Metin nouns, while being less complex and central to the construction of a sentence as the verbs are, still form the second most important aspect of Metin grammar. They decline for four cases, and typically come after the verb in the sentence.Edit

Noun declension typesEdit


M absolutives are a very large noun class in the Metin language, formed from a large part from verb nominalizations. The m-absolutive of a verb stem typically refers to the product of said verb.

Consonant M-nouns

M nouns starting with a consonant typically start with mi-. The mi appears in the basic case and is replaced by the regular case prefixes in the others.

mi-kaar: A plane, a sheet
Basic mikaar
Ablative ookaar
Dative inkaar
Locative unkaar

M-nouns denoting an animate referent will use ee- and aL- instead of in- and un- for the dative and locative respectively

mi-Zai: Graduate, trained person
Basic miZai
Ablative ooZai
Dative eeZai
Locative arZai
M-nouns with consonant clustersEdit

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