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General informationEdit

Mela is constructed to be easy to memorize. It is attained by constructing words as Lego's. Of course, international words could be used, but they need to be short in order to create new words with them. It would be ideal if we can know 1 000 words by memorizing only a hundred roots.

1. The vocabulary is based on the list of the most frequently used words. It gives us the opportunity to start speaking the language right away, also it gives us an idea of what words are more important, what are the building blocks of the language. 2. All antonyms are created by the "mirror rule", for example - ONAY - sky, YANO - earth, ground. 3. Words are selected from the international vocabulary, however if a word doesn't sound good, another word could be chosen. Anyway the most basic words become artificial because they consist of other words. 4. There are some special affixes, they help to make even more words on the basis of already known ones. For example, the ending -Le shows the result of an action, for example - SAY - to look at, SAYLE - to see, also MASAY - to look for, MASAYLE - to find. I found this beautiful principle in Chinese. 5. All words avoid two consonants in a row, it makes it very comfortable for people to pronounce. Alphabet consist of 18 Latin letters - E, T, Y, U, I, O, P, A, S, D, F, G, K, L, V, N, M, W. As you can see Mela doesn't use the sounds difficult to pronounce such as Z, R, B, and the Slavic - Ж, Ш, Щ, Ц, Ы etc. 6. Grammar. I think it is very simple as in Tokipona or Glosa, or, yes, in English! However I use a special mark (E) to show an object if it is needed but not if there is SVO. No plural ending, as in Chinese just add -many- and voila you have a plural. The same with tense, past - du, future - va, present doesn't have any special mark. Grammatical mood - would - vu, imperative - ta.



Every letter has only one sound. All sounds should be pronounced as clearly as possible. Stress is very soft and usually stress is on the last syllable, as in French.


Aside – visit; gekaw – model, example; pol’i – state.

Vowels and semivowels

There are 5 vowels in Mela – A O I E U. Also two short-vowels – W and Y, which are basically short sounds of U and I. They have a special role in Mela, most basic words have these two sounds, that it is one of the tools to recognize a Mela word. All other vowels are similar to those in Spanish, Italian and Russian.

If two vowels are placed next to each other they are pronounced separately. There are not so many words in Mela having two vowels in a row,  however if it is hard to pronounce for someone, it will not affect the meaning if two vowels become diphthongs. For example: dyane (evening) – you can pronounce as diane.


 There are11 consonants in Mela. They sound more or less as Spanish, Italian, or Hawaiian, Malayan, Samoan consonants.

There are no two (or more) consonants next to each other in Mela. However, there are special rules for borrowing words from other languages.

R becomes Y before or after a consonant, but R becomes L between two vowels: Miracle – milako, but again, it is preferred to construct words out of the already existing parts of Mela.


Bilabial Labio-dental Dental Alveolar Post-alveolar Retroflex Palatal Velar Uvular Pharyngeal Epiglottal Glottal
Nasal M N
Plosive P T D K
Fricative F V S J
Approximant W G
Flap or tap
Lateral fric.
Lateral app. L
Lateral flap


Front Near-front Central Near-back Back
Close I U
Mid E O
Open A




Two consonants in a row shoud be avoided


Gender Cases Numbers Tenses Persons Moods Voices Aspects
Verb No No No No No No No No
Nouns No No No No No No No No
Adjectives No No No No No No No No
Numbers No No No No No No No No
Participles No No No No No No No No
Adverb No No No No No No No No
Pronouns No No No No No No No No
Adpositions No No No No No No No No
Article No No No No No No No No
Particle No No No No No No No No

It is an analytic type of a language. The normal word order is Subject Verb Object. However, if there is a need to use object in different place in a sentence, then E is used to indicate it. An adjective usually goes after a noun but, if your sentence doesn't confuse, you can use it before the noun. The same with the pronouns.

All words could be used as any part of speech, if it makes sense in a sentence. If there is a chance of misinterpretation, then A is used in front of the word to indicate a verb, ME - an adverb, and LI as an affix to indicate an adjective. But it should be avoided as much as possible. 

Present tense doesn't have a mark. Past tense is indicated by the DU mark. Future tense is indicated by the VA mark. However, if there are words indicating precise time when the action took place (this morning, earlier, later, that summer, etc.), those marks (Du/Va) are not necessary. Conditional/subjunctive mood is indicated by the VU mark. Imperative mood is marked by the TA mark. These marks could be put in a sentence before the verb or after, but they should be close to the verb. Continuous aspect is indicated by the LAY mark. Inceptive aspect is indicated by the NAY mark. All other aspects are indicated by different words which are self-explanatory by their meaning. 

There is a principle of necessity in Mela, if your sentence can be understood without some words, don’t use it, it is a good style. For example you don’t need to use verb to be all the time, if you can understand I John means I am John.

Pronouns - mi - I, me, my; vi - you, yours; gi - he/she; misu - we, ours; visu - you pl.,; gisu - they, them, their.

Plural is indicated by the SU mark, also could be put before or after the noun.

Verbs can be transitive and intransitive depending on the place in the sentence.

The active voice is there by default. Since there are no participles in Mela the passive voice (if it is really needed) could be expressed by adding de (of) which basically means genitive, subject using object. For example - mi fa se - I do that, se fa de mi - it is done by me.

Special words which are the basic building blocks.

A – verbalizer, tay – leader, a tay – to control

E - accusative

I – 1) and 2) question if in the end of a sentence, cxu?

O – honor, high style, politeness

U - something

Da – to give

De – 1) of, possessive2)Day in week 3)As ending makes word passive voiced (le say – a look, le sayde – a view)

Di - 2

Do – cause, reason

Du – past tense

Day – 1) for 2) goal, purpose

Dey – must, -inda-

Doy - bush

Duy - mushroom

Daw – 1) tree 2) stay

Dew - fight

Ta – 1) let, imperat. 2) le ta - tea

Te – child, -ido-

Ti – 1. As ending -small, -et- 2.Just (in “just do it”), simple.

To – tool, -il-

Tu – 1) to, towards 2) to become tu+

Tay – start,-ek-

Tey – 1) quality, water is liquid – voytey – liquid 2) specialist, in the beginning of the word acts as –ist-

Toy –all,everything

tuy – too much

Taw – 1.Result of emotions (loytaw – to smile). 2.If it is a part of body, taw means interaction with others (lipitaw – kiss) 3) relation

Tew - side

Tow – every, each

Va – future tense, to come, coming

Ve - time

Vi - you


Vu – would, cond.tense

Vay - order

Vey – moment

Voy – water, liquid

Vuy - fish

Vaw – wow, surprise

Vew – woe, sorrow, sorry

Fa – to do

Fe – from, out of

Fi - birth

Fo – work, job

Fu – away

Fay – to use

Fey – she, fem.,-in-

Foy - flower

Fuy – 1)disrespected; 2) – miss the mark, мимо

Faw – 1) 5 five 2) electric

Few - outside

Ga – big, -eg-

Ge – thing,object


Go – to go

Gu – path, course

Gay – again, -re-

gey - machine (cf. Chinese Jī)

Goygoing to, собираться сделать

Guy – very bad word

Gaw – 4 (also mountain)

Gew – abstract word used to indicate object of action to not repeat the same word twice (Mi fa le fa = Mi fa gew)

(Gow – to go, colloq.)

Ka –  take

Ke – que (Sp.),what

Ki – 1) part,-er- 2) to make fractions (kidi – a half)

Ko – with, and, co-

Ku –container,-uj-

Kay – color

Key – where (colloq.)

Koy – 1) group,-ar- 2)     -and- if it is necessary to make difference between –with- and –and-

Kuy – snail-like, slug-like


Kew – according to

kow – as

La – to say, word

Le – 1) definitive, resultative 2) result

Li – 3 / adjectivisation if in the ending

Lo – part of body

Lu - happy


Ley – place,-ej-

Loy – joy (more profound)

Luy - straight

Law – good, positive (LAVI) 2) 7 seven

Lew – plant

Ma – to want

Me – instrumentalis, -per-, adverbisation

Mi – I, me / ordinal numeral

Mo – month

Mu – masculine, male, man

May – to have

Mey – 1) measure (as ending) 2) right ,true (as affix) 3) musical (as prefix)

Moy – animal


Maw – to like

Mew – to eat

Na – to think, thought

Ne – 1) no, not 2) Number, used as ending to distinguish numbers and nouns – tane – 1, sawne – 6, lawne 7

Ni – one 1

No - on

Nu - new

Nay – leader, -estr-

Ney – opposite,-mal-, no (colloq.)

Noy –high, height


Naw - 9

New – 0, zero

Pa – can, to be able

Pe – person,-ul-

Pi - under

Po – member, -an-

Pu – may,-ebl-

Pay – to pay

Pey –  over, trans, extra

Poy - body

Puy – 1) low 2) shrimp-like

Paw – 1) insect 2) 8 eight

Pew - bird

Sa – 1)to know 2) a prefix of the names of science - savayla (grammar)

Se That

Si – this, near

So - 100

Su –  plural mark

Say - look

Sey – 1) there (colloq.) 2) -self (as an ending)

Soy - full

Suy - more

Saw – 1) 6 SIX 2) reptile

Sew – abstract notion, feature, -ec-

      Ya – to be                        Ye – in, into                                                    yo                            Yu - if

Green – words could be used as parts of self-efficient words, not compound ones. The same are crossed words.

0 – new, 1 – ni, 2 – di, 3 – li, 4 – gaw, 5 – faw, 6 – saw, 7 – law, 8 – paw, 9 – naw, 10 – ninew / suni , 100 – so / sudi

1 000 – su+li (three 0), 1 mln – susaw (six 0), 1 milliard  – sunaw (nine zero's)

To say something like 100500 you can say – ni new new faw new new – or – sufaw fawso (faw sudi) 

Nimi – first, dimi – second etc.

If there are two or more verbs in a row, one should use –A- verb indicator, f.e. mi masay – I search, mi ma a say – I want to see.

Sounds could be used but should be avoided

Dye Dya Tya Tye Lia Lie Liu lio Mia Mie Miu Nia Nie Niu Sia Sie Siu

ke - what se - that tuy - everything u - something neke - nothing
kepe - who sepe - this one toype - everyone upe - someone nepe - no one
keli - which seli - this kind toyli - all kind uli - some kind neli - none of a kind
keye - where seye - there toye - everywhere uye - somewhere neye - nowhere
keye tu - where to seye tu - there etc etc etc
keve - when seve - then toyve - always uve - sometime neve - never
kesu - how much sesu - so much toysu - all usu - some nesu - no amount
keme - how seme - this way, so toyme - in every way ume - somehow neme - no way
kedo - why sedo - therefore toydo - everey reason udo - for some reason nedo - no reason
de kepe - whose de sepe - that one's etc etc etc

Example textEdit

the le also as suffix of final, resultative verb and substantivizer it isn't an article!
be ya укр. Е
of de
and ko / i internat. Co-exist, cooperate, someone & Co. sounds as 跟
to tu eng. also used as prefix of motion, direction (Chinese Qu2 is close)
a -
in ye  close to -ya-
have may укр. Мае
it se
you vi esp
for day chinese-like logic da-to give = day
not ne
that se french, slavonic
on no a priori, but may relate to portug. 'no', russian-ukranian 'на', or even mirror from eng. 
with ko
do fa french-like je fais
as kow ko+w
he/she gi  sex.neutral if you want to say he - gi mu, she - gi fey
we misu mi+su
this si french
at si tu
they gisu gi+su
but dene de+ne
from fe fe=from, far, very distant english
by si tu
will va future tense, spanish le ma - as personal willing
or kone ko+ne
his de gi
say la Old Greek lallein
go go english (Chinese - zou)
she fey feminine
so seme Chinese particle, means adverbisation
all toy Spanish distant - todo
about lade / de la+de talk about
if yu apriori almost but reminds of vu - cond.tense Chinese -ru4
one ni
my de mi
know sa French,Spanish - je sais, saber
there seye se+ey colloquial - sey if not confusing in the context
which ke
can pa French - je peux
get kale ka+le
her de gi
would vu French - je voudre
think na apriori or greek - nomizo
like maw  ma+w apriori as similar (as) - kow
more suy
their de gisu
your de vi
when keve ke+ve
what ke French, Spanish etc. kew - colloq.
make fafe fa+fe made from
time ve Spanish - vez
who kepe ke+pe (person)
see sayle say+le
up tunoy tunoy get up - tunoy!
people omo su pe su
some usu
out fe tu
me mi 
good lavi all the words ending on pronouns -mi, vi, li, gi are self-sufficient
other ali almost apriori but - alia E-o and Latin, also Chinese Ling
year nidimo ni+di+mo 12 month
well melavi me+lavi
our de misu
very isu it is the same as much
just sivey si+vey только что just as simply - ti
them gisu
no ne
take ka apriori
because do ya ke similar to -de- which means source
come asi a+si - verbalisation + here
could pu possible,-ebl-
use fay apriori but reminds of -fa-, so to do is in some way close to use
work fo apriori comes from fa
then seve se+ve
now sive  si+ve 
also ilame ila+me - the same as colloq. Ila tuse
than ke
him gi
into ye tu
only yoti mirror from toy
want ma apriori but could be apllied something like -comes from -mi- ego wanting 
look say sa+y apriori although could be interpreted as to see
these se su
its de se 
new nu  English, etc. colloquial nuy
give da Spanish
first nimi
way me also adverbisation and as instrumentalis -per- in Esperanto
thing ge
any usu toyli
over pey (meaning trans something) PE - personality is TRANScendent
right meytew mey+tew - the right side 2) right oppos. wrong - mey 3) my rights - le pu
after afe Eng. After, Greek - αφού
find masayle masay+le ma+say want to see
day le de do not confuse with the other meaning as 'of'
where keye colloquial - key if not confusing in the context with key-thing
most le suy
should dey Esp., Spanish, French Chinese - dei3
need nide English
much isu (sesu) colloquial - isu isu
how keme ke+me
back sate mirror from tase
mean sina English - sign, Spanish, Latin, French - root -sign-
may pu
such seli se+li (-li adjectivisation)
us misu
here siye si+ye from chart of correlatives
really meya me+ya
even kosuy ko+suy  / even as flat - eveni
company kopani
those se su
many isu/sesu colloquial - isu isu
child te 
tell lalay la+lay
last yati the same as the end
call latele la+tele by phone to call by name - lape
down tupoy tu+poy
yes ya as to be
before efa mirror from afe - after
man omo mu - as musculine
through tu midi de
show fasay fa+say
life vite
between mide
lot isu
feel fila
place ley Eng. Lay
change ali the same as other
long lane
too tuse/ ila tu+se too much -  TUY (too+chinese tai2 太)
pause yali mirror from lay - to continue
still tuvey tu+vey at this moment
write kive
problem gekelo ge+kelo
talk la
try tayu ta+yu
something u
unclear nepasay ne+pa+say
same ila mirror from ali - different
great mega greek or simply -ga- which is suffix of greatness, being BIG
number gemey ge+mey a thing for measurment
leave isa mirror from asi
little usi mirror from isu
both kodi ko+di with two
meet sayle  the sam as to see
help leki derives from - "leko", means "make it easy for smn."
own oni
ask asa - to ask help or something but not the question
part ki also suffix -er- in E-o
country leynasi
put (a) ley
point dote
start tay apriori
school leykasa ley+ka+sa
each tow derives from - toy
become yatu ya+tu
interest masa  ma+sa interesting - masali
old vega ve+ga long time old
off fu 
another ali
different ali
high noy derives from 'no' - on
next afego afe+go
include faye fa+ye
late afeve afe+ve
why kedo - keday
live vite ley - to habitate
end yati mirror from tay
world leyvite ley+vite as world of humans - koype
week lawde law+de Monday - deni, Tuesday - dedi, etc. - deli, degaw, defaw, desaw, Sunday - delaw 
must dey latinid, also chinese - dei3 
while midive midi+ve
never neve
study kasa ka+sa - taking knowledge
kind tipo to be kind -amitaw (ami+taw), amitaw - any action of love
report lasate la+sate to tell things back to someone 
play ludo
house faley the same as to build
group koy
might pu ya
family/home leya  ley - a place to be 
course gu
let ta
case kaso
system sisema
again gay
hear lisale lisa+le
woman fey
family leyape leyape home of persons
book gevike ge+vike
seem sima
around ole (O graphically looks as circle+almost an ending of adverb - e) (oli - circle)
during lay
keep ata the same as hold
big itu (mirror from uti)
follow afego afe+go
every tow derives from - toy
question masa ma+sa
under po Russian - пoд
important deynide dey+nide
always toyve
friend peko  pe+ko  a person with whom you are
however medene me+dene
set favay (fa+vay=set something up, make it in some order)
hand lawka lu+loka part of the body that takes
provide danide da+nide give what need
small uti
turn aligo ali+go
state poli as separate state like NY, MA, NJ - kipoli state as mood - liya 
begin tay
run goga go+ga
since tay de
early efave efa+ve
money mani
few usi mirror from isu
bring yevatu yeva+tu
market leyselaga ley+sela+ga a big store
information gesa ge+sa
area le ley le - defined + ley = defined place
move move
business fomani  fo+mani to be busy - fosoy - fo+soy (full of work)
service fodaype fo+day+pe
government taypoli tay+poli
fact fale fa+le done 
issue fa
thank dalavi da+lavi (answer - ila tu vi (same to you))
large itu
result gele ge+le (the thing which is result)
read vike mirror from kive - to write
month mo january - moni, february - modi, march - moli (as soft), april - mogaw, may - mofaw, mosaw, molaw, mopaw, monaw, moninew, monini, december - monidi
order vay but to order, for example, a lunch - asafa - asa+fa
increase tunoyfa tu+noy+fa tunoy - increases in itself
name lape la+pe  personal word describing a person for animals - lamoy lage - for everything
love amo
word la 
without neko ne+ko= not with
open paye pa+ye can get in
pay pay
offer efay efa+y (y - apriori)
build faley fa+ley = to make a place to live, habitate
I mi
hold ata mirror of ta - let, also reminds of ATTAched
happen yale ya+le
against tasu kind of tase+tu
away fu 
job fo 
buy lesa mirror from sela - to sell
though ne say tu
today side si+de
example pekaw/gekaw pe/ge+kaw a person/thing according to which everything should be
believe nama na+ma think of desired thing to happen
plan desine
second dimi as part of time - VEY
program desine
student pekasa pe+kasa
form modo
young veti ve+ti little time old
lead tay 
face lope lo+pe personality+part of the body
close yape mirror from paye
room kifaley ki+faley
hope sayma say+ma to see what you want to come, to happen
cost valu
head lona lo+na
car togo to+go
understand samido sa+mido to know the heart
hour venidi  ve+nidi a part of the time which has 12 parts (not 24 only because it doesn't sound well)
far isemi mirror from - mesi - nearby, close to
actually meya real - me+ya
spend da (mani) or anything else
level nivo fr. Niveau
city leype ley+pe the place of people
present sive  the same as - now fasay as to present something
less yusi mirror from suy
idea ide Fr. Idée
reason do (cause) 2) mind - tona
learn kasa ka+sa - taking knowledge
until atu apriori, close to - tu
member pi
process falay
person pe also for correlatives
experience gayle gay+le  doing again and again untill result comes with experience
night ede  mirror from le de - day
support koyeva ko+yeva probably poyeva for some cases 
sure segu mi segu
sort tipo
quite sulaw
bad vali
once ta ve
enough sulaw su+law (good quantity)
although ne say tu
within ye 
age vegamey vega+mey
term ki de ve
whether yu  as -if-
able pa
share alida ali+da give to tohers
line lini
product gefole ge+fo+le a thing of work done
speak la 
side tew
train tutu sound of a train TU TU
soon vemesi time is near
low poy derives somehow from 'po' 
price valu
public paye day toype
often isuvey many times (colloq. - veyvey) wang wang3  往往
possible pu
least le uti at least - kaw le uti (according to the least)
parent pefi pe+fi
consider nakow na+kow to think as
effect efe
rather suy more
control le tay, a tay
view le sayde
story ladela a speech about… lade+la
local siley si+ley from this place
anything toyli
together meko  me+ko  = withly
value valu the same as price
hard kelo mirror from leko hard as rigid - lomi
stand logotaw logo+taw
visit aside asi+de
watch saynaw say+naw - to look attentively
color kay also as suffix of colors
party pawti
bit ki as a part of smt.
continue a lay
ever uve
eye losay lo+say
base leypo ley+po  place under
concern natuy the same as to worry
letter gekive ge+kive
center midi the same as middle
lose yasami mirror from masay
yet tuvey at this moment
almost mesi as -near-
development evolu
already ledu le+du complited in the past
test saysa to show/see knowledge. Same as exam, to distinguish can say - saysati
probably pu
sale yusipay yusi+pay discount, pay less
rate valu
nothing neke
whole toy 
suggest lekina leki+na to help with thinking
language lanasi la+nasi national language
deal ilana the same as to agree
send fago fa+go
expect efasay efa+say to see beforehands
fall tupoy tu+poy to go down
return gayasi gay+asi to come again
water voy (liquid - voytey)
per me
allow ta  
cause do
power pasew pa+sew
sit potaw derives from lopo
walk a logo action with legs
mother feyfi fey+fi mama
among mide
care aminaw ami+naw to love with attention
subject ege e+ge
develop evolu
stay daw as a tree staying
record famemo make remember
mind tona to+na
remember memo
past dusew du+sew
office leyfo ley+fo place of work
force pafa pa+fa being able to make someone to do somt.
grow tunoy tu+noy 
town leype uti
light lusi
stop yali same as pause
several isu 
period ki de ve
class koy  as a group koydise -separate group
matter mate
food le mew gemew
social koypeli koy+pe+li from  koype - society
require asaga asa+ga to ask with force
political politike
win vine
decide nifesu ni+fe+su 1 out of many to choose
staff koypifo koy+pi+fo - group of members at work staff as stick - lino
real meya me+ya
future vasew va+sew
policy koyvay a summary of the order
answer sama mirror from masa - to ask a question
laugh lutawga lu+taw+ga colloq. gaga onomatopoeic
remain daw the same as to stay
ago ye du
type tipo
shop leylesa ley+lesa a place to buy things
security sekosew seko+sew
receive kakeda ka ke da to take what is given
note le kivede what is written
minute vesaw ve+saw part of the time which has 6 dozens (we don't need more precision since it is clear)
fund -
top le noy
game le ludo lu+do game causes happy feelings
involve faye as include
account konte as banking account
half kidi Ki+di a part of 2
history sadu sa+du knowledge about the past
create fafenew fa+fe+new making out of nothing, zero
break fadise fa+dise make it separate
moment vey ve+y (apriori)
individual peli
across pey
either depends on the context - ila (same), kone (or)
music meysila mey+sila right, correct, harmonic (measured correctly) sound
further tase as forward
reach tule tu+le
clear pasay pa+say can see
rule tay gevay - a a rule
computer tonafaw to+na+faw a tool for thinking which is electrical
wait dawsay to stay and look for someone to come
sound sila mirror from -lisa - to listen
team koy
along kaw lane
research masa  the same as search
appear fasay  the same as to show
drive tay (tay togo)
black kayede kay+ede
produce fadenew same as create
free tali ta+li
general toyli if it is army - ??? koypedew
body loy
toward tu 
please o vi maw if you wish,like o ma
sense sina (as meanning) de tona (if as reasonable) fila (as feeling)
perhaps pu 
add da as to give
everything toy
law vay de poli vaypoli
easy leko Leight - greman, легко - Russian
sell sela
full soy
film getigi ge+tigi thin thing
model pekaw/gekaw the same as example
war dewga dew+ga
forward tase kind of "ta+se"
himself gisey  ni+sey
maybe pu ya
design desay can be interpretted as de+say
morning tayde tay+de beginning of the day
pass gove go+ve = passing the time fuy – мимо, pass the mark
condition yusew yu+sew (as agreement conditions)  liya li+ya (as condition of being, same as mood)
near mesi me+si
door gepaye  ge+paye a thing to open
human omo
above dinoy di+noy double high
available ge may they have that thing имеется
position ley as place modo as a mode
agree ilana ila+na - the same thought 
short nale mirror from lane
situation modo
paper vikote mirror from tokive a pen writes on paper
cover leyno ley+no=put on, place on
major le ga
customer pelesa pe+lesa a person who is buying
father mufi mu+fi papa
bear yeva as to carry animal - moydolisoy (an animal likes honey, bee - dolipaw)
choose nifesu the same as to decide
main le ga
describe dasayla da+say+la draw wordly
someone upe
date 1) le de specific day 2) as dating…
event favaw fa+vaw surprising deed, action
nice laviti/meliti
special yotali mirror from ilatoy - ordinary
certain segu 
phone latele colloquial - tele
join fa pi make a member
else ali tuse
girl feyti
sometimes uve
table tapey for memo can be interpreted as ta+pey = a thing where is a tea placed over
community koypetaw koy+pe+taw a group of persons with relationship
carry yeva
decision nifesu ni+fe+su 1 out of many to choose
role pekow pe+kow a person's role as someone
president taypoli tay+poli
particular yotali mirror from ilatoy
cut fadi  fa+di  make two parts of the cut
difference alisew ali+sew
die tive mirror from vite
eat mew
enjoy kalu ka+lu taking happy
rise tunoy tu+noy   also increase if active verb
especially yotali mirror from ilatoy - ordinary
detail ki
data gesa as information ge+sa
charge dapa da+pa to give power
practice fa le fa
cell selo can be interpreted as se+lo (this is a part of body)
improve suylavi suy+lavi more good
kid te 
action le fa
strong paga pa+ga a one who can many
happy lu
health sana
economic taymani tay+mani to manage money
difficult kelo
regard say
travel gulay gu+lay continuous path
approach le asi
amount le sesu
investment leyka ley+ka to put then take
white kayde kay+de
draw dasay da+say giving something to look at
site leysay ley+say a place to look
round oli
behind sate the same as back
claim la pu ke to say that something could be that
step kigo ki+go a part of going
patient penasa a sick person tafa me yutani - to tolerate in peace
true meya as reality
teacher pedasa pe+da+sa as pedagogy
range keysu key+su where+amount
percent feso fe+so out of 100
themselves gisusey
organization koyfavay koy+fa+vay a group of those who make an order
vote le la day
front le tase
measure le mey  with -le- it is measure, without it it is adjective - "true", (for memo "as truth is measure of everything") but "truth" is "meya"
therefore sedo
finally si yati
raise tunoy tu+noy  
wear may no have on
industry fagega fa+ge+ga making a lot of things
explain samido used as trans.verb - mi samido gesa (tu) pekasa
relationship tawsew taw+sew
quality tey quality, water is liquid – voytey - liquid
accord le kaw according to (laux) - kaw
outside few
wish ma 
death tive mirror from vite
project desine the same as plan
land leyga ley+ga as a piece of land leynasi - land as country
sign gesina    ge+sina a thing which means something
boy muti
news genu / nu ge+nu = new thing
risk gekeso ge+keso a dangerous thing
total toy
couple di
national nasi can be interpretted as 'na+si' thinking locally
list adefa A+D+E+Fa list of the first letters of the Mela alphabet
opportunity pufa pu+fa may do
act le fa fakow fa+kow (as actor acting)
sport saloyto sa+loy+to to know body as instrument
road gu
kill fative fa+tive make it dead
serve fodaype fo+day+pe
education kasasew ka+sa+sew
picture le dasay
likely isu pu ya
standard gekaw ge+kaw a thing according to all is made
benefit lelaw le+law good result
stage sene (scene) leysay (site) nivo (level)
performance fakow fa+kow (actor performance)
rest daw - stay taloy - relax
certainly segu 
culture ayapefa aya+pe+fa act of soul
focus fokuse
itself sesey  se+sey
arrive asi
employee pefo pe+fo worker
voice pala pa+la a power of word, ability to speak
technology mesafa me+sa+fa a way of knowing doing
field leylew ley+lew a place of plants
air ey
material gefafe ge+fa+fe or mate
current siveli sive+li present
teach dasa da+sa to give knowledge
financial de mani
century so nidimo 100 years
society koype koy+pe - a group of people
analysis sadise sa+dise to know by separating parts
limit nepey ne+pey not over this  lati - mirror from tali - free
evidence gesayle ge+say+le  thing was seen
reduce tupoy tu+poy
listen lisa
usually gayle gay+le a result of repetition - habit
lie 1) yema mirror from meya 2) leyno - ley+no
foot lugo lu+go
single nine ni+ne 
common komay ko+may to have with others
space ley
realize taysa tay+sa begin to know, suddenly find out
former efali efa+li thing that was before
animal moy   Comes from move, which menas moving living creature
instead ye ley de
similar ila the same
thus seme
address le tu the direction
leader tay
complete toyli yati - finished
arm loka lo+ka as fighting arm - todew
function le day the same as purpose, goal also 'fo' as working properly
chance gepu ge+pu a thing with possibility
mention du la de was said about
factor gefa ge+fa a thing which does something
contact kotaw ko+taw interact with
response olifa oli+fa act in circle
demand asafuy asa+fuy ask with disrespect, not nicely
exist yasew
accept kaye  ka 'u' ye
save faseko fa+seko make safe
opinion sayna say+na  to see thought from one's position
pick nifesu as to choose pick up - kano (ka+no)
wrong fuy – miss the mark,мимо yemi (not so strong, more like left)
apply fataw tu fa+taw make to connect to smt.
compare alimey ali+mey to measure differency
suppose na think
choice le nifesu
structure koykivay koy+ki+vay an organised group of parts
fight dew
relate taw
firm lomi as hard, not soft (mirror from moli)
feature le sew
ground yano as earth
effort patayu pa+tayu try with power
source tayfe tay+fe begins from, originates from
pretty sulaw/meli
campaign kopani
check meymey to check several times, mey-measure + mey-right = measure if it is right a banking check - manikow - money-like
okay law as from lavi
street gu
foreign alipoli ali+poli
attention naw also it is nine 9 
personal de pe/peli
particularly yotali mirror from ilatoy
park fadaw - as to park a car leydawpe ley+daw+pe = place of trees for people
whose de kepe
knowledge sasew sa+sew
contain may ye
official paye i le ga open and the main
court leylamey ley+la+mey
bank leymani  
article kivike ki+vike grammatical - ki (as a part) also it is a chapter
wife feyleya fey+leya
management tay
manager petay
section kidise ki+dise a part of separated 
finish a yati
guy omo
fine law
store leysela to store - leyko  a place where something is gathered 
attack taydew tay+dew start fight
discuss la  
prepare leday le+day a resulted, complited for something else to do
fire kalo derives from kali - hot
piece ki
heart mido
forget neymemo ney+memo
police poliseko poli+seko state secure
recent ne isu ve du  
behavior taysey tay+sey lead yourself
represent fasay fa+say
growth le tunoy
page peygi pey+gi one page over other
holiday delu de+lu happy day
affect fa ya me de…
establish tay begin
wonder milako as miracle masa mi, vi, gi - as to ask oneself yova, vaw - as awe
poor mayti may+ti has a little
manage tay
addition geda ge+da a thing to give more
bed leysoni ley+soni
simply ti
recently ne isu ve du
yesterday dude du+de(a)
surprise vaw
sorry vew sorrow
art fameli fa+meli done beautifully
method le me a way of
fast gosu go+su - almost a priori fast as religious fasting - atafu (ata+fu)
stuff ge
international midenasi
drink kavoy ka+voy to take water mew - the same as to eat
purchase lesa
myself misey
worry natuy na+tuy think too much
whatever ilatoy ila+toy everything the same
private yape day toype
determine nifesule ni+fe+su+le
summer vekali ve+kali hot time
evening yatide yati+de the end of day
influence fafa fa+fa to make to do smt
exactly meyli mey+li measured
average gayle the same as usual
everyone toype
drop tapoy ta+poy let it go down
miss fuy – miss the mark,мимо   miss a person - mako (ma+ko a desire to be with) (French manquer)
significant deynide same as important
production gesela ge+sela
inside ye
tomorrow vade va+de
attempt tayu the same as to try
region le ley the same as area
cent nideso ni+de+so 1 of 100
race kayomo kay+omo a color of human racing - alimeygo (to compare those who go)
shall va
contract kive le ilana write an agreement
smile lutaw lu+taw
skill lelayfa le+lay+fa a result of continious action
medium midi same as middle
necessary nide
economy taymani tay+mani
various alisu ali+su many different things
notice sayle the same as to see
nature vitele vite+le result of life
population kesu omo
key topaye to+paye a tool to open
nation nasi
hit kidew ki+dew a part of the fight
occur yale the same as happen
plant lew derives from LEY - place, plant is always on its place.
catch katu european languages have this root also can be interpretted as 'ka+tu' take what comes to
election nifesu same as to choose
director petaytu pe+tay+tu
review say
military koypedew koy+pe+dew a group of fighters
worker pefo pe+fo
respect meymesuy mey+me+suy measure with more 
paint dakay da+kay giving color
capital leypega  ley+pe+ga the main place of people 
player peludo pe+ludo
press fatu 
movie dasaygo dasay+go a picture which is moving colloq. saygo
tax deypoli dey+poli = must pay to the state
environment ley ole place around
son temu te+mu
hotel leydaw ley+daw a place to stay
size gamey ga+mey
item ge
image le dasay
drug gefasana ge+fa+sana (a thing to make healthy) narcotic - alitona (ali+tona=make differrent mnd)
simple soku (mirror from kosu) / ti (comes from uti, also it is an ending for small)
indeed meya
series ilasu ila+su same many
final yati
purpose le day
window gesayfe ge+say+fe a thing to look from inside
treatment le taw
club ilamaley ila+ma+ley a place of the same desires
file kivay ki+vay a part of organised things
department kidise same as section
bus togopesu to+go+pe+su
wall gedise ge+dise a thing which separates
direct line same as straight
character le sew  same as feature
fit meyloy mey+loy make right size of body
enter yego exit - ogey
agreement le ilana
fail neymayma ney+mayma
season vegaw ve+gaw 4 times of year
college leykasa faw leykasa + 1) ni = preschool 2) di = elementary 3) li = middle 4) gaw - high school 
seek masay to look for
achieve mayma same as success
beautiful meli Chin. Měilì 美麗
station leydaw ley+daw
alone ya nine/yoti
below dipoy di+poy double low
clothes low derives from loy - body
attend ya  
success mayma may+ma to have what you wanted
argue anali mirror from ilana
lack nemay
comment sayna same as an opinion
option genifesu ge+ni+fe+su thing to choose 1 out of many gepu - possibilities
pull kasi ka+si to take close
church ley aya spiritual place ley asana
herself gisey 
advantage maysuy may+suy having more
identify sa ke se ya
link gekotu ge+ko+tu a thing which makes it be with something and goes to it
indicate fasay same as to show
aim le day
income kesu mani asi
specific yotali same as special
floor yaney yano+key but more a priori
discussion la 
associate na se say ila tu
recognize sale sa+le
tree daw apriori, close to DA - to give, a tree gives fruits. Dendrarium.
unit ki
loss le yasami mirror from masay
mark sina
challenge deydew dey+dew should fight for it
depend depade de+pa+de depends of ability of someone
wide leygali ley+ga+li wide as land
anyway toyme
mile mile
board eveni as even, flat
solution lekego mirro from gekelo
clearly pasay pa+say can see
anyone upe
machine gey derives from ge, go (cf. Chinese Jī  机 )
relation le taw
marry faleya fa+ley+ya = make a place to be, home
despite ne say tu
theory napuya na+pu+ya think it might be
introduce la lape
prove fasaydo fa+say+do to show reasons
ability le pa
popular pesumaw pe+su+maw many people like it
modern venu ve+nu new times
doctor medical - teynasa - tey+nasa = specialist of sickness treatment 2) pesaga - as person who knows a lot
release ta go
score le kesu
access paye pa+ye able to get in
television televide/tivi    internat.  Pure Mela = totelesay
target le day
ready leday le+day a resulted, complited for something else to do
strike gedew/kidew
card kade can be interpreted as 'ka+de' take of many cards
potential puli pu+li
pattern gekaw ge+kaw
clock tove to+ve
organize favay the same as set
village ley ye leylew colloq. Leylew - as field
nearly mesi me+si
prefer suymaw mi maw suy
movement le move
propose damela da me la to give with words
guess sasi sa+si
operation fo
fear gesu mirror from segu
hair nolo no+lo on parts of body
trip le go
supply danide same as provide
quickly gosu go+su
application fay  same as to use program app - gefay (de tonafaw)
sleep soni
network neto
strategy desine same as plan
interview la ko
hospital leynasa ley+nasa a place for those who is sick
husband muleya mu+leya
red kayvito kay+vito colloq. Kayvi
degree nivo
star lusu close to lusi and luso (can be interpreted as lu+su)
restaurant leypemew ley+pe+mew (public place to eat, not dinning room - leymew)
generally metoy
author penani pe+na+ni person who thought of it first
yourself visey
pressure fatu same as press, push
task deyfa dey+fa must do
express fela fe+la to say out of inner close to 'fila'
competition alimeygo same as racing
serious lodu mirror from dolu - funny
reference taw tu relation to
treat taw  
conclusion nafe na+fe thought coming from, out of
brother munifi (man of one birth) mu+ni+fi, colloq. - muni or nifi (sibling)
natural vitele vite+le = result of life
touch lokataw loka+taw
everybody toype
beyond pey tu
define dasayla same as describe
basis leypo  same as base
trouble gekelo same as problem
deep poypoy poy+poy low low
energy pasew
fish vuy comes from VOY - water
dark suli mirror from lusi
sing meyla mey+la musical word the same as song
sample gekaw ge+kaw
refer fa taw tu
adult vega 
positive law
except me nifesu
disease nasa mirror from sana
promise ladeyfa la+dey+fa to say must do
throw taku mirror from katu - catch
dress low meli
worth valu the same as price, value, rate etc.
clean lina
fill fasoy fa+soy
property ge oni
profit kesu kale how much got
somebody upe
operate nay
bar leyliko ley+liko
advance gotase go+tase
goal le day yufi - to get into the goal, the mark
quarter kigaw ki+gaw a part of 4 also it is a stone
central midi
cold laki mirror from kali - hot
object ge
style le me
obviously lekosay leko+say easy to see
push fatu fa+tu make it go to
tend muy    'em' in Esperanto
assume na fe se  think out of it
normal ilatoy same as ordinary
exchange da ni tu ali give one to another
suffer yuli mirror from luy - joy
middle midi
blue kayvoy kay+voy the color of the ocean, water
match ilamey  ila+mey measure is the same, coincide
officer pefopoli pe+fo+poli a person working for the state
avoid gofu go+fu
reflect saysey say+sey see yourself
useful fayli fay+li
fun fufo fu+fo away from work
huge ga
instance vey
seat leypotaw ley+po+taw a place to sit
document dokive do+kive reason, proof written
oil oyli
message lago la+go word which goes
net neto
successful maymali may+ma+li
box kugaw ku+gaw container with 4 sides
resource gegayda ge+gay+da thing gives repeatedly
pound pondo
throughout tu midi de
facility faley  same as building just specialised
argument saydo same as proof anali - as to argue
bill gepay ge+pay pay thing
debate anali
speech le la
separate dise
male mu
baby te
earn kafefo ka+fe+fo same as reward
maintain atalaw ata+law keep well
career gu de petey a path of a specialist
hot kali
billion sunaw
doubt mana mirror from nama, also as desire to think instead of believe
exercise fadaysa fa+day+sa do it to know it
previous efali efa+li
daily tow de toyde
search masay ma+say
suddenly asigosu - came quickly efanesay - not foreseen
fly onaygo onay+go eygey - airplain helicopter - geynoy cf.飞机
basic tayli tay+li beginning
ring le oli - circle
asset gemay ge+may thing you have
science sasew sa+sew knowledge
dog wafa  onomatopoeic
perform fo  fakow fa+kow
balance ilakelo ila+kelo same weight
song meyla mey+la musical word
weekend yati de koyde
dead tive
encourage famida fa+mida
protect seko
damage favali fa+vali make evil, or an evil made
imagine imagi
afternoon afe nidi (de le de) nidi ede - midnight
estimate kesu 
photo gedasay  /          kivelusi (kive+lusi = light writing =  φωτογραφία
context kolakive ko+la+kive
newspaper vikenu vike+nu read news
credit medasey me+dasey a loan, entrusted to another academic - gevalu
daughter tefey te+fey
variety alisusew ali+su+sew
version tipo
extend suyga suy+ga more huge suylane
proposal damela da me la
professional fotey fo+tey specialised work
dollar dola
sister feynifi (girl of one birth) fey+ni+fi, coloq. - feyni, nifi (last one is unisex, the same as for brother - sibling)
whom kepe
memory memo
mine mi 
ahead gotase go+tase
nor ne  
request asa 
post leyfago as mail ley as a post of someone
original fetay fe+tay out of beginning
female fey
green kaylew kay+lew a color of plants
dance meymove
dream gesoni ge+soni as fantasy - saypey - to look over things
observe saylay say+lay
inform da gesa
communication midela mide+la word between two sides
discover sayle fapaye fa+paye make it open
track afegu   afe+gu = way after going through it
garden leypelew ley+pe+lew a place of plants cultivated by men
agency leypefa ley+pe+fa a place of doers
screen tosayfaw to+say+faw = electro device to see/show
possibility le pu
examine masaysa ma+say+sa want to see knowledge
legal vaypoli
recommend lalavi de la+lavi to say good things of
university leysa ley+sa place of knowledge leykasa + 1) ni = preschool 2) di = elementary 3) li = middle 4) gaw - high school 
text lakive la+kive a written word
direction le tu
responsibility deysama dey+sama must answer 
conversation le lako la+ko  to talk with someone
magazine leyko ley+ko place where something is gathered. Could be periodics, journals as storage of info or a store
easily leko 
favorite le suy ami / le suy nifesu
rock kigaw as stone
independent nedepade ne+de+pa+de not of power of someone
additional koli ko+li
agent pefa pe+fa doer
complex kosu ko+su with many parts
appropriate meyko mey+ko same as suit
invite asa asi
traditional dafetu da+fe+tu
cross tasina ta+sina sign of t (t is resembles a cross) as to pass through - go pey
sea voysoli voy+soli salted water
famous sadelaw sa+de+law well known
reply olila oli+la
software desine tonafaw computer program. Abbrev.: D.T.
weight kelomey kelo+mey
shape gefew ge+few a thing outside
completely me toyli me yati
trial le tayu lamey - as to judge
weather onay(sew) keli onay sive?
administration koynay koy+nay
fix falaw fa+law
shoot atata ata+ta as using a bow - hold then let it go
judge lamey la+mey to say the right thing
absolutely me soy
user pefay pe+fay
welcome asi lavi
element kitay ki+tay basic particle
announce la ke va
requirement le dey 
glass gesaytu ge+say+tu a thing to look at something (as through window)
laughter lutawga lu+taw+ga colloq. gaga 
stick lino
difficulty kelo mirror from leko
effective fa isu fa efe
survey le fasay de ge tay
majority le suy isu
invest leyka put then take
primary dey fa nimi
generation ilavefi ila+ve+fi same time born
federal koykipoli koy+ki+poli union of parts of the state
wind eygo ey+go moving air
replace leyali ley+ali put something else
writer teykive tey+kive pekive pe+kive
stress fatunaw fa+tu+naw push with attention
committee koypenay koy+pe+nay group of persons who rule, guide
principle le vay 
content le ye geye
immediately line straight
unless yu ne
percentage feso fe+so
equip toynide toy+nide everything what is needed
telephone latele la+tele colloq. Tele
title lagetay la+ge+tay name at the beginning (as a title of a book)
budget kesu mani
transfer dapey tu da+pey
blood vito vite+to (it is close to biblical meaning that in blood is life of men)
scene sene
conduct naysey as behave
chair topotaw to+po+taw tool to sit  colloq. topo
sector kidise ki+dise
expensive valuga valu+ga
executive pedeyfa pe+dey+fa person who must do
beat kidew /gedew same as strike
wonderful milakoli mevaw meyova
warm kaliti kali+ti
copy kopi ilafa - make same, copy, imitate
none neke
negative neylaw ney+law
annual tow nidimo
prevent efafu efa+fu make it go away even before it comes
rich maysu may+su=has a lot
block fugotu fu+go+tu blocking the way 2) kikelo (ki+kelo) a piece of something heavy 3) gawtew - street block
payment le pay
collection le kakoy ka+koy take a group
advice lekina same as suggest
remove fafu fa+fu
ensure fasegu fa+segu
hang atanoy ata+noy hold high part
politics politike
medical fasana fa+sana
relative pivito pi+vito - blood relatves, member of blood
directly line derrives from lini
count sakesu sa+kesu know how much
safe seko
transport togo
e-mail faw-lago electronic word to go (message)
mix fani fa+ni - make it one
display leysay ley+say
ride gono go+no go on something
flow mevoygo me+voy+go way of river
highly isu
flat eveni as even
leg logo lo+go. Hip - digo, upper leg - ligo, knee - gawgo, lower leg - fawgo, ankle - sawgo, foot - lawgo 
contrast gesatu ge+satu
procedure me de fa a way to do
straight line derives from lini
correct yufi mirror from fuy can use also - mey
connection geko ge+ko a thing which makes it be with something
institution koyfavay same as organization
admit ka … ye ka ide ye but - say ke mi du fuy - see that I did a mistake
consumer pemew same as to eat pefay - user
reveal paye same as open
video vide pure Mela = gesay
radio ladio Korean 라디오
otherwise alime  ali+me
nobody nepe
aware sa 
appeal la tu
alternative ali me
status kemeya keme+ya how is
heavy kelo
award le kakefa same as deserve
surface le no
sex sesa to make love - lotaw (to interact by parts of body)
introduction la nay ye
deliver yeva tu
cry yulitaw yuli+taw laga - to shout
pair diko  di+ko two together
tour oligo oli+go go by circle
collect kakoy ka+koy take a group
extra pey as over, trans
crowd pe isu
intend goy going to
reader pevike pe+vike
cheap valuti valu+ti
decade ninew
sentence kilalay ki+la+lay a part of telling
farm leyfomoy ley+fo+moy place of work with animals
overall de toy
moreover suy de se
concert saymeysila say+meysila show of music probably could be - saymeyla
expression le fela see express
dinner mew dyane
print lefatu le+fatu result of pressing
decline yake mirror from kaye
responsible deysama dey+sama
grant da
physical loy
trust dasey da+sey give self to
ship togovoyga to+go+voy+ga big boat
speed gosumey gosu+mey
south lusopoy luso+poy south-east = poy-filuso south-west = poy-sulifo
select nifesu same as to choose
category koydise koy+dise same as class
fair ilakelo same as balance, in opposite to bias 
attitude taw
peace yutani mirror from natuy neydew - peace as opposite to war
truth meya as reality
band gelini ge+lini as strip koykafuy - stealing group
lay ley
importance deynide
perfect le suy lavi
launch tay
wave vava sounds like one wave after another
presence le ya si
crime yavi satu poli colloq. simply 'disorder' - yavi
horse igogo could be interpreted as i+go+go but it is actually onomatopoeic
progress gotase same as advance
global yanotoy yano+toy
advertise la tu toype
chief le ga same as main
slightly uti
scale tomey to+mey tool of measure
double me di
nuclear midoli (de kiti) mido+li (heart of an atom (kiti) )  atom - kiti (ki+ti = small particle)
warn efala efa+la
extent nivo
labor fo 
library leygevike ley+gevike
respond olifa same as to react
edge geyati ge+yati finishing thing
partner pekofo  pe+ko+fo person with whom you work
experiment le tayu
satisfy fila sulaw
pain fenasa fe+nasa comes from sickness aw - pain expression, could be used as a noun 'pain'
slow sogu mirror of gosu
taxi paygo paygo pay then go
suit meyko mey+ko measured with others
spot doto same as a point
regular vaygay vay+gay repeating order
excite filaga fila+ga feel a lot
concept ide
guide nay
initial tay
speaker pela pe+la
dry yovemi mirror from mevoy
secretary pegekive pe+ge+kive person of notes, letters, writing
photograph pekivelusi / pegedasay
scheme desine
shake tusitu tu+si+tu move to and fro
technique mesafa same as technology
tonight si ede
apart dise
rain voyonay voy+onay
cool lakiti laki+ti as slang word - meyova (le me yova)
suggestion lekina to help with thinking
defense sekodew same as defend
distance tele
north lusonoy sun is up there north-east = noyfiluso north-west = noy-sulifo
lift kanoy ka+noy take up
conflict dew
excellent le suy lavi (fe toy)
river voygo voy+go running water
expert petayusa pe+tayu+sa an experienced in knowledge person
favor faylaw fay+law use well
funny dolutaw do+lu+taw or simply colloq. - dolu
eventually ye yati
football logolo logo+olo not exactly correct but worse would be 'olologo'
heat le kali
mistake fuy yemi (not so strong, more like left)
dear ami de/amili valu de /valuli
improvement le suylavi
chapter kivike ki+vike a part of reading
emerge fasay fa+say same as show
demonstrate fasay
artist pedasay pe+dasay pefameli pe+fameli
reform fagay fa+gay do it again
adopt onifa oni+fa make it own
corner ditew di+tew two sides together create a corner
audience pelisa pe+lisa
struggle (yuli-)dew
decrease tupoy tu+poy
roll ola derives from 'olo'
island yanovoy yano+voy a piece of ground in water
camp leylew same as field
feed damew da+mew to give food
surround oli
investor peleyka pe+leyka
fully me toy
fee le pay
senior pevega pe+ve+ga
arrange efafa efa+fa
expense da (mani)
combine fani fa+ni make it one
cook famew fa+mew
cultural ayapefa ayape+fa
map leykive ley+kive written place
meal le mew gemew
shift alige ali+ge a change
contribution leki  same as help
weapon totive/todew to+tive a tool to kill
ball olo
cash gemani ge+mani real thing money
entire toy
reality meya
solve lekego mirror from gekelo
lesson kidasa ki+dasa a part of teaching
kitchen leyfamew ley+fa+mew
circumstance oliya oli+ya what is to be around
confirm lakeya la ke ya say that is
failure neymayma ney+mayma
busy fosoy fo+soy full of work
contribute leki same as help
tool to
mouth lomew lo+mew
gas eyge ey+ge thing as air
lady feymay pemay one who has, posses
quick gosu  go+su
currently sive
glad lu 
driver naytogo nay+togo
beach leysivoy ley+si+voy
commercial de sela
basically me tayli tay+li
spread fatoye fa+toye do it to be everywhere
pop opo as sound of popping
variable alisupu ali+su+pu
cancer kanasa could be interpreted as ka+nasa 'sickness which takes'
brain lotona lo+to+na a part of the body which is a tool for thinking
reaction olifa
proceed lay
crisis alidote ali+dote a point of change
neither ne
hide yasafi mirror from fasay
refuse yake mirror from kaye
consequence afego same as follow
volume gamey as size silamey - as sound volume
trend muy
bag kugo ku+go container to go with it
traffic le move
mass kelomey same as weight
left yemitew yemi+tew wrong side
owner pe oni
length lane
vary alisu  ali+su 
duty deyfa dey+fa
repeat gayla gay+la
mountain gaw  derives from -ga- , also means four 4
unfortunately neytuvalavi ney+tuva+lavi neytuvalaw
survive du pa vite fe
schedule vedesine ve+desine time planned
bedroom kifaley soni
employ da fo
marriage faleya same as to marry
essential le nide essence - midoya - mido+ya
critical lameyli la+mey+li
ticket vikoteti vikote+ti vikotego vikote+go
smoke tekalo te+kalo a child of fire
fan to eygo
flight onaygo
relatively me depade me taw de
equal ila
egg olopew olo+pew
bottom lopo under+part of a body 
novel short story - lalayti romance - lalay ami
somewhere uye
plus tu
coach fasa  pefasa fa+sa = makes you know, learn in contrast to dasa
pleasure kalu same as enjoy
promote fagotase fa+go+tase
background leysate ley+sate
union nisew
neighbor peleysi pe+ley+si
provision danide da+nide
appreciate valu
plane ti
topic tema
enable fa pa
package paku could be interpreted as pa+ku
code kodo
secret nepesa nepe+sa = nobody knows
manufacture leyfa  ley+fa 
investigation masa ma+sa
attract asifa asi+fa famaw fa+maw
path gu
bird pew a priori
bond geko ge+ko 
swim govoy go+voy flipper - lo(go)voy / lovoy
afraid gesu mirror from segu
environmental ley ole
finger kilawka ki+law+ka
anybody upe
colleague pefoko pe+fo+ko
insurance fasegu fa+segu
flower telew te+lew = a child of plant  leaf - potelew = po+te+lew
consideration le nakow na+kow
settle ley 
powerful pasoy pa+soy
quiet galisa mirror from silaga
burn fakalo  fa+kalo
engineer pedesine pe+desine
component kiko ki+ko
waste fuyosi fu+yosi
aid leki
extremely me tuy
earth yano derives from ya+no= to be on (surface) onay - sky (mirror from - yano)
desire maga ma+ga
apparently pasay pa+say
tire nepa ne+pa as to be tired oli de togo - as car's tires
breath eyka ey+ka = air taking
delay afeve same as late
strength le pa
connect fako fa+ko make it be with something
nurse lekinaw leki+naw to help attentively
sum toy
brief nale same as short
soldier pedew pe+dew
hardly kelo mirror from leko
lunch mew nidi de    meal of the noon
religious ayasa aya+sa
strange ale
whereas lay
battle dew
construction fafeki fa fe ki
engage go ye
district le ley
hate ima mirror from ami
boat togovoy to+go+voy
stone kigaw ki+gaw a piece of mount
gather fako fa+ko
tourist pegulay pe+gu+lay
divide fasu fa+su make many
expand faga fa+ga
historical de sadu sa+du
delivery le yevatu yeva tu
tradition dafetu da+fe+tu give from one to another
museum leygesay ley+ge+say a place to see things
mostly me le suy
host nay 
broad leygali same as wide
spring vetay ve+tay
council nako na+ko think together
shoulder dika di+loka. li-ka - upper arm,gaw-ka - elbow, fawka - lower arm, sawka - wrist, lawka - hand
troop koy de dew
jump noypoy noy poy move up down
healthy sana
fresh nuy
conclude safe sa+fe
furthermore suy ke se
finance mani
threat fagesu fa+gesu
bomb todada to+dada
safety seko
active fali fa+li
winter velaki ve+laki cold time
export yeva fe
acquire ka
blow dada onomatopoeic
sun luso
obvious lekosay leko+say easy to see
coffee kafey
generate fi
visitor pevisite
bind fako fa+ko
tape gelini ge+lini as strip
cycle oligay oli+gay repeat by circle
editor pefamey pe+fa+mey
spirit aya ay+ya the link between two worlds
scientist pesa pe+sa
monitor tosay to+say
tear leyuli le+yuli - physical result of sadness
location keye
actual meya as real sive - as present
actor pefakow pe+fa+kow
corporate de toype
twice di vey
minister pefodaype pe+fo+day+pe people's servant
murder fative fa+tive
comfortable toylaw toy+law
pool leygovoy ley+go+voy
wash voylina voy+lina clean with water
register memode memo+de passive voice - remembered
regulation gevay ge+vay
temperature kalimey kali+mey
violence fanema fa+ne+ma make against the will to do something
hurt fanasa fa+nasa
route gu
recall memo 
impossible nepu ne+pu
army koydew koy+dew
sight le pa de say
accident yapu ya+pu = able to be, happen to be togodew - "car fight", crash 
error fuy / yemi (not so strong, more like left)
usual gayle gay+le a result of repetition - a habit mi gayle tu - also means to get used to
tough kelo mirror from leko
opposite neyli ney+li
wine (liko)-vino vino - grape
relax taloy ta+loy let body to relax
characteristic sewli
noise silaga sila+ga a big sound
carefully me aminaw ami+naw me naw - attentively
camera tosaygo to+say+go a tool to make movies
possibly pu 
convince fa ilana
arrangement le efafa efa+fa
shock yova 
oppose ney satu
climb gogaw go+gaw go on the mountain
slowly sogu mirror from gosu
relevant tawli taw+li
consist kofa de ko+fa together made of
principal le ga le tay
lawyer pevaypoli pe+vay+poli
manner me
gun totive to+tive
locate sa ley
onto no tu
commit fa
domestic si nasi national
pack paku could be interpreted as pa+ku
kiss lipitaw lipi+taw
protein taykikoy tay+ki+koy beginning molecule (particles gathered) //or internat. pyoteino
branch lokadaw loka+daw a hand of a tree
rat musoga muso+ga
voter pe da la day
vehicle togo to+go
civil peleya pe+leya person of home in oppos. to soldiers
literature gevike same as book
mainly me le ga
theater leyfakow ley+fa+kow
stare saynaw say+naw
totally me toy toy
freedom talisew tali+sew
quote alipela ali+pe+la
industrial de fagega
significantly isu
guest asipe asi+pe person came
commitment ladeyfa la+dey+fa
description dasayla da+say+la give to look at by words
capacity atapa ata+pa ability to hold
fifty fawnew
skin lono lo+no a part of body which is on / to peel - fu lono
taste savo tasty - savo lavi
perspective mesay me+say way to look 
belong oni
normally ilatoy same as ordinary
ought dey 
participant pekaki pe+ka+ki
comparison le alimey ali+mey
till tu
belief le nama na+ma think of desired thing to happen
dangerous keso mirror from seko
representative pefasay de pe+fa+say
signal le sina
fashion mesive me+si+ve way of now cf. chinese -  时尚
technical de mesafa
interaction midetaw mide+taw
deny ney
friendly me peko
previously me efali efa+li
gold aytow ay+tow holy metal
danger keso mirror from seko
participate kaki ka+ki
occasion do as reason, cause
square gawtew gaw+tew four sides
leadership naysew nay+sew
gift gedade ge+da+de given thing
mobile moveli move+li
border yatitew yati+tew last side
shoe lowgo low+go
label gesina ge+sina same as a sign
load leykelo ley+kelo put heaviness
prison leylati ley+lati place of restriction lati - mirror from tali
wood le daw
ad isula isu+la cf.chinese -  广告
internal de ye
suitable meyko mey+ko
west sulifo mirror from filuso
affair fo amifo - love affair
discount yusipay yusi+pay
outcome gele ge+le  same as result
advertisement isula isu+la same as ad
ignore ne say
cup kuti ku+ti
suspect vuvali vu+vali think about someone that one "would do evil"
citizen pepoli pe+poli 
definition dasayla da+say+la
arrest falati fa+lati lati - mirror from tali
largely me itu
destroy disetoy dise+toy crash totally
hall yeley ye+ley entrance
investigate masa ma+sa
desk 1) tapey as table 2) eveni  as board
remind gaymemo gay+memo remember again
familiar sade sa+de known
loan medasey in the way of trust
explore masa  same as investigate
tea le ta mix of chinese/japanese chaand european tea, te
index tofasay to+fa+say a tool to show
recommendation le lalavi
complain lavali la+vali talk about bad things
poll ?
hi law informal from lavi - I wish you good
wed faleya same as marry
switch alito ali+to as a tool to change, switch
escape gofu go+fu
fairly ilakelo ila+kelo same heavy to all
lovely amili ami+li
permit 1) ta 2) dokiveta do+kive+ta document to let
import yeva ye
association 1) na say ila 2) koy
dad papa
bright lusili lusi+li
predict afela afe+la
division 1) kifasu ki+fa+su 2) le fasu
debt deymani dey+mani - must pay money
shout laga la+ga
device tofaw to+faw electro tool
wake nosi mirror from soni
proper deyli dey+li
definitely meyli mey+li measured
analyze sadise sa+dise to know by separating parts
victim peyuli pe+yuli (suffering person)
necessarily me nide
commission komisi?
amaze yova a priori
combination le fani fa+ni
employment le dafo da+fo
conservative atali ata+li keeping
guarantee le segu
rank nivo
protection le seko
mouse muso 
nevertheless ne say tu me ne yusi
abuse fayvali fay+vali to use badly
researcher pemasa pe+ma+sa
yield 1) kafe ka+fe  2) da gu
root taylew tay+lew the beginning of plant
secure seko
elect nifesu same as to choose
chain oliko oli+ko circles gathered
forest sudaw su+daw= many trees
confidence segu to be sure
frame gawtew gaw+tew 4 sides
shot le atata
identity ilasew ila+sew
arise tunoy tu+noy
afford da 
birth fi
tie fako fa+ko
brand tipo oni type, mark owned 
instrument to
hole olu derives from oli+tu
grade nivo
threaten fagesu fa+gesu
hire dafo da+fo
moral ayame aya+me
latter yati 
phase nivo say  fase ?
approve ilana ila+na - the same thought, agree
typical tipoli tipo+li
strongly me paga pa+ga
channel guvoy gu+voy
factory leyfa  ley+fa  place where they make things
judgment le lamey la+mey
proportion kimey ki+mey measured portion, part
concentration ganaw ga+naw = a lot of attention
resident ley/vite
selection nifesu same as to choose
empty yosi mirror from soy
opposition koyney/le ney
entirely me toy  
session koyve koy+ve a group by time , cf chinese 会期
sexual sesa
ice voylomi voy+lomi water hardened
master nay  fameli - as art
narrow leytili ley+ti+li in oppos. to leygali
graduate yatikasa yati+kasa finish studying
increasingly me tunoy
insist asaga asa+ga same as require
bridge guditew gu+di+tew a path of two sides or between them
license dokiveta dokive+ta
concentrate ganaw ga+naw = a lot of attention
plenty soy
entry yeley ye+ley
reduction le fayusi fa+yusi
respectively meymesuy mey+me+suy measure with more (honor)
farmer pefomoy pe+fo+moy derives from leyfomoy
notion ide as idea
rent medasey me dasey way of trust
odd ale same as strange 
musical meysila mey+sila
appearance le say
boring lasami mirror from - masali - interesting
faithfully me aysay ay+say
adviser pe de lekina
reasonable me tona
rely leynotu ley+no+tu lay on at
presidential de naypoli nay+poli
sequence vayafego vay+afe+go an order of following
soft moli
stretch falane fa+lane
considerable nakowpu na+kow+pu
fuel gekalo ge+kalo thing which burns
bottle kuvoy ku+voy
unique yotini yoti+ni
atmosphere eyole ey+ole air around
practical de fa le fa
presentation le fasay
theme tema
hell yelya mirror from ayley
lock toyape to+yape a tool to close
prior le efa
secondly me dimi
peak le noy
mechanism geyvay gey+vay order of machine
explanation le samido
nowadays si le de su
native de fi
succeed mayma may+ma
mail gefago ge+fa+go thing send
cast taku  same as to throw
wild nekope neko+pe without people
folk nasi
intelligence salisew
sheet leymeno English - laminate, kind of ley+me+no
ear lolisa lo+lisa
journey alileygo ali+ley+go
tiny uti
terrible gesuga gesu+ga
online no-lini
multiple isu ki, vey
declare la paye say openly
engine movegey move+gey moves machine
besides pey se
chairman pe de topo(taw)
mental de na nali
specifically yotali mirror from ilatoy
relief fukelo fu+kelo
professor pedasaga pe+dasa+ga
yard sileya si+leya place close to home
celebrate velu ve+lu happy time
personality pesew pe+sew same as self
construct fafeki fa fe ki
joint geko ge+ko
via me
row lini the same as line
capture katu same as catch
justice meysew
constant de toyve toyveli
youth vetisew veti+sew
coast voytew voy+tew cf. waterside
expectation le efasay
witness lasayle la+say+le say about what you saw
blame alivali ali+vali others do bad things
tone memeyla me+mey+la a way of sound measured (singing)
seriously lodu mirror from dolu - funny
honor lapelaw lape+law good name
ourselves misusey
electronic faw reminds of fire
dealer pesela  pe+sela
disk olige oli+ge
northern noyluso noy+luso
chemical kimi  chemistry - sakimi
somehow ume
hill gawti gaw+ti small mount
fruit tedaw te+daw a child of tree
fellow pe omo
guard seko
sky onay mirror from yano
vision saypa say+pa as miraculous vision - le say, aysay
impose famasey fa+ma+sey make to do will of self
reserve atage ata+ge holded things
minimum le yusi
surely me segu
thin tigi remids of uti
variation le alisu
formal kaw mey according to rools, measurements
frequently isuvey same as often
verb lafa la+fa adverb - lame , adjective - lali
acquisition geka  ge+ka  taken thing
retire fufotoy fu+fo+toy away from work forever, complitely
recover fagaynu fa+gay+nu make new again
seed dolew do+lew cause of plant dovite?
tip yatiti yati+ti the smallest ending part maniti - restaurant tips
instruction kemefa keme fa
chart desine
mission deyfa dey+fa
absence yosi mirror from soy
fat lotuy lo+tuy excessive part of the body
east filuso fi+luso a birth of the sun
derive kafe ka+fe
ordinary ilatoy ila+toy everything is the same
critic pelamey 
helpful lekisoy leki+soy
gene gene
anywhere uye
lean leynotu same as rely
glance sayti say+ti quick look
ideal ide fr.idée
neighborhood   peleysi
smell odo act & pass
silence galisa mirror from silaga 
disappear yasafi mirror from fasay same as hide
cat myaw onomatopoeic
lip lipi
passenger pegove pe+go+ve person who goes for some time (then goes away)
compete alimeygo ali+mey+go
representation le fasay de
rush le gosu
disorder yavi mirror from -vay-
shut fa+yape fa+yape
complaint le lavali la+vali
careful aminaw ami+naw me naw - attentively
column lino as staff
religion ayasa aya+sa
legislation vaypoli vay+poli
employer pedafo pe+da+fo
widely leygali ley+ga+li
protest satu
ancient suyvega suy+ve+ga
illustrate dasayla da+say+la
faith aysay ay+say holy seeing (religious)
observation le saylay say+lay
reject fu
imply maysina may+sina have meaning
ban neyta ney+ta
implement tay
command nayla nay+la rule with words
approximately mesi
maximum le suy
qualify fatey fa+tey make quality
somewhat u 
regional de le ley
assumption le na fe se
temporary uveli uve+li
attractive asifali asi+fa+li famawli fa+maw+li
plate kumew ku+mew container of food
sad yuli
frequency kesuvey kesu+vey
weak pati pa+ti
slip uwa onomatopoeic
victory le vine
academic akademi
county oliley oli+ley
circle oli
joke lagaga la+gaga onomatopoeic
hat lowlona low+lona on head
dozen ninew
kick logodew logo+dew
steal kafuy ka+fuy take bad way
unable neyfa pa
settlement ley
symptom sina
reporter pelasate pe+la+sate
accommodation fatoylaw fa+toy+law
household leya
tennis tenis
merely ti 
emotion ayataw aya+taw expression of soul
tall noy 
sick nasa mirror from -sana-
calculate sakesu sa+kesu
accuse la ke duvali
criminal peyavi person of disorder
scientific de sasew
estate gemay ge+may onige oni+ge
unlike neymaw as not similar - neykow
interpretation lapey la+pey a word given over
appoint daley da+ley
enemy kepo mirror from peko - friend
criterion le mey measure
beside pey se
firstly me ni/ nimi
assistant lekipe leki+pe
sweet doli
competitive de alimeygo
consistent ilatoyve ila+toyve same all the time
closely si 
equally ilakelo
advise lekina same as suggest
liberal ilata mirror from atali - conservative
meanwhile seve keve
impression afememo afe+memo memory after the meeting
existence le yasew ya+sew
accompany goko go+ko
output le fe
exhibition leysay ley+say
salary payfo pay+fo payment for work
attach atako ata+ko hold with
acknowledge kaye ka…ye sale
snow voyki voy+ki water particulated
properly deyli dey+li
breast lomido lo+mido a part of body where is heart woman's - lomidofey (colloq. Titi)
prime le tay le ni le ga
intention le goy
ill nasa mirror from sana - healthy
reward kafefo ka+fe+fo what you get out of work
bother keli mirror from leki  don't confuse with "keli" - which. 2) fanatuy - annoying (fa+natuy)
primarily nimi fe toy
gray kayna cf. gray matter of brain
expose fapaye fa+paye
childhood vete ve+te
discipline naysey same as behavior
everywhere toye
medicine safasana sa+fa+sana
differ ali
input le ye
politician pepolitike pe+politike
wage le pay 
implication sina  maysina
substantial meya  le ga ge
infant te 
permanent toyveli toyve+li
rare yevusi mirror from isuvey
remark sayna same as comment
angry imataw ima+taw
knock toto onomatopoeic
injury lovali lo+vali damaged body parts
producer pefadenew pe+fa+de+new
pocket kulow ku+low
alive vite
currency mani
manufacturer pe de leyfa pe ley+fa
king ninay ni+nay kingdom - leyninay  cf. monarchy
obligation gedey ge+dey
initiative taymuy tay+muy apt to start
talent ayada aya+da biblical 'talent' - talanto
breakfast mew tayde
resolution lekego mirror from gekelo
emotional de ayataw aya+taw
enhance fasuy fa+suy
core mido
framework leypo same as basis
found leypo
phrase mela me+la
southern lusopoy luso+poy
gap disu dise+u (olu)
storm eygoga eygo+ga
undertake goy
distinguish alisa ali+sa knowing difference
draft nefale ne+fa+le not yet completed
priority efadey efa+dey must before everything else
democracy naynasi nay+nasi
pursue afego (muy fa u)
urge fama fa+ma  make to wish
pilot nayeyto nay+ey+to naytogo
shirt lownoy low+noy upper cloth
coat lowno  low+no cloth on
lake voysu voy+su a lot of water puddle - oluvoy (olu+voy)
emphasize fanaw fa+naw make attention
habit gegayle ge+gay+le a thing which is usual
immediate line straight
yellow kayluso kay+luso
communicate la
neck polona po+lona underhead
vast ga
breathe eyka ey+ka take air
origin le fife fi+fe
stable leynaw ley+naw placed attentively
sir o nay
enormous isu ga
negotiation dayilana day+ila+na for an agreement
resolve lekego mirror from gekelo
terrorist pefagesu pe+fa+gesu person frightenning terror - le fagesu
bloody vitoli vito+li me vito
retain ata 
bone oso latin, greek
mathematics sagemey sa+ge+mey a knowledge of numbers gemey - number
supplier pedanide pe+da+nide
milk late   latin
passage gopey go+pey kilakive - ki+la+kive
fundamental leypo same as base
pupil pekasa pe+ka+sa
publication datoype da+toype giving to public,everyone
winner pevine pe+vine
elsewhere aliye ali+ye
examination saysa say+sa to see/show knowledge
gentleman munaw mu+naw attentive man
soul ayape ay+ya+pe a being outside and inside this world
forth tase kind of "ta+se"
contemporary veko ve+ko
urban de leype
incident le yale something happend
integrate fa go ye a ley ye
swing olimove oli+move circle move
panel eveni tase front board cf. chinese 面板
ratio taw  relation
borrow kave ka+ve take for some time
sufficient sulaw su+law (good quantity)
motion gosew go+sew le move
exam saysa
governor nayleype nay+ley+pe
boss nayfo nay+fo
effectively me efe
install a ley ye
premise efado efa+do
abroad leyfew ley+few place outside
diet meymew mey+mew measured eating
hence fe si do
convention le ilana
metal metow all metals have ending "-tow"
layer leymeno English - laminate, kind of - ley+me+no
typically tipoli tipo+li
grateful dalavili dalavi+li
crash dise
incorporate faki fa+ki make a part of something
formation laymodo lay+modo process of becoming a form
classic gekaw ge+kaw same as example, model
aircraft eytogo ey+to+go
highlight yotali special
sharp fadili fa+di+li litterally - 'cutting' dull - lidafi (mirror)
climate eyliya ey+liya air mood, cf. chinese - 气候
disappoint avoy mirror from yova
fifteen nifaw
defeat dise vine
retirement fufotoy fu+fo+toy away from work forever, complitely
defend sekodew seko+dew fight for the security of something
truly meyame meya+me
self pesew pe+sew le sey
clinical leynasa ley+nasa
nearby mesi me+si
distribute diseda dise+da separate and give
reputation ladepe la de pe what people say
underlie leypo ley+po
creation ge fafenew
specify layotali la+yotali
exclude fafu fa+fu
exhibit fasay fa+say
extreme tuy
appointment le daley da+ley
brown kaykafey kay+kafey color of coffee
journalist teynu tey+nu spesialist in news
lucky tuvalaw tu+va+law a direction of the future + adjective
occupy kaley ka+ley take place
soil gepo ge+po thing under the feet
educational de kasasew ka+sa+sew
upper noyli noy+li
slide uwa onomatopoeic
correspond ilamey ila+mey
sudden asigosu asi+gosu
gay ilasesa ila+sesa same sexual
plastic alipa ali+pa changable material
freeze lakiga
peer ila saynaw
tooth dodi greek - δόντι
exception le nifesu
excuse yufodi mirror from dofuy
bet leydo ley+do - close to ludo
plain eveni   ti 
crop felew fe+lew - as plants olefadi - cut around
equivalent ilage ila+ge
rural de leylew
complicate kosu ko+su made with several parts
meat doloy do+loy what body is made of
collapse le tupoy tu+poy
dish kumew ku+mew
enterprise manay ma+nay desire to start
luck lavi tuva tu+va direction of the future tuvalaw
restrict falati fa+lati mirror from tali - free
subsequent afego same as follow
originally fetay
perfectly le suy lavi
thick giti mirror from tigi
encounter sayle same as to see
invitation le asa asi
proud naseyga na+sey+ga thinking of self to be great
chip kifu ki+fu a piece taken away
analyst pesadise pe+sa+dise
valuable valuli valu+li
bike tologo to+lo+go
retail sela tow sell each one separately
calm yutani mirror from natuy
unusual negayle
criticism lameysew la+mey+sew
personally peli pe+li
plot desine
beauty meli
preserve ataseko  ata+seko
emergency yuvali yu+vali if something bad happen
comfort toylaw toy+law
deserve kakefa ka ke fa get what you did
repair fagaynu fa+gay+nu make it new again
update fanu fa+nu
severe lodu mirror from dolu - funny
recognition sale sa+le
secondary dimi
proof saydo say+do see reasons
capable pa
outline desine
depression fefatu fe+fatu press out of (phsych. Fefatupe)
evaluate davalu da+valu
pension payvega pay+ve+ga payment to old ones
external de few
cope panay pa+nay able to handle
emphasis le fanaw fa+naw
restriction latisew lati+sew mirror from tali - free
partly me ki
aside tu tew
massive kelomey kelo+mey
intellectual sali sa+li
minority le suy usi
revolution tuvayali tu+vay+ali to a new order of things
submit da
prospect saytu say+tu
equation ilasew ila+sew
unemployment nemayfo ne+may+fo
intervention yego fa de ali
delight kalunay ka+lu+nay
mom mama
anymore lay to continue
smart maysa may+sa having knowledge
numerous isu  
illness nasa 
abandon fu 
confuse asila mirror from alisa - to distinguish
wheel oli
crucial ta-sina T-sign
efficient efe
dominate gano ga+no to be great over others
database leypo de gesa
split tudiki tu+di+ki
trace afegu afe+gu same as track
isolate fayoti fa+yoti
port yeley entrance
drama dyama
nose odolo odo+lo
rapidly me gosu
dispute anali mirror from ilana
landscape leygasay leyga+say
spell la tow la
ultimately yati
inch insi
profile lopetew lope+tew
phenomenon       yasive ya+si+ve something happening now
entertainment falu fa+lu
boundary lati mirror from tali - free
gender sesa genitals - losesa. Penis - lomu. Vagina - lofey.
assistance leki
dramatic dyamali dyama+li
educate dasa da+sa
edition famey fa+mey
wing onaylo onay+lo a part of body to be in sky
similarly ilame me ila
specialist petey pe+tey, where tey is used as the -ist- in the beginning of the word
formula modola modo+la mode of words
achievement mayma same as success
innovation ge nu fa ge nu
festival delu / koylu koy+lu happy group, gathering
coverage leyno ley+no
pitch ?
gate gepayega ge+paye+ga big door
unknown ge ke ne ya sa - neyasa?
distinction le alisa ali+sa
slight ti
roof yenay mirror from yaney may be understood as ceiling
scream laga la+ga
convert fayatu fa+yatu make to become
minor suy uti
negotiate dayilana day+ila+na for an agreement
era vede ve+de time of …
episode kilay ki+lay = a part of continuous
volunteer pemalaw pe+ma+law cf. Fr. - Bénévole; Rus. - доброволец
infection nasapey nasa+pey a sickness giving over to
preparation leday same as to prepare, to be ready
arrival le asi
silver paytow pay+tow (paying metal)
electricity faw reminds of fire
sink kuvoyfu ku+voy+fu
unlikely pu yale uti
grand ga 
web neto
transition fepeytu fe+pey+tu
upset disevay dise+vay
forecast efasay efa+say
pollution le nila mirror from lina
eliminate kafu ka+fu - take away - deprive
agenda ke dey fa
wire gefetu ge+fe+tu a thing goes from smt to smt
prize gevine ge+vine a thing you won
crack disu same as a gap
deeply me poypoy
cable lini rope is the same
apparent pasay pa+say
zone oli as circle
fault dofuy do+fuy  a cause of error
cooperation foko fo+ko
pub leyliko ley+liko
characterize la de sew
honest meyali meya+li
supporter pekoyeva pe+ko+yeva
inspire dana da+na give smt to think
whisper lagalisa la+galisa
hunt afego (muy fa u)
toy geludo ge+ludo
welfare vitelaw vite+law
everyday toyde/tow de
cloud eynila ey+nila dirty air
constraint le lati mirror from tali 
perceive kafila ka+fila
ease leko
solid lomi mirror from moli
prisoner pelati pe+lati
expansion le faga fa+ga
agricultural foyano fo+yano work of field, ground
virtually yayema ya+yema
knee gawgo gaw+go
album alpume
bend ineve             mirror from eveni
exposure le fapaye fa+paye
alter ali 
digital gemeyli ge+mey+li
pour tapoyvoy ta+poy+voy
satisfaction filasulaw fila+sulaw
tension yolati mirror from taloy - to relax
wet mevoy me+voy = watery
perception kafila ka+fila
dimension le mey
tight leytili ley+ti+li same as narrow
restore fagaynu fa+gay+nu
beer likopano liko+pano bread liquor
sweep lilina li+lina, it is like ot make it back and forth, that is double 'li' to remember it
interpret lapey la+pey
assist leki same as help
crew koyfo koy+fo a working group
essay esey
assure fa segu
anger imataw mirror from ami
deposit efapay efa+pay
shower leylina as place voyno - water on - take shower ley+lina the place of cleaning
string lini
elderly pevega pe+ve+ga
extensive suygali suy+ga+li suylane
truck togoga to+go+ga
uniform low yotali
mood liya li+ya quality of being
detect sayle
beneath po
shadow sulife suli+fe darkness out of an object
mode modo
territory ley
trail afegu afe+gu
nervous nevili nevi+li
parallel isi graphically 'I' close (si) to 'I' are parallel to each other
sail eytovoy ey+to+voy air tool on water
sensitive filamuy fila+muy
hero pemida pe+mida
competitor pe alimeygo
initially me tay
transform alimodo ali+modo
strip kafu ka+fu take away - deprive gelini - as band
stream mevoygo same as flow
breed isufi isu+fi
attribute sew
vital vitedey vite+dey
awful gesuga gesu+ga
devote dasoy da+soy give completely, fully
stem lino same as stick, staff
height noymey noy+mey
apologize yufodi mirror from dofuy
alright toylaw toy+law
owe deyda dey+da must give (back)
genetic geneli gene+li
persuade fa ilana
recruit ka tu 
vice fuymuy fuy+muy
steady lomi mirror from moli
heavily me kelo mirror from leko
entrance yeley ye+ley same as hall
furniture topeley to+pe+ley a tool for a person to place gisey
strain yolati mirror from taloy - to relax
random yumi mirror from muy
justify famey fa+mey fayufi = fa+yufi
measurement le mey
rarely me yevusi mirror from isuvey
meter gemey / tomey mete ?
pace le logo lo+go
western sulifo mirror from filuso
constitute fatay fa+tay
spare gesuy ge+suy
designer pedesine pe+desine
mature vesoy ve+soy fullness of time
evil vali
curve nile mirror from line or ineve - mirror from eveni
guilty duvali du (do)+vali caused evil
jacket yakey
false yemi mirror from mey yema - mirror from meya
demonstration le fasay / dasay
wound genasa ge+nasa a thing of sickness
frighten fagesu fa+gesu 
muscle lopa lo+pa
grass lewti lew+ti small plant
substance gesew ge+sew yasew / lisew
pink kayfey kay+fey a feminine color
symbol le sina
foundation leypo
cite alipela ali+pe+la
extension le suyga le suylane
tank tanke  (as weapon) kuga = ku+ga  as container
disaster yuliga yuli+ga
sigh eyfu ey+fu
routine ilade ila+de
cake meyka kinda a priori - mew+ey+kalo pie = meykati
efficiency efe
membership pisew pi+sew
smooth eveni
portion ki
mirror tosaysey to+say+sey a tool to look at yourself colloq. Saysey
resort leyfu ley+fu
withdraw kafu ka+fu
resistance le tasu
giant ga
bid davalu da+valu
naturally vitele same as nature
summary latoy la+toy 
radical taysew tay+sew
tune memeyla same as tone
van togopey togo+pey car for delivery
mutual koyli koy+li toymay toy+may
boot lowgago low+ga+go
fascinate famaw fa+maw
entitle lagetay la+ge+tay name of a thing in the beginning
god aytay ay+tay holy beginning
broadcast latu la+tu a word to people
singer pemeyla pe+meyla
platform sene (as scene) leyeveni ley+eveni
whenever uve
apartment le leydise
conventional ilanali ila+na+li komay (as common)
independence le nedepade
reverse gaysate gay+sate back again
illustration dasayla da+say+la
loud silaga sila+ga
loose tali
quantity le kesu
poem poesi
damn fuy!  even harsher - guy!
pose modoloy modo+loy
depth poymey poy+mey
significance sinasew sina+sew
planet yanokow yano+kow as Earth
iron nitow ni+tow (first metal in series of ferrum)
gradually menivo me+nivo (by degrees)
approval le ilana
evaluation le davalu da+valu
wealth le maysu may+su
visual sayli say+li
consult lekina leki+na
sponsor lekipe (mani)
stupid sati sa+ti
trap katufuy katu+fuy catch causing bad
badly me vali
log kivememo kive+memo kidaw ki+daw (as a piece of wood)
crazy tonafu to+na+fu
adjust fafolaw fa+fo+law
dirty nila mirror from lina
zero new
gaze say
button gefatu ge+fatu a thing which you push
extraordinary    peyilatoy pey+ilatoy
hesitate atasate ata+sate (holding back)
establishment taysew tay+sew
creative fafenew (fa+fe+new - create from zero)
constantly toyveli toyve+li
probability pusew pu+sew
vegetable gelew ge+lew
alcohol liko derives from liquor
remarkable deysayle dey+say+le
throat lokamew lo+ka+mew
dependent depade(li)
steel ditow di+tow (the second metal in series of ferrum)
sustain atamaypa ata+may+pa (has power to hold)
ally peko as friend
ethnic nasi
pleasant dalu da+lu
exceed gosuy go+suy
historian pesadu pe+sa+du
sugar gedoli ge+doli
brilliant lusili lusi+li
involvement le faye fa+ye
philosophy amisasew ami+sa+sew (love knowledge)
hypothesis ipotesi pure Mela - efana efa+na (leyefa?)
bread pano
drag kasipoy ka+si+poy (to pull low)
edit famey fa+mey make it correct
inner yeli ye+li
statistic le kesutoy kesu+toy (how much at all)
liability padasey pa+da+sey (can trust)
anticipate efasay efa+say see it before it comes
league lige
seal 1) fatule fa+tu+le 2) as animal - lovoylogo (pinniped) (colloq. Voylo)
grab kaku ka+ku (take as container)
flood toypovoy toy+po+voy
compensation dakefu da+ke+fu (give what is lost, got away)
segment kidise same as section
compound fakoli fa+ko+li (connected)
occasionally uve
spin le ola
desert leynepe ley+nepe
operator penay pe+nay
tower leynoy ley+noy
newly me nu
paragraph kikive ki+kive
advocate sekodew same as defend
bath leylina ley+lina
blind neysay ney+say
confident segu
overcome pagopey pa+go+pey
briefly me nale
pure lina the same as clean
regularly me vaygay
counsel lekina same as suggest
disturb keli mirror from leki 
burden gekelo ge+kelo
silent galisa mirror from silaga
behave naysey nay+sey lead yourself
tap tototi toto+ti
alarm sinadeyfa sina+dey+fa (a sign that time to act)
fantastic saypey say+pey look over things
valley leypoy ley+poy lower place
preference le suymaw
discovery le fapaye fa+paye
dare mida derives from mido - heart
skirt lowfey low+fey feminine cloth
eastern filuso fi+luso birth of the sun
poverty maytisew may+ti+sew
registration le memode memo+de
cigarette tavake nikotine sigalite pure Mela - getekalo
criticize lamey la+mey
bowl oliku oli+ku
cousin difi mudifi / feydifi di+fi
offense favali fa+vali depends on the context - favalila maybe
impress afememo afe+memo
jury peladeyfa pe+la+dey+fa person who promissed
venture gekeso same as risk
virus lofuy lo+fuy a part of body goes in wrong way 
anxiety natuy na+tuy
illegal neyvaypoli ney+vay+poli
wrap leyola ley+ola (put and roll)
harm favali fa+vali
survival dupavitefe du pa vite fe
teenager efadinew efa+di+new (before 20)
specialize fayotali fa+yotali
moderate meyti mey+ti measured by little
limitation latisew mirror from tali-sew
modify alimodo ali+modo
accurate meyli mey+li
angle ditew same as corner
comprehensive toyli
rival kepo mirror from peko
adequate meyko sulaw
universal yanotoy yano+toy (of all the earth)
tourism gulaysew gu+lay+sew
chest lomido lo+mido as a box - kuyape (ku+yape)
expenditure le damani
margin linitew lini+tew (side line)
recovery fagaynu fa+gay+nu
mount gaw derives from -ga- , also means four 4
mate peko in chess - mate
admire yova
gesture moveloy move+loy (a movement of body)
musician pemeysila pe+mey+sila
rapid gosu go+su
stair kigonoy ki+go+noy (step up)
charm mawsew maw+sew
slave pefolati pe+fo+lati
scare fagesu fa+gesu
amendment alige ali+ge
incentive fama fa+ma
format modo
consultant pe lekina
deficit nemay ne may
mortgage medasey ipoteke
abstract idefu ide+fu (idea away)
overseas peyvoyga pey+voy+ga
literary de gevike
experimental  de tayu
architecture mefaley me+fa+ley
possess oni
dig kayano ka+yano
opponent kepo mirror from peko
evolution evolu
versus tasu same as against
lend dave da+ve (give for some time)
custom gegayle ge+gay+le same as habit
keen fadili same as sharp
translate lapey la+pey
cough keke onomatopoeic
distinct alisa ali+sa same as distinguish
rough neylaw ney+law
surgery fadiloy fadi+loy
buyer pelesa pe+lesa a person who is buying
burst dada onomatopoeic
pen tokive to+kive
quietly me galisa
laboratory leyfosa ley+fo+sa (place of scientific work)
tube olulino olu+lino
capability pusew pu+sew
province le leyoli ley+oli
twin ditefi  di+te+fi (two children born)
adapt fameyko fa+mey+ko
chicken koko onomatopoeic tekoko - chick
scholar pesaga pe+sa+ga
mess yavi mirror from vay
precisely meyli mey+li
therapy fasana fa+sana
frequent isuvey same as often
wealthy maysu
journal vekive ve+kive (time written)
composition le fayako fa+ya+ko
mad tonafu tona+fu
tissue gemate ge+mate it depends -  vikote / low
flash dadalusi dada+lusi
stroke as caress - loy amitaw or just amitaw
champion pevinetoy pe+vine+toy (won everything)
sand kigawti ki+gaw+ti (small stones)
promotion le fagotase fa+go+tase
charity falavi fa+lavi
bury leypoyano
tendency le muy
barrier ataley ata+ley (place that holds)
cream oylige oyli+ge oil which is more substantial
rid fu
brush lilina li+lina, it is like ot make it back and forth, that is double 'li' to remember it
dialog lamidedi la+mide+di
publisher pedatoype pe+da+toy+pe a person who gives to public
consequently me afego same as follow
democratic naynasi nay+nasi
abortion yali (de fi)
govern nay 
exact meyli mey+li measured
hurry gosu
whilst midive same as while
privilege puyotali pu+yotali (special right, cf. 特权)
creature ge fafenew
dismiss go fu 
cap geleyno ge+ley+no
participation le kaki ka+ki
visible pasay pa+say
narrative le lalay la+lay
classical de gekaw ge+kaw
assign dafa da+fa (give smt to do)
regret maneyfa ma+ney+fa (want it to be undone)
twist nile mirror from line
impressive afememo afe+memo
motor midogey mido+gey heart of machine
prompt 1) gosu 2) lekila = leki+la (help by words)
ruin afedisetoy afe+dise+toy
density lomisew lomi+sew
resist tasu
rescue faseko fa+seko
coal gawkalo gaw+kalo (burning stone)
lecture dasavike da+sa+vike
awareness sa
maintenance le atalaw ata+law
greatly me ga
inflation eysoy ey+soy 2) economic - manifuvalu (mani+fu+valu)
psychological      ayapesa aya+pe+sa (science of soul)
institutional de koyfavay
dust kitisu ki+ti+su many small particles powder is the same
successfully maymali may+ma+li
cancel fanew fa+new
functional de fo
scope oli 
species tipovite tipo+vite
float novoy no+voy
absolute soy
passion maga ma+ga 2) yuli
airline eylini ey+lini
motivate dado da+do
module module
fold leyko ley+ko
theoretical napuya na+pu+ya
react olifa oli+fa act in circle
wooden dawli daw+li
poet pepoesi
insight le samido le sayle 
partnership pekofosew pekofo+sew
counter 1) to-/pe- sakesu 2) tapeyko = tapey+ko
stain dotonila doto+nila
automatically     pafasey pa+fa+sey (can do by itself)
penalty payfuy pay+fuy (pay for a fault)
rail gututu gu+tutu
salt soli
contest alimeygo same as competition
bin kunila ku+nila
violent fanema fa+ne+ma
aggressive dewli dew+li
sake 1) sake 2) do
opera opela cf. Korean  오페라
undergo go po
embrace loytaw loy+taw
divorce neyleya ney+leya (un-home)
pile koyki koy+ki
march 1) moli (month) 2) govay go+vay = going in order
pale kaynade kayna+kayde ( cf.Chinese - 苍白  )
acceptable pakaye pa+ka+ye can be taken in
literally kaw le la
grammar savayla sa+vay+la (to know an order of words)
permission dokiveta do+kive+ta document to let
regulate nayvay nay+vay lead the order
cluster gekoy ge+koy
compromise 1) ilamidi ila+midi = equal middle for both 2) fakeso fa+keso
diversity alisew ali+sew
immigrant peleypey pe+ley+pey
historic sadu sa+du
gallery galeli cf. etymology of the word
dedicate daday da+day
pretend saykow say+kow (look as if)
castle kasele pure Mela - leypaga = ley+paga (strong place)
tackle ?
golf golfe
celebration velu ve+lu
embarrass lapevali lape+vali
personnel koypifo koy+pi+fo
boost dapasew da+pa+sew
extract kafe ka+fe
pig moynila moy+nila (dirty animal)
roughly nemeyli ne+mey+li
injure fanasa fa+nasa
mixture gefani ge+fa+ni thing made in one
announcement le la ke va
biological savite sa+vite to know life (as biological)
praise lalavi la+lavi (talk good about smn)
disagree anali mirror from ilana
electric faw reminds of fire
excess getuy ge+tuy
fulfill fasoy fa+soy yani
depress fefatu fe+fatu
fancy naneya na+ne+ya (thought of smt non-existing) 2) ne ilatoy
compose fayako fa+ya+ko
continuous lay
complexity kosusew ko+su+sew
friendship pekosew pe+ko+sew
stability leynawsew ley+naw+sew
accomplish yatile yati+le
comprise may ye sey
holder atape ata+pe
inquiry le masa
weakness patisew pa+ti+sew
noun lage la+ge
civilian peleya pe+leya person of home in oppos. to soldiers
racial de kayomo kay+omo
tail loyati lo+yati (the part of body in the end)
tale lalay la+lay
weigh kelomey kelo+mey
evolve evolu
potentially me pu
mere ti
fortune le tuvalaw tu+va+law
gently molitaw moli+taw
poetry poesi
server to-/pe- fodaype
sanction lapafa la+pa+fa
guitar gita cf.Japanese - ギター
profession fotey fo+tey specialised work
pump tofagoye to+fa+go+ye suck - fagoye
chamber kifaley ki+faley
veteran afedewga afe+dew+ga
shine falusi fa+lusi
championship vinetoy vine+toy
stake kimani ki+mani
gear peygey pey+gey (transmissional mechanism) 
joy luy
remote tele
entertain falu  fa+lu 
reliable paleynotu pa+ley+no+tu
strengthen fapaga fa+pa+ga
orange olani cf.Korean - 오렌지
cheek tewlope tew+lo+pe (side of face)
jail leylati ley+lati
forever toyve
imagination le imagi
bias olekali mirror from ilakelo
possession le oni
chat lala la+la
dramatically me dyamali
carbon kivite ki+vite
servant pefoday pe+fo+day
curious masamuy ma+sa+muy
structural de koykivay
neglect neynaw ney+naw
compute masaykesu ma+say+kesu
rear sate
ski govoyki go+voy+ki
pot ku poto
revise gaysay gay+say
snap tik
stimulate dado da+do
grin dodisay dodi+say
adjustment le fafolaw fa+fo+law
printer tolefatu to+le+fatu a tool makes result of pressing
moon sulo
boom dada
scan saytoynaw say+toy+naw
cheese kise
shell kukuy ku+kuy
pride le naseyga na+sey+ga thinking of self to be great
grandmother efafeyfi efa+fey+fi colloq. Naynay  cf. chinese - 奶奶 grandfather - efamufi, colloq. - taytay
situate ley
resign fufotoy fu+fo+toy same as retire
supplement le danide
bunch koy
clothing low derives from loy - body
barely uti
ceremony le fayotali fa+yotali
firmly me lomi
pipe olulino olu+lino
maker pefafe pe+fa+fe
hopefully saymasoy say+ma+soy
trigger todo to+do
stomach lokumew lo+ku+mew
destruction le disetoy dise+toy
craft le sapa sa+pa (know and can do, cf.Esperanto - scipovi)
intense pagali pa+ga+li
pregnant teyefey te+ye+fey
logic logike sadole sa+do+le (knowing the cause and result)
indication le fasay fa+say
presumably leyefa ley+efa
happiness lusew lu+sew
interior tewye tew+ye
magic magi
menu menu
mystery meyasafi me+yasafi hidden way 
pro day
greet la law
humor umo
concrete simentele simente+le cement - simente
flag matesina mate+sina
chocolate kokolata
shelter leyseko ley+seko
guideline lininay lini+nay
cow muwa onomatopoeic
ownership onisew oni+sew
summarize kesutoy kesu+toy
knife tofadi to+fa+di
bless ayla ay+la
trick meyemisa me+yemi+sa (path of not-orthodox, left knowledge)
wise saga sa+ga
motivation le dado da+do
attachment le atako
pray asana asa+na ask and think, also remids of hosanna
strict yolati same as strain
silly nati na+ti
catalog kataloge
organic fevite fe+vite comes from life
reckon na
uncle mufidi mu+fi+di
surprisingly me vaw
regardless menesay me+ne+say
coin manitow mani+tow (metal money)
attraction le asifa le famaw
athlete loypaga loy+pa+ga
harbor leytogovoy ley+to+go+voy
darkness suli
stir famove fa+move
filter tolina to+lina = a tool cleanses
romantic de lalayami la+lay+ami
determination le nifesule ni+fe+su+le
shelf kiley ki+ley (a part where to place)
tongue losavo lick - savotaw
reasonably metona me+to+na
transportation togosew to+go+sew
tender 1) molitaw 2) efay
vessel ku
piano piano
envelope geleyola ge+ley+ola (a thing to wrap)
slope leygopoy ley+go+poy (place goes down)
golden aytow ay+tow holy metal
belt oleloy oleloy
attendance leysisew ley+si+sew
storage leyko ley+ko
pregnancy veteyefey ve+te+ye+fey
invent famena fa+me+na (make via mind)
controversial maysatusey may+satu+sey (has smt against its own)
horrible gesuga gesu+ga
ocean voyga voyga huge water
uncertainty nesegusew ne+segu+sew
fiction nifenew ni+fe+new (one out of nothing)
lover amipe ami+pe
hint lekina leki+na
liquid voytey voy+tey
nowhere neye
anxious natuy na+tuy to think too much about smt.
stranger alipe ali+pe
leap le noypoy
fool pefuna pe+fu+na (person without thinking)
adventure gokeso go+keso
carpet matepo mate+po (matter, a piece of cloth laying under your feet)
shade sulife same as shadow
portrait dasaylope da+say+lo+pe (a picture of face)
hook uy the letters look as hook
potato polew po+lew plant which is under the ground
reflection saysey say+sey 2) nasaysey (as thinking)
nerve nevi
leather lono lo+no
qualification nivotey nivo+tey
exhaust nepa ne+pa = no power
fragment ki 
wander gonedo go+ne+do (go without any reason or goal)
distant tele
unite fanine fa+ni+ne
bell dinidoni onomatopoeic
grain dopano do+pano (cf. dolew)
monthly tow mo
altogether toyko
differently ali
universe toyley toy+ley
weekly tow lawde
empire leyninayga ley+ni+nay+ga emperor - ninayga
royal ninayli ni+nay+li
fence gefugotu ge+fu+go+tu
luxury lusuy lu+suy
bite mewti mew+ti
comedy komedi pure Mela - falutaw
confusion le asila mirror from alisa - to distinguish
curtain gefusay ge+fu+say
consume mew / fay
flexible patoyme pa+toy+me (can every way)
innocent neduvali ne+du+vali
tent matenoy mate+noy (a piece of cloth above the head)
stamp fatusina fa+tu+sina
shore voytew voy+tew
voluntary me ma tali
genuine femeya fe+meya (from true source)
swear imataw ladeyfa
panic toygesu toy+gesu
sheep meme onomatopoeic
mayor nayleype nay+ley+pe (a leader of a city)
gentle moli
precise meyli mey+li
raw nefale ne+fa+le
wherever toye
refugee pegofu pe+go+fu
listener pelisa pe+lisa
weird yotali
substitute geyeleyde ge+ye+ley+de
rice lisi
aunt feyfidi fey+fi+di
excitement filaga fila+ga feel a lot
fade fukay fu+kay
wipe matelina mate+lina
chase afego (muy fa u)
slice kifadi ki+fa+di (piece cut)
alongside sitew si+tew
suspend yali
autumn yatilew yati+lew the end of plants
ugly lemi mirror from meli
hello lavi as I wish you all good
fortunate tuvalavi tuva+lavi tuvalaw
insure fa segu
lazy yosofi mirror from fosoy- busy
shame lapevew la+pe+vew (bad name)
hunger mamew ma+mew
thirst mavoy ma+voy
bitter lodi mirror from DOLI
unsalted, bland losi
reptile saw for memory - biblical snake was the most smart creature, it gave an advise about the fruit of knowledge. Sa - to know
insect paw birds eat insects, a bird - pew
bush doy a tree - daw
mushroom duy close to a bush - doy
shrimp-like puy close to PAW - insect
snail/slug kuy derives from KU - container, snail has shell. However, shell is not the most important, it is just memory-tool.
bloom  tufoy become a flower tu+foy
rose yosa
banan vanana
apple molo italian - mela, greek - μήλο, latin - malum, + olo (ball)
spoon tomewvoy to+mew+voy a tool to eat liquids
fork tomew tool for eating
holy ay mirror from -ya- as the opposite of this existance, transcendent Greek άγιο
lord pemay pe+may one who posses religious - aynay
aquarium kuvuy ku+vuy container for fish
nerd nyedi
unimportant dinyede mirror from deynide
everlasting laytoyve
baptize vatisi
synonym ilala ila+la - same word
leak voyfu voy+fu water is going away
honey dolisoy doli+soy = full of sweetness
bee dolipaw doli+paw = sweet insect
forgive neyfuy ney+fuy undo an error (religious) fuvali - fu+vali - let the evil go away, to not hold grudge
tolerate tafa ta+fa let it happen
lightning onayfaw onay+faw electricity in sky
soup supe
wrestle dewlo dew+lo fight by body parts
fighter pedew
quarrel ladew
scold ladew
temptation mavali ma+vali desire of evil
procrastinate goyafe goy+afe going to do after
vapor fog mist eyvoy ey+voy air watered
onion yulilew yuli+lew a plant of sadness, it makes one cry
glory lusilisew
grace aylu ay+lu
bagel olipano oli+pano
dictionary / vocabulary koyla koy+la
juice voylew voy+lew liquid of plants
meditate nanaw na+naw
English Engi English language - Engila (Engi+la) England - Engiley
Russian Lusi  Russian language - Lusila (Lusi+la) Russia - Lusiley
America Amelika
Europe Elopa
Asia Asya
Australia Astalia
Africa Afika
Chinese Sine Sinela (Sine+la) China - Sineley
molecule kikoy ki+koy particles gathered or intern. Molekulo
heaven ayley ay+ley
jasmine yasemi
Japanese Ipone Iponela (Ipone+la) Iponeley (Ipone+ley)
by the way mide ali btw - m.a.
subway gupo gu+po
grave, tomb kutive ku+tive container for dead
mercy midolaw mido+law similar to latin - misericordia, russian - милосердие
compassion yuliko yuli+ko to suffer with someone together
humility naseyti na+sey+ti think of self to be the least
fry oylikalo oyli+kalo oil burning
berry vato cf. batology,  βάτος
raspberry vatovi(to) vato+vito bloody, red berry
jam sekomew seko+mew preserving food
bake eykalo ey+kalo air heating
pants logolow lo+go+low
conscience ayasako aya+sa+ko
toe nail nolaw no+law (lawka / lawgo) memo - on five fingers
towel lowlina low+lina


   Example texts

1. John 3:16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

Do Aynay du ami koype sesu: Gi da Mute fi nine de Gi, day yu pe fido tu Muni, se pe ne vu tiva do yosi, dene vu may vita laytoyve.   

2. John 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

Ye nay ya du le La, i le La du ko Aynay, i le La du Aynay.

3. John 14:6 Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me".

Yesu sama du, “Mi gu i meya i vita. Nepe asi tu Mufi, yoti tumide Mi”.

4. Matthew 28:19 Therefore go and (make disciples of all nations), baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. (πορευθεντες ουν μαθητευσατε παντα τα εθνη)

Sedo, ta go i ('English – fa pekasa) dasa toyli nati, ta vatisi gisu day le lape de Mufi i Mute i Ayli Aya.

5. Romans 3:23 For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.

Do ya se: toype du fuy i ya kafu lusilisew de Aynay.


Господи, дай мне с душевным спокойствием встретить все, что принесет мне наступающий день. Aytay, da tu mi ko yutani aya ta mi sayle toy se dea asi va yeva tu mi.  

 Дай мне всецело предаться воле Твоей святой. Da tu mi ta mi da toy mi tu le ma Vi ay.

 На всякий час сего дня во всем наставь и поддержи меня. Ye venidi toyli de se dea ta dasa mi i ta koyeva mi.

Какие бы я ни получал известия в течение дня, научи меня принять их со спокойной душою и твердым убеждением, что на все святая воля Твоя. E genu toyli mi pu naysa ye lay de se dea, dasa mi ka se ye me aya yutani i fido lomi ke day toy ya le ma Vi ay.

Во всех словах и делах моих руководи моими мыслями и чувствами. Ye toy le la i le fa mi, ta tay le na i le fila mi.  

 Во всех непредвиденных случаях не дай мне забыть, что все ниспослано Тобою. Ye lay de favaw ne efasayde, ne ta mi neymemo ke toy ya fago de Vi.

Научи меня прямо и разумно действовать с каждым членом семьи моей, никого не смущая и не огорчая. Dasa mi fa  me line i sasew ye taw tu toype de leya mi, ta mi ne fa nesana i ta mi ne fa vew e upe. 

Господи, дай мне силу перенести утомление наступающего дня и все события в течение дня. Aytay, da tu mi pasew a yeva pey e le nepa de se dea asi, i pey favaw toy ye lay de se dea.

Руководи моею волею и научи меня молиться, верить, надеяться, терпеть, прощать и любить. Аминь. Tay le ma mi, i dasa mi keme asana, fido, epa, tafa, fuvali ko ami.

Aytay, da tu mi ko yutani aya ta mi sayle toy se dea asi va yeva tu mi.  

Da tu mi ta mi da toy mi tu le ma Vi ay.

Ye venidi toyli de se dea ta dasa mi i ta koyeva mi.

E genu toyli mi pu naysa ye lay de se dea, dasa mi ka se ye me aya yutani i fido lomi ke day toy ya le ma Vi ay.

Ye toy le la i le fa mi, ta tay le na i le fila mi.  

Ye lay de favaw ne efasayde, ne ta mi neymemo ke toy ya fago de Vi.

Dasa mi fa  me line i sasew ye taw tu toype de leya mi, ta mi ne fa nesana i ta mi ne fa vew e upe. 

Aytay, da tu mi pasew a yeva pey e le nepa de se dea asi, i pey favaw toy ye lay de se dea.

Tay le ma mi, i dasa mi keme asana, fido, epa, tafa, fuvali ko ami.


O Lord, give me strength to face with serenity everything that this day will bring. Grant me to entrust myself fully to Your holy will. Every hour of this day teach me and support me. Whatever news I may receive during the day, teach me to accept it with peace of mind and with firm conviction that everything is according to Your holy will. In all my words and actions guide my thoughts and feelings. In all unexpected events, do not let me forget that everything is sent by You. Teach me to deal sincerely and wisely with every member of my family, bringing confusion or sorrow to none. O Lord, give me strength to bear the weariness of the coming day and all the events of this day. Guide my will and teach me to pray, to believe, to hope, to endure, to forgive and to love. Amen.


The prayer “Our Father” in Mela language.

Mufi misu ye onay su,

Lape Vi ta fa ay, taysew Vi ta asi

Le ma Vi ta yale keme ye onay seme no yano

E pano misu yasewli da tu misu side

I ta fumemo deyda misu,

Seme ila misu fumemo se de pedeyda misu

I ne tay misu tu mavali,

Dene ta fu misu fe aya vali

1. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

Ye le nay du ya le La, i le La du ya tu Aynay, i le La du ya Aynay.     

2. The same was in the beginning with God.

Gi du ye le nay tu Aynay.

3. All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.

Toy du yatu me Gi; i neko Gi neke du yatu ke du yatu.

4. In him was life; and the life was the light of men.

Ye Gi du vita; i vita du ya lusi de pe.

5. And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.

I lusi du falusi ye suli; i suli ne du leyno se.

6. There was a man sent from God, whose name was John.

Du ya pe ke ya fago de Aynay, lape gi Yoani.

7. The same came for a witness, to bear witness of the Light, that all men through him might believe.

Gi du asi day le lasayle, day ya pelasayle de Lusi, ta toype fido me gi.  

8. He was not that Light, but was sent to bear witness of that Light.

Gi ne du ya se Lusi, dene du ya fago day gi lasayle de se Lusi.

9. That was the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world.

Du ya Lusi meya ke falusi e toype ke asi tu leyvita.

10. He was in the world, and the world was made by him, and the world knew him not.

Gi du ye leyvita, i leyvita du ya fafenew de Gi, i leyvita ne du sale Gi.

11. He came unto his own, and his own received him not.

Gi du asi tu koype ila Gi, i koype ila Gi ne du ka Gi ye.

12. But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name:

Dene tu se, ke ka Gi ye, Gi da du le pa a yatu te Aynay, tu se ke fido Lape Gi.

13. Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.

Se ke du ya fi, ne fe vito, ne fe le ma de loy, ne fe le ma de omo, dene fe Aynay.

14. And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth.

I le La du yatu loy, i Gi du ley mide misu, i misu du say lusilisew Gi, lusilisew kow pe fi nine de Mufi, soy de aylu ko meya.

15. John bare witness of him, and cried, saying, This was he of whom I spake, He that cometh after me is preferred before me: for he was before me.

Yoani lasayle du de Gi, i laga du la: Se du ya Gi, e kepe mi la du: Gi asi afe mi, Gi ya efa mi, do ya du efa mi.

16. And of his fulness have all we received, and grace for grace.

I fe soysew de Gi misu toy ka du i e aylu pey aylu.

17. For the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.

Do le vay du ya da de Mose, dene aylu ko meya du asi fe Yesu Mesia (Kilisuto)

1. Ye le nay du ya le La, i le La du ya tu Aynay, i le La du ya Aynay.     

2. Gi du ye le nay tu Aynay.

3. Toy du yatu me Gi; i neko Gi neke du yatu ke du yatu.

4. Ye Gi du vita; i vita du ya lusi de pe.

5. I lusi du falusi ye suli; i suli ne du leyno se.

6. Du ya pe ke ya fago de Aynay, lape gi Yani.

7. Gi du asi day le lasayle, day ya pelasayle de Lusi, ta toype fido me gi.  

8. Gi ne du ya se Lusi, dene du ya fago day gi lasayle de se Lusi.

9. Du ya Lusi meya ke falusi e toype ke asi tu leyvita.

10. Gi du ye leyvita, i leyvita du ya fafenew de Gi, i leyvita ne du sale Gi.

11. Gi du asi tu koype ila Gi, i koype ila Gi ne du ka Gi ye.

12. Dene tu se, ke ka Gi ye, Gi da du le pa a yatu te Aynay, tu se ke fido Lape Gi.

13. Se ke du ya fi, ne fe vito, ne fe le ma de loy, ne fe le ma de omo, dene fe Aynay.

14. I le La du yatu loy, i Gi du ley mide misu, i misu du say lusilisew Gi, lusilisew kow pe fi nine de Mufi, soy de aylu ko meya.

15. Yoani lasayle du de Gi, i laga du la: Se du ya Gi, e kepe mi la du: Gi asi afe mi, Gi ya efa mi, do ya du efa mi.

16. I fe soysew de Gi misu toy du ka i aylu pey aylu.

17. Do le vay du ya da de Mose, dene aylu ko meya du asi fe Yesu Mesia (Kilisuto)


Se ge de meli do luy day toyve ya

Gi amisew go noy; gi neve va

Pu yatu nekesew; se va oni

Yutani ley day misu soni

Soy sana, da ey galisa, doli.

Yon Kis (John Keats)

Literal translation:

This thing of beauty is cause of joy for all the time

Its loveliness increases; it will never

May turn in nothingness; this will own

Calm place for us to sleep

Full of health, giving air quiet, sweet.

A thing of beauty is a joy for ever:

Its loveliness increases; it will never

Pass into nothingness; but still will keep

A bower quiet for us, and a sleep

Full of sweet dreams, and health, and quiet breathing.”

- John Keats


A cheerful fire is blazing on the hearth. Faya soy de loy a kali no leyfaya - Fire joyfull does hot on place of fire

Seven little sisters were walking in a row. Law feynifi uti lay go du kew lini - 7 sister small continious go was according to line

Some beautiful roses are blooming in our garden. Usu foy kayvi (yosa - rose) tufoy ye leyfoy misu. Some flower red bloom in place of flower our

The boys are playing in the lot. Muti su a luda ye le ley - boy many play in the place

The little girl was playing with her kitten. Feyti uti du a luda me temiaw gi. Girl little was play per/with kitten her.