humans and bodypartsEdit

word ipa meaning class
máraþ mɑraθ man, woman, human common
meʃ mɛʃ girl common
ptór ɸtor foot common

feelings and moodsEdit

word ipa meaning class
ukpòʃ ykɸøʃ hapiness abstract

places and screneriesEdit

word ipa meaning class
eiʃ eɪʃ place, view, thing abstract
ach axː field common

countries, nationalities and languagesEdit

word ipa meaning class
Mareð marɛð the country of Mareth common
Mareðyl marɛðɪːl the language of Mareth, Marethil abstract
Eng ɛŋ Brittain, England common
Engyl ɛŋɪːl English, Brittish English abstract
dýl tiːl language abstract


word ipa meaning class
dále tɑle story abstract

time and seasonsEdit

word ipa meaning class
dy tɪː time abstract


word ipa meaning class
dýro tiːrɔ bird common

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