) - to say, to speak, to tell
  • ми (амитул, омил, мил) - to ask, to request
  • нан(н) (a/0) - boy, child, immature person
  • тан (ктанту, лтанру, тану) - to go, to walk, to move
  • тар (ктарту, лталру, тару) - to know, to see well, to recognize
    • тар + All - to understand, to gain an understanding
  • утар (кутарту, луталру, утару) - to learn
    • утар + All - to master (a skill)

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