Verbs derived from a Dhatu are marked with a prefix skeleton that indicates how to conjugate them.


(mi IO): Indicates a verb that takes mi-suffixed noun phrases as arguments but indicates pronouns with indirect object markers) miit: burn, oxidize | n-miit: to react in a redox reaction| a-miit: to be burning | e-miit: to burn | ęzmo-e-miit: to burn to ashes | lú-e-miit: to scorch 

miit Nonfuture Future
Momentous miit miís
Continuous miid miiz
Incohative miind miinzx

mįd: to play (a game, with someone) | 0-mįd: to play | e-mįd: to toy with |

mįd Nonfuture Future
Momentous mįį́ muis
Continuous mįd muiz
Incohative muind muinzx

míír: abundance | uu-míír: to be abundant | jxį-uu-míír: to be excessive, too much | jxį́-e-míính: to overfill | e-míính: to enrich

míír Nonfuture Future
Momentous míính mííns
Continuous míír míé
Incohative míínr míínzh

muig: rot, decay | 0-muig: to be rotting

muig Nonfuture Future
Momentous muix muic
Continuous muig muij
Incohative muing muinzx

mung: sad, greiving | 0-mung: to be sad, to grieve |

mung Nonfuture Future
Momentous munx munx
Continuous mung munz
Incohative muung muunzx

méal: anticipation, excitement | 0-méal: to be anticipatory, excited | e-méal: to look forward to

méal Nonfuture Future
Momentous méaɬ méaɬ
Continuous méal méay
Incohative méenl méeyn

móí: rotation | a-móig: to be spinning | txa-a-móí: to spin onesself | e-móí: to set spinning

móí Nonfuture Future Habitual
Momentous móí móíx móín
Continuous móig móiz móíng
Incohative móing móinj -

maa: open, unveil | e-maa: to open | bhemą-e-maa, bhemą-a-maa: to unveil, expose | jxį-e-má: to peel, scrape off |

maa Nonfuture Future
Momentous maa męę
Continuous maan maanz
Incohative main mainzx

maag: flood, immerse in | fu-ji-n-maáng: to place under water, immerse | ji-e-maag: to flood an area | uu-mag: to be full of, surrounded by | móyo-uu-maag: to be filled to the brim, at capacity |

maag Nonfuture Future
Momentous maáng maánj
Continuous maag maaz
Incohative mainj mainzx

mǫǫ: dwell | 0-mǫǫ: to dwell

mǫǫ Nonfuture Future
Continuous mǫǫ mǫǫz
Incohative moin moinzx

pxęę: enter, inward motion | (txa-)a-pxęę: to enter | e-pxęę: to put in |

pxęę Nonfuture Future
Momentous pxęę pxee
Continuous pxen pxenz
Incohative pxein pxeinzx

fíiy: slit, cut | e-fíiy: to make slits into something | 

miit Nonfuture Future
Momentous fíiy fíiys
Continuous fíil fíiy
Incohative fíiny fíinzx

fuih: boil | uu-fįį: to be boiling, vaporous | n-fuih: to boil | a-fuih: to vaporize, explode | ko-a-fuih: to evaporate | ko-a-fiur: dried up

fuih Nonfuture Future
Momentous fuih fuí
Continuous fįį fįįz
Incohative fuin fuinzx

fuu: downwards motion

fuu Nonfuture Future
Momentous fus
Continuous fuu fuz
Incohative fuin fuinzx

foí: pierce, drill, break | ęzmo-e-foí: to break through | pxę-e-foí: to break into | o-txa-a-foí: to break out, hatch

fóí Nonfuture Future Habitual
Momentous fóí fóíx fóíf
Continuous fóínx fóínz fóínw
Incohative fóínc fóínzx -

fas: consist of | X-uu-fas: to be made of X | X-e-fas: to make out of X |

fas Nonfuture Future
Momentous fas fás
Continuous faaz faaz
Incohative fainz fainzx

bhut: destroy | e-bhut: to destroy | uu-bhut: to be in ruins, destroyed |

bhut Nonfuture Future
Momentous bhut bhús
Continuous bhuu bhuuz
Incohative bhuin bhuinzx

bheen: disguise, discolor, modify superficially | e-bheen, a-bheen: to disguise, modify, makeover | tlį́hį́-e-bheen: to disguise, hide | tlú-e-bheen: to paint, dye, permanently color | ji-e-bheen: to make wet, cover something (mud, paint, water) | ęzmo-0-bhin: to be completely covered in, riddled with | jxį-e-bheen: to disfigure, discolor |

bheen Nonfuture Future
Momentous bheen bhiinz
Continuous bhin bhinz
Incohative bhiin bhiinzx

bhę́: cover, overlay | uu-bhę́: to cover, be over | e-bhę́: to cover, set over | ęzmo-uu-bhę́: to be in a heap | a-bhai: to be wearing | a-bhę́: to put on

bhę́ Nonfuture Future
Momentous bhę́ bhíí
Continuous bhai bhaiz
Incohative bhain bhainzx

bhoo: revertevrate, hold a standing wave | uu-bhoo: to be ringing (after being struck) | a-bhoo: to sing, make sound, ring (of a phone) | fuhi-e-bhoo: to play (of a woodwind instrument), blow on a pop bottle |


Nonfuture Future
Momentous bhooh bhoos
Continuous bhoo bhooz
Incohative bhoon bhoonzx

bhai: govern, control | e-bhai: to govern, have control over | uu-bhai: to be ordered, functional, civilized

bhai Nonfuture Future
Momentous bhaí bhaís
Continuous bhai bhaiz
Incohative bhain bhainzx
Habitual bhęęw bhais̨

bhaanw: reflect

bhaanw Nonfuture Future
Momentous bhaanw bhaanf
Continuous bhǫǫn bhǫǫnw
Incohative bhaun bhaunzx

plúí: found, nucleate | e-plúí: to set the base for, start something, nucleate pleh: respect, responsibility | a-pleh: to do as a Metin is supposed to, respect elders, preform one's job with pleasure, obey, and never fall into sloth

pleh Nonfuture Future
Momentous plé plés
Continuous pleh pler
Incohative plenh plensx

pxí: surprise, startle | e-pxí: to surprise or startle someone

pxí Nonfuture Future
Momentous pxí pxís
Continuous pxii pxiiz
Incohative pxiin pxiinzx

pxú: sight | e-pxú: to watch | li-e-pxú: to see | uu-pxú: to be visible, prominent

pxú Nonfuture Future
Momentous pxend pxeins
Continuous pxú pxúz
Incohative pxúun pxúunzx

pxęz: insertion | e-pxęz: to insert | a-pxęz: to enter | foih-a-pxęz: to force onesself into | foih-e-pxęz: to stab something into

pxęz Nonfuture Future
Momentous pxęz pxęs
Continuous pxaiz pxaij
Incohative pxainz pxainzx

pxaan: bother, irritate | e-pxaan: to bother someone | a-pxaan: to act irritating | uu-pxaan: to be irritating

pxaan Nonfuture Future
Momentous pxanh pxans
Continuous pxaan pxaanz
Incohative pxain pxainzx

fee: to search | e-fee: to be searching for | ęzmo-e-fei: to search thoroughly, look in every cranny | 

fee Nonfuture Future
Momentous feí feís
Continuous fee feez
Incohative fein feinzx

fáu: light, empty, thin, sparse | 0-fáu: to be thin, weak, dilute | e-fáu: to rarefy | ji-e-fáu: to dilute (by adding a fluid, filler) | shálya-e-fǫ́i, fuę: to deplete

fáu Nonfuture Future
Momentous faú faús
Continuous foo fooz
Incohative foon foonzx

wiin: cry, tears | 0-wiin: to cry 

wį́įd: show, warn, indicate | 0-wį́įn: it shows that, indicates that | n-wį́įn: to notify someone | 

wéé: think, logic | 0-wéé: be or behave logically | e-wéé: solve a problem, figure out how to

wéé Nonfuture Future
Momentous wééh wéés
Continuous wéé wééz
Incohative wíín wíínzx

woos: extrusion | e-woos: to expel, produce | a-woos: to well up

woos Nonfuture Future
Momentous woos woos
Continuous wooyh wooyz
Incohative wuunl wuuynz

woons: radiate, exude | e-woon: to radiate (something) | n-woon: to illuminate

woons Nonfuture Future
Momentous woó woós
Continuous woons woonz
Incohative woons woonzx

wáál: panic | 0-wáál: to panic

wáál Nonfuture Future
Momentous wáál wááyz
Continuous wáál wááyz
Incohative wáánl wááynz

tjuuł: throw, toss, launch, accelerate | qa-e-tjuuł: to throw, pass | o-e-tjuuł: to eject, expel | tso-e-tjuuł: to accelerate (especially along a track)

tjuuł Nonfuture Future
Momentous tjuuł tjuus
Continuous tjuul tjuuyz
Incohative tjuunl tjuuynz

tjíw: obedience | a-tjíw (oo): to obey someone |

tjíw Nonfuture Future
Momentous tjíf tjíif
Continuous tjíw tjíuz
Incohative tjíinw tjíunzx

tjįįh: bite | e-tjįįh: to bite | e-tjui: to chew

tjįįh Nonfuture Future
Momentous tjįįh tjįįs
Continuous tjui tjuiz
Incohative tjuin tjuinzx

tjug: note, report | n-tjug: to report something to someone | txa-a-tjug: to note

tjug Nonfuture Future
Momentous tjug tjuic
Continuous tjuig tjuij
Incohative tjung tjunj

tjénh: to wipe, brush, rub | qa-e-tjénh: to rub, massage | tlú-n-tjénh: to clean, brush off | jxį-n-tjénh: to rub off, damage |

tjénh Nonfuture Future
Momentous tjénh tjéns
Continuous tjen tjenz
Incohative tjén tjénzx

tj'áu: read, decipher, unencrypt | 0-tj'áu: to read | tlú-e-tj'áu: to translate, decrypt |

tj'áu Nonfuture Future
Momentous tj'áu tj'áus
Continuous tj'óo tj'óoz
Incohative tj'óon tj'óonzx

tj'ǫǫw: waste | 0-tj'ǫǫw: to be useless, a waste of resources | e-tj'ǫǫw: to waste it | 

djhínx: trap, restrain | e-djhínx: to trap | qa-e-djhínx: to hold someone down | mó-dhjííng: to keep prisoner | a-djhínx: to be trapped | txa-a-djhíng: to be trapped (completely unable to move) |

djhínx Nonfuture Future
Momentous djhínx djínc
Continuous djhing djhinj
Incohative djhiing djhiinj

djhoo: send, deliver (singular) | e-djhoo: to send something | txa-n-djhoo: to have something delivered

djhoo Nonfuture Future
Momentous djhó djhós
Continuous djhoo djhooz
Incohative djhoin djhoinzx

djhax: find, hunt | e-djhax: to find it, hunt for it

djhax Nonfuture Future
Momentous djhax djhac
Continuous djhaag djhaaj
Incohative djhaang djhaanj

tiin: crowd, dense | 0-tiin: to be crowded with, full of | tsi-a-tiin: to crowd, assemble | a-tiin: to gather, clump up | pxę-n-tiin: to attract, draw in | pxę-e-tiin: to fill, force into, compress | qa-e-tiin: to pack in, to shove in

tiin Nonfuture Future
Momentous tinh tins
Continuous tiin tiinz
Incohative tiin tiinzx

tien: to meet | 0-tien: to meet (with someone) | tyí-a-tien: to run into something, encounter | a-tęęn: to be with someone |

tiog: support, provide for (never in a structural sense) | e-tiog: to support, provide for | uu-tiog: to be provided for, sustainable

tue: have on person, wear | (txa-)a-tįį: to have on person, wear (of necklaces, collars, small things) | (txą-)e-tue: to put in a pocket, put on |

tue Nonfuture Future
Momentous tue tuih
Continuous tįį tįįz
Incohative tuin tuinzx

tut: cough | 0-tut: to cough | tsa-0-tut: to sneeze

tunɮ: to place (of singular objects or objects in a group), to bring | e-tunɮ: to place something | fu-e-tunɮ, ha-e-tunɮ: to put down, put something in a high place, etc | n-tunɮ: to give | txą-e-tunɮ: to take |

tee: reward, give | e-tee: to reward h/her | 0-tee: to be rewarded, in a position of status.

tee Nonfuture Future
Momentous teh tes
Continuous tee teez
Incohative tiin tiinzx

taaz: stretch, extend | e-taaz: to stretch out | lyíns-e-taaz: to inflate | bhuayns-e-taaz: to stretch over | 

taáł: to cut, sever | e-taáł: to cut, slash at | yǫ-e-taáł: to sever completely | geans-e-taáł: to cut off

taáł Nonfuture Future
Momentous taáł taáx
Continuous taayg taag
Incohative taayng taayn

tááns: increase, multiply, expand | a-tááns: to increase, multiply | e-tááns: to make increase, multiply

tááns Nonfuture Future
Momentous táán tááns
Continuous tááns táánz
Incohative táánx táánzx

tǫǫd: freeze, solid | uu-tǫǫd: to be freezing, frozen, solid | n-tǫǫd: to freeze

tǫǫd Nonfuture Future
Momentous taót taós
Continuous tǫǫd tǫǫz
Incohative tǫǫnd tǫǫnzx

tǫ́nh: argue | 0-tǫ́nh: to argue with someone (mi IO)

tǫ́nh Nonfuture Future
Momentous tǫ́nh tǫ́ns
Continuous tǫ́nh tǫ́nz
Incohative tǫ́inz tǫ́inzx

tas: happy, motivated | 0-tas: to be in a good mood, motivated | e-tas: to encourage, cheer up

tas Nonfuture Future
Momentous tás táis
Continuous tas taaz
Incohative tainz tainzx

tál: dance | 0-tál: to dance

tál Nonfuture Future
Momentous táł tás
Continuous tál táz
Incohative tány tánzx

táx: collide (accidentally) | j-a-táx, e-táx: to bump into something, hit | hama-e-táx: to knock over 

táx Nonfuture Future
Momentous táx táic
Continuous taag táij
Incohative tainj tainzx

t'ósh: taste | e-t'ósh: to taste

t'ósh Nonfuture Future
Momentous t'ósh t'óish
Continuous t'ónsh t'óinsh
Incohative t'óinsh t'óinz̨

tsííl: lose | e-tsííl: to lose (an object)| a-tsííl: to be lost |

tsííl Nonfuture Future
Momentous tsííl tsíís
Continuous tsííny tsííy
Incohative tsíínl tsííny

tsíił: to come apart, undone | a-tsíił: to get undone, untied, fall apart |

tsíił Realis Irrealis
Momentous tsíił tsíis
Continuous tsíil tsíiy
Incohative tsíiny tsíinzx

tsun: nervous, anxious | 0-tsun: to be nervous, worry | e-tsun: to bother, make wary |

tsun Realis Irrealis
Momentous tsunh tsuns
Continuous tsun tsunz

tsóie: at peace, satisfied | 0-tsóie: to be at peace, fine |

Nonfuture Future
Momentous tsóih tsóis
Continuous tsóie tsóiz

tsás: line up, arrange | wai-e-tsás: arrange in order | ąskú-e-tsás: array, put in formation | gbe-e-tsás: to arrange (in three dimensions) | qoi-0-tsás: to be a grid (2d) | qeit-0-tsás: to be a grid (3d) | 

tsás Nonfuture Future
Momentous tsás tsáís
Continuous tsaa tsaaz

tsáx: tackle, run into (deliberately) | e-tsáx: to run into something | hama-e-tsáx: to tackle, knock over |

tsáx Nonfuture Future
Momentous tsáx tsáic
Continuous tsaag tsáij
Incohative tsainj tsainzx

tsǫ́ǫ́: stand | 0-tsǫ́ǫ́: to be standing | ha-0-tsááf: to get up

tl'úę́g: have a meal, dine | 0-tl'úę́g: to dine |

tl'iix: to pinch, constrict | e-tl'iix : tto choke | dú-e-tl'iix: to choke | gbǫ-e-tl'iix: to pinch, pin, crush |

tl'anx: snatch, swipe | e-tl'anx: to swipe at, strik swiftly | o-e-tl'anx: to snatch away | Dir-e-tl'anx: to strike in a certain direction (like in tennis or baseball)| 

tl'anx Nonfuture Future
Momentous tl'anx tl'anc
Continuous tl'ang tl'anj
Incohative tl'ainj tl'ainzx

txuu: transmit | a-txuu: to be transmitting, conducting, working (of a communications device) | 

txen: spring back, recover | a-txen: get back on one's feet | uu-txen: to spring back | 

tx'úh: infect, illness | e-tx'úh: infect h/ | a-tx'úh: to be infected | n-tx'úh: infect h/ with | 

tx'úh Nonfuture Future
Momentous tx'ú tx'úc
Continuous tx'úh tx'új
Incohative tx'úúnh tx'úúnsx

dunh: reckless, careless | 0-dunh: to be reckless, act without thinking | 

dee: go (plural) | 0-dee: to go (of a group)

dét: punish, demote | e-dét: to punish, demote someone | n-dét: remove a thing or privilege from someone.

dét Nonfuture Future
Momentous dét dés
Continuous des dez
Habitual dens densx

dej: transfer pipe | 0-dej: to send via transfer pipe | e-dej: to set up a transfer pipe | n-dej: to establish a transfer pipe between two locations |

dej Nonfuture Future
Momentous dej desx
Continuous dei deiz
Habitual dezx deiz

dóz: colonize, build up, fill with life | e-dóz: to colonize | 0-dóz: to be fully colonized | a-dóz: to spread| jxį-e-dóz: to infect, invade | 

dac: set, place | e-dac: to set down, place | a-dęę: to be sitting somewhere (inanimate object) |a-dęęd: to belong somewhere (inanimate object) | 

dac Nonfuture Future
Momentous dac dęęs
Continuous dęę dęęz
Habitual dęęd dęęz

dánh: remove, isolate, separate | e-dánh: to remove, separate, isolate.

dǫ́ǫ́nz: miss, long for, desire | e-dǫ́ǫ́nz: to miss, long for |

dǫ́ǫ́nz Nonfuture Future
Momentous - -
Continuous dǫ́ǫ́nz dǫ́ǫ́nz

dhį́į́g: mangled, crooked | e-dhį́į́g: to mangle, ruin, mess up | uu-dhį́į́g: to be screwed up, messed up |

dhį́į́g Nonfuture Future
Momentous dhį́ dhúí
Continuous dhį́į́g dhúíg

dheu: climb | 0-dheu: to climb | ha-0-dheu: to ascend | ji-a-dheu: to wick

dhááy: step | 0-dhááy: to take a step | dho-0-dhááł: to pace | jxį-e-dhááy: to crush with the foot | fu-e-dhááy: to place foot on |

dhǫǫh: enemy | j-a-dhǫǫh: to become enemies with someone | j-a-dhǫǫ: to be enemies | uu-dhǫǫ: to be inimical

dhǫr: catch, trap | e-dhǫr: to catch | 

zii: say, talk about | 0-zii: to say (used with quotes) | qimo-0-zii: to talk about subversive things

zii Nonfuture Future
Momentous zah zás
Continuous zii ziiz
Habitual ziin ziinzx

zįx: tie, connect | qa-e-zįx: to tie a knot | e-zįx: to connect (with a line) | 0-zįx: to be bound

zį́į́h: translate, switch between forms, record | e-zį́į́h: to translate, record | 

zaú: copy, imitatee | e-zaú: to imitate (someone)| uu-zaú: to be similar to something | n-zaú: to make a copy of | txą-e-zaú: to replicate, multiply | a-zauz: to be capable of replication |

zaú Nonfuture Future
Momentous zaú zaús
Continuous zǫǫ zǫǫz
Habitual zauz zauiz

t'oíg: hide, flee, avoid | a-t'oíg: to flee (from) | mó-a-t'úoíx: to avoid |

txí: jut out, extend, hold out (something flat) e-txí: to stick out, extend | e-txí: to be presenting, holding out | 0-txí: to be sticking out

txuns: avoid people, keep to onesself, be asocial| a-txuns: to be asocial, be a shut in |

sií: complex, advance | uu-siis: to increase in complexity, advance | e-siis: to upgrade something

sií Nonfuture Future
Momentous sií siís
Continuous siis siiz
Incohative siins siinsx

siiz̨: depict, represent (a real feature of something) | 

siiz̨ Nonfuture Future
Momentous siiz̨ siąsh
Continuous sííz̨ síą́z̨
Incohative síínz̨ síą́nz̨

síén: combine, arrange together, intertwine | a-síén: to be combined, intertwined | e-síén: to combine, intertwine |     jam-n-síén: to make a hybrid of, make a combination of | jam-a-síén: to be a child of, product of | ruw-e-síén: to be the parent of, source of

síén Nonfuture Future
Momentous síén síéns
Continuous síín síínz
Incohative sííns síínsx
Habitual síéns sííns̨

sįįg: replace, supply, replenish | e-sįįg: to supply | e-sįįx: to refill | n-sįįg: to supply with |

suh: friend | j-a-suih: to befriend someone | j-a-suh: to be friends with someone | 0-suh: to be friendly | 

soe: eat, consume | e-soe: to eat |

sanh: cushion, soft | e-sanh: to absorb, cushion (an impact, a projectile) | 0-sanh: to be soft | n-sanh: to be a cushion for | 

zis: crawl, walk on many legs with a horizontal posture | a-zis: to crawl, walk on many legs |

ziąx: stand with a horizontal posture, with three or more legs | a-ziąx: to stand (with a horizontal posture) |

zéá: smell | e-zéá: to sniff | li-e-zéá: to smell | uu-zéá: to have an odor |

zhía: arrest, seize, imprison | e-zhiá: to arrest someone | 0-zhiá: to be imprisoned, in custody {sxu-zhęę, zhaiy-e: a prison

zhiá Nonfuture Future
Momentous zhiá zhiás
Continuous zhęę zhaiz
Incohative zhain zhainzx

zhui: temporary, labile, ephemeral | uu-zhui: to be temporary, ephemeral, labile | me-uu-zhui: to be temporary, (implies it will be replaced later |

zhó: place, send (of distributed objects, masses) | e-zhóa: to place around | n-zhó: to distribute, ration out | 

zhóąx: to have around, provisioned (of distributed objects | 0-zhóąx: to have as a ration | mírí-0-zhóąx: to be properly provisioned, funded | tágb(į)-0-zhóąx: to be poor, underfunded, famished | 

łish: encrypt, be subtext | 

łuu: consist, make | uu-łuu: to be made of | e-łuu: to create | n-łuu: to create (out of)

łúh: rest, be off, inactive | 0-łųh: it rests, is off, is inactive | e-łúh: deactivate, turn it off | 

łens: drunk, delirious, confused | 0-łens: to be drunk, confused | e-łens: to cause confusion | n-łens: to get someone drunk/ confused |

luu: hold, cradle, contain | qa-e-luu: to hold (in the cup of the palm) | 0-luu: to rest in, be cradled in, be contained in | txą-a-luu: to recline | ji-uu-luu: to be waterlogged |

lee: flow, squirt | uu-lee: to be flowing | 0-lee: to flowf | gidi-0-lee: to meander down to, flow (down a long and complex path) | ło-a-lee: to flow (of a viscous substance) |

lenc: to tear, pry apart | e-lenc: to tear off, separate |

ley: leak, burst |

láur: twist | e-laúr: to twist | txa-a-laúr: to turn around (to look at something), to look back |

láur Nonfuture Future
Momentous laú laúsh
Continuous laúr laúz̨
Incohative laúnr laúnz̨

lai: cook | e-lai: to cook: fui-e-lai: to boil |

lai Nonfuture Future
Momentous laih lai
Continuous lai lęęz
Incohative lain


lans: keep, hold onto, protect | e-lans: to keep something |  lǫǫ: beauty, intricacy | 0-lǫǫ: to be beautiful | a-lǫǫ: to make art, be an artisan | n-lǫǫ: to make into art | e-lǫǫ: to create (something artistic)

lai Nonfuture Future
Momentous laú lauf
Continuous lǫǫ lauw
Incohative lǫǫn


łiinx: to have stories (of a building)

ɮiin: false | 0-ɮiin: to lie (not speak the truth) | uu-ɮiin: to be false |

ɮih: shame, embarass | 0-ɮih: to be ashamed, embarassed | e-ɮih: to embarass

ɮú: endure, lasting, durable | 0-lyú: to last, endure | e-ɮú: to fortify | remi-a-ɮú: to persist, perservere, refuse to give up |

ɮúó: apathetic, dejected | 0-lyúó: to be apathetic, sick of

ɮę́s: fold, pocket | 0-ɮę́tłas: to be folded | a-ɮę́tłas: to become wrinkled| 0-ɮę́s: to have a pocket, pouch, wrinkle | 

ɮáa: parasite, take without giving | 0-ɮáa: to mooch, take without giving back |

thii: dense, concentrated, thick | uu-thii: to be thick | e-thii: to concentrate, thicken |

thįį: meaning, semantics | e-thįį: to mean something | a-thįį: to have meaning | 

thé: scrape, rub | a-thé: to rub against | jxi-a-thé: to scrape against, cause damage | n-thé: to rub together |

thung: ring, revertebrate | e-thung: to strike (of a bell) | uu-thung: to be sonorous | 

thoi: hear | e-thoi: to listen | li-e-thoi: to hear | txí-e-thoi: to pay attention, listen closely |

thuał: clear, transparent | e-thuał: to clear up, clean

thaa: work, improve | 0-thaa: to work | e-thaa: to do work on it, improve it | gi-n-thaa: to work for someone

thaa Nonfuture Future
Momentous thah thas
Continuous thaa thaaz
Incohative thain


d̨íé: dissolve, disperse | a-Díé: to disperse, spread out, diffuse | yǫ-a-d̨íé: to dissolve | e-d̨íé: to dissolve (transitive) | n-d̨íé: to let out, allow to disperse, dissolve | 0-d̨íé: to be spread out | yǫ-0-d̨íé: to be homogenous, spread out | ji-uu-d̨íé: to be soluble |

d̨iin: to be interested in, fascinated by | e-d̨iin: to be interested in something | 0-d̨iin: to be interesting

d̨uą: isolate, seal off, seperate | e-d̨uą: to isolate, cut off, seperate | dzú-e-uą: slice off, cut off | mazą-e-uą: to cut out impurities, remove an illness, extract a cancer | o-e-uą: excise | yǫ-e-uą: to hermetically seal | pxę-e-uą: to ostracize, encapsulate |

d̨aah: wake up, bring to senses | 0-d̨aah: to wake up | e-d̨aah: to wake someone up | łens(į)-a-d̨aah: to snap out of it, sober up | łens(į)-e-d̨aah: to snap someone out of it

heng: thicken, viscous, become firm | 0-heng: to become thicker, firmer | ji-uu-heng: to be viscous | e-heng: to make thick, firm

thxus: push, shove | e-thxus: to shove | hama-e-thxus: to push over, down|

chud: shameful, cringeworthy | a-chud: to act shamefully, commit a gaffe | e-chud: to make someone cringe with shameful action | 

ché: to run, work, behave, operate | a-ché: to be running, operating | 0-ché: to be functional, in order | mim-0-ché: out of order |

ches: shuffle, change order, arrangment | e-ches: to shuffle, rearrange smt.

ches Realis Irrealis
Momentous ches cheis
Continuous cheis cheiz
Incohative cxein


chon: to manage, take care of, supervise | e-chon: to manage, keep track of, supervise it | 

chah: have fetched | n-chah: to have someone get you something

ch'ąx: observe | e-ch'ąx: observe it | a-ch'ąx: to be vigilant |

j̨ux: same, homogenize | 0-j̨ux: to be the same | e-j̨ux: to make the same | n-j̨ux: to change it into

j̨uu: stick to, append, attach | e-uu: stick to, attach, append | uu-uu- to be sticky | a-uu: to be attached to | remi-e-uu: to fasten |

shiił: long for, crave | a-shiił, e-shiił: to long for, crave, desire

shúó: embed, stick in, root, attach | e-shúó: to root in place |

shúó Realis Irrealis
Stative shúó shúós
Continuative shúu shúuz
Incohative shúun shúunzx

shąą: close | e-shąą: to close | 0-shąą: to be closed | 

z̨enx: command, instruct | a-z̨eng: to be in charge | e-z̨eng: to be in charge of | n-z̨enx: to tell someone what to do |

z̨hang: name, symbolize (arbitrary way of referring to something) | 

cxį́į́: weak, fragile | 0-cxį́į́: to be fragile, weak | a-cxį́į́: to be too weak (to) | e-cxį́į́: to weaken, damage | n-cxį́į́: to wear away, erode, make fragile | zhui-uu-cxį́į́: to be ephemeral, break at the slightest touch |

cxį́į́ Nonfuture Future
Momentous cxúí cxúíx
Continuous cxį́į́ cxúíg
Incohative cxį́į́n cxį́į́nzx

cxii: to crack, break under stress | a-cxii: to fail (under stress) | gidi-a-cxii: to fail over time, wear down | gidi-uu-cxii: to be slow, broken, inneficient | uu-cxii: to be broken, out of order | gidi-e-cxii: to use until breaking down | jxį-gidi-e-cxii: to overuse

cxii Nonfuture Future
Momentous cxii cxis
Continuous cxiig cxiz
Incohative cxiing cxiinj

cxú: heat | 0-cxú, cxuu: to be a certain temperature, be heating at a certain rate | e-cxú: to keep smt at a certain temperature | e-cxuu: to heat smt up | a-cxú: to be autothermoregulatory

cxú Nonfuture Future
Momentous cxú cxús
Continuous cxuu cxuuz
Habitual cxuin cxuinzx

cxúł: corect, straighten, fix | e-cxúł: to fix, correct | uu-cxúł: to be correct, in working order | a-cxúł: to heal |            mó-cxúúsx: to maintain, keep up | 

cxúł Nonfuture Future
Momentous cxúł cxúił
Continuous cxúy cxúyz
Incohative cxúyn cxúynzx

cxun: kill, die | e-cxun: to kill someone | 0-cxun: to die | txą-e-cxun: to commit suicide

cxun Nonfuture Future
Momentous cxun cxus
Continuous cxung cxuz
Incohative cxung cxunj

cxad: hide, conceal | e-cxad: to hide | a-cxad: to hide onesself, enter disguise |

cxad Nonfuture Future
Momentous cxá cxáís
Continuous cxad cxaid
Incohative cxand cxainzx

cxó: drink | e-cxó: to drink |

jxéd: hang | e-jxéd: to hang from something | n-jxéd: to hang up something | 0-jxéd: to be suspended

jxaa: have space for, hold | uu-jxaa: to have the space for | e-jxaa: to contain | tánsa-e-jxaa: to increase capacity | 

jxhuot: arrange, order, crystallize | a-jxhuot: to enter formation | bhu-uu-jxhuot: to crystallize | e-jxhuot: to organize | mó-jxhuózx: to herd |

ceu: count | e-ceu: to count | oínmi-e-ceu: to number off | 

cél: stupid, incapable | ęzmo-0-cél: to be stupid | a-cél: to lack the mental capacity (to) | e-cél: to make stupid |

cég: sense | e-cég: to detect, sense | 

caayn: flight, suspension in fluid media | la-0-caayn: to fly (a ship) | a-caayn: to fly (as a bird does) | uu-caayn: to be suspended, float, levitate | ji-uu-caayn: to float (on a liquid) | fehą́-uu-caayn: to float (in air) | ha-a-caayn: to float to the top, rise, surface | ha-uu-caayn: to be buoyant, float up | ji-la-0-caayn: to sail | ji-a-caayn: to swim |

jing: communion | a-jing: to be in communion, one mind | e-jing: to establish communion with someone | 

jú: study, examine | e-jú: to examine, look at | e-jú: to study

juu: guilty | 0-juu: to be guilty

jei: pain | 0-jei: to be in pain | a-jei: to hurt someone

jes: intuition, gut feeling | e-jes: to feel that (x), to have a gut feeling that | 

jooj: hang out | 0-jooj: to hang out a place | jxo-e-jooj: to hang out with someone

jooj Nonfuture Future
Momentous jooc joosx
Continuous jooj joozx
Incohative joonj joonzx

jóf: to drive, pilot | 0-jóf: to drive (of a vehicle) | 

jaíe: beautiful, well-formed, ideal | 0-jaíe: to be beautiful | 

jheing: elevator | 0-jheing: to take the elevator somewhere | e-jheing: to set up an elevator | n-jheing: to connect to places by an elevator |

jheing Nonfuture Future
Momentous jheing jheins
Continuous jheing jheinz
Habitual jhiinj jhiinzx

jhat: explode, detonate | a-jhat: to explode | e-jhat: to detonate something | 0-jhad: to be explosive |

çín: point, sharp | uu-çín: to be sharp | e-çín: to sharpen | pxę-n-çín: to stab, insert | qa-n-çín: to poke, prod |

çuu Nonfuture Future
Momentous çú çus
Continuous çuu çuz
Incohative çuun çuunzx

çuu: duty, obligatory | 0-çuu: to be obligatory | me-0-çuu: to be (metin) law | me-a-çú: to make into law | 

çó: trade, sell, exchange | n-çó: to trade something for something |

çat: error, malfunction | 0-çat: to have an error, mistake | ęzmo-0-çat: to be buggy, full of mistakes |txa-a-çat: to behave abnormally

yuu: to control (with a mental connection) 

yuu Nonfuture Future
Momentous yuh yus
Continuous yuu yuz
Incohative yuin yuinzx

yúá: help | e-yúá: to help someone

yezx: dream | 0-yezx: to have a dream |

yeex: nauseous | 0-yeex: to be nauseous | e-yeex: to nauseate

yai: confuse, at a loss | 0-yai: to be confused | e-yai: to confuse | 

yáx: undo, untie, unclasp | e-yáx: to untie, undo | míyyí-e-yáx: to uncoil

yǫǫ: exist, reality | 0-yǫǫ: to exist

kiow: fight | e-kiow: to attack someone | ja-a-kiow: to fight with someone |

keeł: to telephone, call | ja-a-keeł, e-keeł: to call a person |

koo: bend | e-koo: to bend | a-koo: to bend (one's own limb) | uu-koo: to be bent | jxį-e-koo: to crease |

kaas: coil, pack up, put away, collect | e-kaas: to pack up | míyyí-e-kaas: to coil up | uu-kaas: to be put away | txa-a-kaas: to cower, curl up in the fetal position |

k'át: drag, pull | e-k'át: to drag, to pull | uu-k'át: to be stuck | tyí-e-k'át: to tug at |

k'uí: write, note | e-k'uí: to write

gii: lean (of poles) uu-giin: to lean | e-giin: to set leaning

guí: feel (sensation of touch) | qa-e-guí: to touch | a-guí: to feel something touch onesself

gezx: lean (of planes) uu-gezx: to be leaning | e-gezx: to set leaning

goz̨: mature, raise | 0-goz̨: to mature, be immature | e-goz̨: to raise | e-gosh: to make develop | 0-gosh: to advance a stage in the life cycle | 

klí: strong, firm | 0-klí: to be strong | remi-0-klí: to be firmly in place, secured | remi-e-klí: to secure, tie down | e-klí: to strengthen | bhu-e-klí: to add to, reinforce

kliǫ: bored | 0-kliǫ: to be bored, not in the mood for

kx'ieg: entertain, enjoy | 0-kx'ieg: to be having fun | uu-kx'ieg:to be funny | e-kx'ieg: to entertain |

kx'įį: absorb, soak up | e-kx'įį: to sop up | jxį-e-kx'įį: to assimilate | a-kx'įį: to be absorbent

xuiac: stand (upright) | a-xuiac: to stand upright | 

xuij: walk (upright locomotion) | a-xuij: to walk | gidi-a-xuij: to wander | gel-a-xuij: to tiptoe

kpío: tie, weave | e-kpío: to tie | uu-kpío: to be knotted together

kpuc: bury | e-kpuc: to bury something

kpan: shatter, brittle, crack | a-kpan: to crack | uu-kpan: to be brittle | dea-a-kpan: to shatter | ło-e-kpan: to chip |

guin: collect, put together, categorize | a-guín: to be in the same group | e-guín: to put into a group |

guos: true | e-guos: to speak the truth | 0-guos: to be true

goj: sit (posture) | a-goj: to be seated | fu-a-goc: to sit down |

gaa: point out, delineate | e-gaa: to point at something | 0-gaa: to stand out | txa-a-gaa: to make a scene

gáf: jam, block up | e-gáf: to jam something | uu-gáf: to be jammed | n-gáf: to jam with something

gát: jump, leap | 0-gát: to leap | e-gát: to bounce, dribble (in the repetitive) |

gal: swing | a-gal: to swing, sway | e-gal: to set swinging | mó-e-gaayg: to keep swinging |

ghúnh: send (parcels) by the system | e-ghúnh: send something | 

gbii: rain | hįgbii: it's raining

gbíed: precipitate, seperate out, settle | fu-a-gbíed: to precipitate | 

gbuí: miss, long for | e-gbuí: to miss, long for someone/something |

gbuí Nonfuture Future
Momentous gbuíh gbuís
Continuous gbuí gbuíz
Habitual gbuíín gbuíínzx

gbue: sad, dissapointed | 0-gbue: to be sad, dissapointed | e-gbue: to be dissapointed in something | 

jheing Nonfuture Future
Momentous gbįh gbįs
Continuous gbue gbuez
Habitual gbueen gbueenzx

gbaó: wear, bear | a-gbaó: to have on one's person, wear (of clothing) | a-gbaw: to put on | uu-gbaó: to be on, attached | n-gbaó: to carry around, have with | e-gbaw: to adorn something/someone

gbááns: transcribe, download, upload | e-gbááns: to transcribe it, download it, upload it | 

ghįng: abrade, wear away | e-ghįng: to wear down, sand | uu-ghįng: to be easily worn | e-ghįįg: to scratch | 0-ghįng: to be worn away | a-ghįng: to be abrasive

qion: subversive, opposed to the government | 

qun: fear, fright | 0-qun: to be scared  | e-qun: to frighten | 

quis: fuel | uu-quus: to be fueled | e-quis: to fuel, charge | rixi-e-quis: to charge (electricity)|

quis Nonfuture Future
Momentous quis quiis
Continuous quus quuz
Incohative quins quinzx

qend: correct, proper | 0-qend: to be correct | e-qét: to correct, fix | 

qend Nonfuture Future
Momentous qét qés
Continuous qend qenz
Incohative qeind qeinzx

qoi: rich, varied | uu-qoi: to be colorful, rich | e-qoi: to spice up |

qaa: hit, smack (with the hands) | e-qaa: hit, punch | ɮua-e-qaa: slap | tyí-n-qaa: snatch | tyí-e-qaa: pinch | rii: charge, electric field | uu-riih: to be charged | e-rii: to establish an electric field | tso-e-réh: to maintain an electric field | e-rier: to run an alternating current through something

q'ó: remember, record | a-q'ó: to be recorded, remember | e-q'ó: to send (of information) | pxę-e-q'ó: to record | o-e-q'ó: to recall | jxį-e-q'ó: to overwrite, erase |

riing: life | e-riing: to give birth to | txa-a-riinj: to survive | uu-ring: to be alive | a-riinj: to be born |

rú: say | 0-rú: quotative verb |

róh: pride | a-róh: to be proud | 

raáj: sleep, not concious | 0-raáy: to sleep | uu-raáj: to be tired, sleepy | dzįmó-uu-raáj: to be drowsy, semi-concious | n-raáyy: to go to sleep | jxį-uu-raáj: to be unconcious | yǫ-jxį-uu-raáj: to be comatose

huac: embrace, hug | e-huac: to embrace |

heit | forget | a-heit: to forget

hoí: design something in a biochemical system | ehoí: to design, make it

hoí Nonfuture Future
Momentous hoí hoís
Continuous hois hoiz
Habitual hoins hoinsx

hóén: take out, unpack, uncoil, bloom | e-hóén: to take out, unpack, move in | txa-a-hóén: to bloom, open up | tsítli-e-hóén: to unravel |

hee- empty, vacant | uu-hee: to be empty | e-hiz: to empty, evacuate | yǫ-e-hiz: to evacuate, create a vacuum | tso-yǫ-e-hés: to maintain a vacuum |  fí-e-hiz: to clean, organize, remove clutter (of a room, place)

haa: upward motion | e-haah: to hold up, support (never figurative) |

haan: to lie, lay | a-haan: to be lying down | e-haan: to set down (in a lying position)

Imperatives not derived from verbs, exclamationsEdit

These are words used like imperative verbs that are not verbs, coming either from demonstratives or having no external origin

ái: here! (as in come here or bring it here)

tsái, įng-jái, ooyái, jái: leave! (in order from weakest to strongest

ox: stop!, wait!, no!

k'á: look!, pay attention!

geéh: damnit!, shit! (said when you have failed)

Question wordsEdit

tsíid, tsuóod, tsuéed, tsuayyíid: who?

yíid: what?

eeyyíid: what?

yai: at where?

yánmau: why?

-yaun: did what? (verb stem)

ya-: how? (manner prefix)

yǫng: how many?

yoín: whichth

Nouns Edit

Noun prefixesEdit

tsi, tsoo, tsuee, tsual*: generic person prenoun

sxu, sxoo, sxui, sxual*: generic place prenoun. Also used to mean "home of", as in "sxu-txen": Txen's place, or sxu-mádzáanh: the imperial palace.

eey, yyoo, yyee, yyal*: generic vec/animal prenoun

tlia, tlioo, tliee, tlęęl*: prenoun for a subset/component of a noun.


mádzáanh-(un): the empress, (our) empress

tsi-mix: a Mixtin person

tsi-mn-e, ma-mi: father | mama, manma, maan: daddy, dad

tsi-mee: person | tsuiya*: this person, you. Plural is oawa. Deponent, only used in unmarked absolutive

tsi-maaz, madz-en, maząm: a foreigner (from outside the Daiwe), barbarian, corrupt person, person who has been compromised by an inhuman intellegence, un-person

tsi-bhi, bh-en, bhi-mi: woman

tsi-bhins, bhintay-en, bhinta-mi: costumer, beautician

tsi-fuu, -yen, -mi: Metin citizens who dwell on the surface

tsi-wi-e, wa-mi: mother | bebe, wewe, weew: mommy, mom

tsi-wions, -tsen, -wiónmi: ancient person, person from before the plague (age ~10,000+)

oa-dáán: family

tsi-tiys, tsy-en, tsyi-mi: child, one's offspring, student, apprentice

oa-ti-yen, tii-mi: friends, group, associates

tsi-tsúás T: A resident of the inhuman regions

tsi-txá: man

tsi-tx'oos T: Savage, people who have abandoned technology

tsi-suh-en, sug-mi: a close friend, relation, sexual partner

tsi-łicx-e Cx: aunt, uncle, trusted family friend, confidant | łisxúús: trustworthy, reliable tsiłixúús: trustworthy person, reliable person

tsi-ɮaa: hedonist, connoisseur

tsi-th'ú, -ufen, -unmi: degenerate, lazy person, hedonist

tsi-dhaaw-en, dhǫǫ-mi: enemy

tsi-d̨úh, tsid̨úk-en, tsid̨ug-mi: an elder, superior

tsi-d̨úo: agent, servant

tsi-cxuu, cxuwen, cxuwmi: adult (over age 120)

tsi-caken, cagmi: parent

tsi-juéng, juenken, juenxmi: scientist

tsi-juáá: fetus or embryo

tsiyáang: youth, young person (from age 26-120)

tsi-goz̨, goj̨-en: juvenile, one not yet physically mature (age 0-26)

oa-gaúd: the public, the masses

tsi-gaw: a commoner, unimportant person | oa-gawtin: the masses

tsi-gajú, gajúh-en, gajug-mi: student, understudy, apprentice

tsi-xúéf: gamesman, naturalist, person who explores and collects things from nature

tsi-qeú: Star person, a member of the collapsed starfaring civilization preceding the Metin

tsi-roo 0: old person, powerful person

Serviles, inhumans and AIsEdit

eey-(a)nh, (a)nt-en, (a)n-mi: household servile that serve janitorial purposes

eey-fíhés T: organizing servile, majordomo (give orders to other serviles)

eey-d̨úo: agent, avatar (serviles directly connected to their master's mind and perception)

eey-mádzáánh: hand of the empress (a kind of eeyd̨úo)

eey-ghoo: rudimentary AI that are found in most consumer electronics and machines, distinguished by not having a body that can easily move around and manipulate the world

eey-bhas: sapient things with a full body (can walk, fly, or swim, and have dextrous appendages)

eey-jhį́įn, jhį́įnm-en, jhį́įn-mi: Intellegent robot, machine, nonhuman, vec | -jhį́įn: intellegent, alive eeyy-o, yyoo-mo,

eeyy-en, o-mi: servile (eeybhas thaat serve the purposes of human) 

eey-caay, caal-en, caay-mi: autopilot

eey-bhins,, bhintay-en, bhinta-mi: Dresser

eey-sóó: private servile

eey-gaúd D: public servile

eey-mee: inhuman (sapient creatures and robots that serve no human master)

eey-hóé: animal, plant, life of natural origin | yyaa-hóétin: the natural life of the world

eey-hóuas T: wild animal (eeyhóé that are eeybhas eey-hóuatsuukx'ieg: a captured wild animal pet | eey-hóuatsanh T: domesticated wild animal (very expensive and prestigious)

eey-dháú: biont (artificial life with biochemistry like the Metin)

eey-dhá: "dog", mammallike artificial jyeed'háú often used as pets or servants  | eey-dháyuukx'ieg: a fancy "dog" |  eey-dhawanh T': "dog" servant

eey-kx'ieg: pet (servile that exists only to be amusing or beautiful) | 

eey-bhig: mechanical creature (typically defined by lacking autonomous growth or chemical processes)

eey-mas T: servile of war                                                      

The bodyEdit

cí-máng-e, mángmiyen i: face

m-tséix i: bone 

m-kįgun i: a piece of cartilage

m-jáus i: a muscle

m-lúcmú i: a tendon

cí-lǫ́ǫd, lǫ́doyen, lǫ́ǫnmi i: head

cí-goi i: forehead

cha-tsíx i: hair (upon the scalp)

cha-maf i: beard

cha-guł i: skin

m-hęɮ: a membrane

cha-kpǫw: flesh, tissue

eey-gánx i: mind (inalienable), computer(alienable) | cha-gánx, m-gánx: brain matter, computronium

(v́)th'ayn, th'ayyen, th'aynmi i: leg

(v́)muts-i, mósmi i: arm

m-pxáts'u i: upper arm

m-tauns i: lower arm | m-tsį́xtauns i: elbow

(v́)t'inx i: wrist

(v́v́)qaa 0 i:  hand

hu-qabhuay, -yyen, -mi: hand,  palm, in the hands

hu-qaɮí: fist, in the hands

(v́)qal, -en, qaymi: finger | (v́)qayyii i: thumb | (v́)qaysang i: index finger  | (v́)qaybhuay L i: middle finger | (v́)qaykx'ó i: ring finger | (v́)qaygea i: pinky | m-tsį́xqaa 0 i: knuckle

m-tao: nail (part of the body)

(v́)jxįl T i: ear

(v́v)yuus Ts i: eye

tlia-yutsuuf i: eyebrow

tlia-yutsuíx i: eyelashes

tlia-yusauh i: eyelid

(v́v)t'ui, t'uyen, t'įmi: nose

hu-weet: cheek

m-méa: cheekbone

(v́)jid: chin

cí-kázda: mouth

m-súx: tooth

hu-muow: lips

hu-miung: gums

oo-thíi: saliva

hu-dhín: neck

út-jans: trachea

út-díeh: esophagus

hu-múí: torso

hu-laj: shoulders

hu-bhet: chest

hu-guo: stomach (ventral region, not organ)

hu-yó: back (of a creature)

hu-rei: hips

hu-leing: buttocks

hu-rúax: groin

(v́)dand: thigh

(v́v)ɮiu: shin

m-tsuę́x: knee | m-tsį́x: a joint

(v́v́)dhaa 0: foot

hu-dhafuu: sole of feet

hu-maldhí: heel

hu-dhahaa: top of the foot

(v́)gel: paw, tip of the foot,

cí-dháál, -en, dhááymi: toe | cí-dháyyii, cí-dháysang, cí-dháybhuay, cí-dháykx'ó, cí-dháygea: big, second, middle, fourth, pinky toe 

(v́v́)ząą: stomach (Refers to the organ. The metin stomach is not analogous to the human stomach, combining the functions of the majority of the organs in the human digestive tract)

m-jííh: one-way valve, sphincter (used in both mechanical and biological contexts)

(v́v)diaz: nerve (also used in inorganic contexts to refer to connections that transfer information or commands) 

út-móí: blood vessel | út-móísang: vein | út-moíkx'ó: artery

út-gaú, hu-gaú: aerovein

(v́)bhus: a heart (in a strictly anatomical sense)

cí-yoo, yoow-e, yoo-mi: core, heart

m-hįáf: lung

Places and geographyEdit

sxu-maaz D madąmi: the outside world, the wilderness | maaz, mazą: foreign, external, not in control maząro: the external section

sxu-maazmayǫ: the universe

sxu-metin: the Metin nation

sxu-gį́taang: land, region

sxu-fuu: the ground, the lands below

sxu-t'ogáág: mountain, mountainous country

sxu-giz: jungle, forest | sxu-gizlíng: the great jungle below

sxu-koįs Ts: waterfall, stream

sxu-koįslíng, -língmi, -língen: river, stream

sxu-tl'ans: lake

lít'ix: trickle, dripping

i-ch'íí: rainbow

sxu-sxunlíng: flat ground

fuuyǫ: the world

dáíwe: the civilized world

zhuo: nation (group of people or nation state)

sxu-zhuomee 0: the metin nation (entity)

oa-zhuomee 0: the metin people as a whole

(sxu-)mií, -jmií, meit-en, mei-mi: home | mit'uu: apartment, complex | tsijmií, -imeit-en: roommate | meitooclįsiiz̨: portrait of the resident of a home | 

sxu-dásmą: atrium (of a mit'uu)

út-qitáan: Exedra (collection of chairs and sometimes a table, intended primarily for small social gatherings)

sxu-mai: forest, wilderness

m-toó, tooq-en, toor-mi: plant | sxu-tooqx'id: field, thicket

m-shúó: root

i-jit: leaf

(v́)k'ens: the sun

m-qeú: a star

sxu-hue: outer space

sxu-d̨íít T: sky, atmosphere

i-láú, -mi, -yen: cloud

oo-láú: haze

įh-t'á, -tanmi, táfen: a rock

įh-t'ǫt, -mi, -en: a pebble

sxu-pxó, -pxongmi, pxóhen: neighborhood, town | tsi-pxó: neighbor

sxu-tien, tienm-en, tien-mi: forum, plaza, place to meet

sxu-toó, toóq-en, toor-mi: garden

isin, -chin, isiny-en, isiin-mi: path, trail

sxu-dhááy: step, place to stand | sxu-dhááyt'uu, -t'uwen, -t'umi: staircase

sxu-haa: the high places, the great outcropping, metin lands

sxu-txíro: Alcove, outdoor entrance of apartment

sxu-xąns: terrace

m-gbhęnc: Frame, great truss (unit of city construction)

sxu-łk'aan: City surface | sxułk'aan djudjiunsy: Honeycombed city surface | 

sxu-qx'ǫǫ: Bay (open space in sity surrounded primarily by residential strucures)

sxu-yían: plaza, public space (in a city) |

sxu-ndau, -maud, ndauy-en, ndau-mi: pool | sxu-ndǫt'uu, -maudt'uu: spa, bathhouse

sxu-łísh: town

sxu-tl'an, -nmen, -mi: metropolis, city | tl'anmid: sprawling metropolis

sxu-tl'ant'uu: eucumenopolis, great city

m-j̨ao, -rao, -mi, -j̨aowen: city, locale 

m-mółoo: fridge, freezer

(v́v́)xuus: airtight thermos (used for storing perishables, often outfitted with auto-refrigeration and filled with argon)

m-maag: pool

sxu-maag: pool, reservoir

m-woon: a light

m-j̧uor: sticker, tag, sticky thing 

m-łex: grit, bit, pebble

m-bheenjhį́įn: living ink

m-guút: a piece of furniture

(v́)-tlag: table

(v́v́)goons: stool, chair

m-haan: couch, place to lay

(v́)tsia: mat(for sitting)

m-kee: pot

sxu-dó, -dongmi, -dóhen: room

m-hawǫ́ǫ́: roof | m-haun: ceiling

út-roo: entrance, door

út-jxéd: post to hang something

sxu-łúh: alcove for a servile to rest when not in use.

(v́)ɮeo: wall

sxu-kląą: hallway

įh-tsáhmuf: floor

įh-haa: platform

(v́)dhic, -mi, -en: window

sxu-kuén Ǹ: lounge, living room

sxu-tácmui: bathroom

m-kxįį: sponge

m-kxįyaon, -mi, -nmen: towel

(v́)-gio: net

m-bhaanw: mirror

sxu-raáj, -mi, -ręę́jen: bedroom

m-ręę́jaon: blanket

įh-łief: bed

m-sanh: pillow, cushion

sxu-lai: kitchen

sxu-suiil: dining room

m-lág: bowl | m-lágjwǫ́ǫ́: basin

m-ciar: plate

įh-záu: cup

m-jút: box

(v́)dzaa: bag

m-has: lid

įh-gbind: bottle

m-tázduh: faucet | m-tázdawǫ́ǫ́: fountain

m-kpint: fork

įh-lį́s: spoon

įh-gue: knife, blade

įh-k'íns: carpet

(v́v́)ch'éé: phone, small computer

(v́)j̧an: computer

(v́v́)keeł: telephone, auditory communicator, the call function on a more complex device

m-dheu: ladder

út-jheing: elevator

út-héá: bridge

(v́)tlęnc: cord(electric)

út-chaw: train, subway

út-míng: high-speed train

út-dezx Jx: a transfer pipe

įh-tleang: desk, workspace

út-dęęd D: stand, place, seat (the object  you are supposed to leave an inanimate object in/on)

m-gbishłéé: balloon

m-mįd: toy, game

(v́)huską 0: light shirt, undershirt

įh-máí: shawl, quechquemitl, huipil

įh-keens: vest, overshirt

įh-bhaíj: coat

(v́v)kpoo 0: poncho

m-bhiyǫ: suit (protection, not formal dress)

m-rábhi: formal dress, suit

įh-tliɮ: mask

(v́)tsuh: shoe

m-dhábhę: socks

m-ɮę́ts'á: pocket

m-ɮę́s: a fold.

m-jaan: tie, ribbon

įh-famaaw: chullo, beanie

įh-dyuu: belt

įh-kx'an: pants, skirt, legwear

(v́)kacmi: skirt

įh-thens: shorts, trousers

įh-kx'úmuu: loincloth

įh-kx'úmee: bra, chestcloth

įh-kx'anɮí: leggings

įh-tlai: collar

įh-mon: bracelet

(v́)huao: necklace

m-tálįnsto: open legged trousers

m-kįstįs Ts:  hood

oo-kl'ef: air

ooji, -wji, -yen, -mi: water

ooyii, -wii, -yie, -yimi: blood

eey-jhį́įnyǫ: shapeshifter, formless creature

cha-kǫi: fat, oil

cha-tsááw: metal

cha-t'á, -áyen, -anmi: stone

cha-kpienh: plastic (as in hydrocarbon polymer)

cha-teéł: ceramic

oo-quu 0y: snow

cha-sái: soap, detergent | įh-sę́s: bubble

cha-ghúe: gel

cha-bhaaf: foam

cha-lee: liquid cha-dhic C: glass

cha-fui: gas

cha-tǫǫd D: solid

cha-tj'axkút Ts: cloth

cha-tsúnd: tissue paper

įh-tet: string | m-tetj'u: thread

cha-qéz: food

m-tl'úę́g: a meal

cha-cxó: drink

cha-miindjoih: ash

cha-gíoih: powder

cha-tháts'oih: sand

cha-bhon, cha-bhonmoih: salt (NaCl)

cha-wuu, cha-wuuyoih: sugar | cha-wuuji: syrup

cha-k'ín: spice

cha-mágmoih: dust | m-mágmoih: cloud of dust

cha-káó: mist, spray

cha-wuéf: smoke

cha-nsaw: fumes (implies toxicity)

cha-gai: acid (bronsted) | gai: sour, acidic

cha-mont: acid (lewis)

cha-dión: base (bronsted and lewis) cha-giuu: thermos or dewar lining, a type of vacuum insulation

m-tjug: a note, report

m-tj'ii: beam, board

m-mááh: rod

įh-qx'aj: door, hatch

lu-riix: electricity

lu-k'anw: gravity

lu-ho: space, gap | luhoí: crack, flaw | hoíhid: full of cracks

lu-zhyíi: time

lu-gjęung: space

lu-mayǫ: space-time, reality, the universe

lu-jǫ́ǫ́: value

m-dónmid: rainbow, spectrum

duas, -dǫs, duats-en, duas-mi: fire

lu-hoan, -nmen, -nmi: biochemical system | lu-gaú: the Metin biochemical system lu-hóá: the biochemical system of the world's life

(v́v́)kx'aa, 0y: emblem, symbol (graphic)

lu-z̨hang: symbol, name (linguistic)

eey-dól Tl: institute


oi-dhúog: mangled spot

įh-cǫǫt: an error



míyyi, -ien, imi: spiral, swirly

gít'i: wrinkle, crease

ólwo: squiggle

káts'a: jagged, zigzag

umúlu: wavy, undulating

gúe: round


çį́į́çįį: hiss

éggje: buzz

íxke: scrape

į́nbįn: infrasonic, a sound which is felt more than heard

ę́míín: extremely high pitched sound

úcx'u: screech

ą́cx'eg: splat

ghicígi:  jingle, metallic clatter

ikígą: gurgle

umúdu: babbling, the sound of water

míímiin: beep

gęng: chirp

háxaa: whir

táh: pop

andáh: boom

fóx: whack

kícic: crunch

tsápxa: rattle

íging: creak

mį́į́n: hum

bhágazh: splash

ką́k'ą: tap

énfą: muffled

wǫ́dǫlą: murmur

Textures and AppearancesEdit

mįlį́mį: glitter (glitter, snow)

fánma: sparkle (crystal, glass)

bhábhanw: lustrous, very reflective, metallic

wówoon: dazzling

ónzoo: dull, clouded

łóar: matte

mágmo: baggy, billowy

és-heef: tattered | m-es-heef: a tatter

kófoh: chapped, cracked, jagged

yúnzį: corrugated, ribbed

ǫ́hwaaf: fluffy

wásaaf: shaggy

úlsįf: matted

énhef: prone to shedding | cha-nhef: loose fibers, hair

kítsix: coarse

táłax: full of small blades 

tałáxa: full of tiny scratches, roughed up

cį́nhį: full of microscopic needles, deceptively sharp (insulation, asbestos, nettles)

ę́nfęę: fine, silky

yámui: velvety

xáaw: fuzzy

ę́nsuf: woolly

jxinsę́nmą: knotted, tied up, complicated

góos: smooth

ánkan: glossy

éye: slippery

gą́tj'ą: "catchy" (think dragging a wheel sideways, on a smooth floor it "sticks" even though it has a smooth texture)

sį́tj'į: tending to catch fabrics, spiky, hooked, velcrosih

obhógo: bumpy | m-obhógo: lump

íc'is: abrasive

ícoih: grainy

klį́c'į: prickly

t'į́įz: thick, pasty

bhą́zdą: sticky, adhesive

úwįz̨: mushy

gbúthunz: syrupy

lééleh: runny

yúúlu: slimy, greasy

míyyin: grimy

wéle: damp

z̨hóngho: moist

óíhoh: dusty

ázhaas: flaky

úntsanw: crusty and wet

į́klįng: lumpy, coagulated

thénde: stringy                   

łéof: raw, red (of skin)

fę́tęt: cratered, pocked

gutúghun: beat up

idáan: taut

bhį́nyi: firm but yeilding (inflated tire, polymer coating)

sánd: stiff but flexible (tent poles)

txénme: springy

pxétjąx: brittle

éxic: rustling, brittle (like leaves)

fą́sąx: crumbly (like a rock)

óóbhįt: chunky, crumbly (like clumped sugar)

ǫ́nbhǫ: flabby

éízxu: friable

kléend: tender, soft, delicate, easily bruised

hoéé: thin, intangible, runny (like running your hand through spider silk or liquid helium)

Shapes (in adjective form, can be turned to nouns with m- prefix)Edit

Punctiform: ío

linear: yháá

planar: djit

voluminous: xes

4D: zxįngątsáá

XD: Xątsáá

Space: ɮuox

bent, curved: qx'é

flat: dįh

Enclosed: djhíng

Enclosed with an opening: lun

Arcuate: yháuyn

Cup shaped: djiunsy

Symmetric: abhǫǫn

X-symmetric: X-ąswhǫǫn

Rotationally symmetric: kpaos

X-rotationally symmetric: X-ąskpaos

Having all right angles: qaand

Square: qąnd

Rectangle: qoi

Cube: qeit

Regular X-measure polytope: X-Ordinal-qos

triangle: t'aox

equilateral triangle: t'aonx

tetrahedron: t'aot

regular tetrahedron: t'aond

Regular x-simplex: X-ordinal-tǫǫs

Circle: wii

Sphere: dez

x-hypersphere: X-ordinal-deuis

X-gon: X-ąswinh

X-hedron: X-ącxaáw

X-Y-tope: X-ąs-Y-ąsfiic

Vertex: tl'á

Edge: bhienh

Face: jxaáw

Intersection of two X spaces: X-1ąsfiic

Intersection: ediins (relative clause)

Gap, opening: muán

Surface, edge: oos

Content, volume, extent (of): (e)fauw (relative clause)

Time periodsEdit

Time periods are prefixed by lu- when being used as nouns but are left bare when being used as adverbs.

k'í: "day" (roughly 24 hour period)

lįn: one 12th of a k'í, an "hour"

húyn: one 144th of a lįn, a "minute"

cxot: one 144th of a húyn, a "second"

klóh: "year" (one day on fuuyǫ is about 405  k'í long, and the different times of day are like seasons)

róín: daytime

yoé: dawn

jíaw: sunrise

us: morning

jxhao: midmorning

minsh: noon

qíé: early afternoon

tluo: late afternoon

tét: evening

múu: sunset

ḑio: dusk

shił: nighttime

kuy: early night

tsaon: midnight

jį́į: late night

d̨ua: now

k'ínja: next k'í

k'úa: this k'í

k'íǫx: the last k'í

lįnja: the next lįn

linma: this lįn

lįnmǫx: the last lįn

X-(į)nja: next time period | X-(į)njiyaa: the time before last | X-(į)nj(i)-number: (number) time periods ago

X-úa: this time period

X-ǫx: the last time period | X-ǫkaa: the time after next | X-ǫx/ǫk-number: number time periods from now

Math, language, and informationEdit

(v́)hǫǫ: natural number

(v́)cuei: integer m-thįį, thįy-en: a symbol, morpheme 

út-thįį: Language

m-taanm-ethįsh: A definition, defining document

lu-jes T: Intuition

lu-ruojes T: Basic node, root language (a language not defined using another)

lu-thįsh: A type of language, dialect

m-q'ostin: records, memory

m-taanq'ó: a document

m-z̨enz: instructions, orders, program

sxu-q'ó: Memory, library

lu-hos: state of a symbol

(v́v́)taan: file, document | cha-taan: information

(vv́)łiuw: sensory file

út-gies: network

út-z̨hif: a tree (mathematical)

sxu-qiú: space (mathematical)

(v́)ruo: parent of a node, |m-thįruw: Hypernym | (v́)ruoq'ó: Source of information, citation | (v́)ruotaanq'ó: Bibliography

(v́)jǫǫn: child of a node, hyponym | m-thįjan: Hyponym |

m-síén: a combination, cross, hybrid, equation

(v́v)foo, fow-en: character, letter in an alphabet | (v́v)footin: An alphabet

út-footin: a word (a morpheme created by multiple letters)

sxu-foo: slot, positiion for a letter | 

(v́v́)guín: Set(math), group, collection |

guínjan: Subset

guínruw: superset

(v́v́)heow: Element (of a set), thing

Primary ColorsEdit

mad̨aag, -nd̨aag: color


qoo: white

tsíx: black

jio: grey

klaa,-kla: bright, light(suffixed to colors, as in lúíkla, bright blue)

túung, -túung: dim, gloomy, dark


kx'ees: ultraviolet A

meol: violet

lúí: blue

maú: cyan, turqouise, sky-color

chuot: green

tlǫǫns: yellow

ais: orange

ty'uy: red

yúúh: scarlet, deep/dull red

kpat: near infrared


kuir: purple,pink (+red+blue)

íoí: -UV-IR /A (the color of water)

bhąd: -UV-IR: (the color of something that is wet or damp) | bhąttsá: spot, stain, blemish

łáán: +G+IR(the color of plants, clorophyll) | łáánmid: greenery, foliage

dhiit: +IR /A(the color of most human skin)

wíeh: +G+R+IR (afternoon, sunset color)

dįįsx: -IR

gúéz: -UV

ua: -G

łęntli: -R

hoex: -B

xee: big

káu: small

yáá: heavy, massive

thx'ó: light, low mass

ies: bulky

gjhán: compact

lin: good

oyo: bad

cxú: hot

d̨hanz: warm

móa: cool

łoo: cold

cáán: tall, high

rio: short, low

ǫ́ǫd: long

įc: short (of length)

bhur: thick (of a sheet)

jíél: thin (of a sheet)

kéins: thin, slender (for cylindrical objects, people)

j̨iuł: thick, fat (for cylindrical objects, people)

k'ig: narrow

tínsaw: wide

jáie: beautiful

ruxot: ugly

míee: exquisite, intricate, fancy

yuo: simple

dáo: plain, boring

wuu: sweet

gai: sour

ts'áándi: spicy

gbinl: bitter

oezh: mild

jhiix: savory

guos: true

ɮiin: false

d̨húj: vague, unclear

plás: common

tsoiu: rare

jǫ́ǫ́: valuable

magán: worthless

tins: several 

tsantó: various (implies plurality)

gjhún: few

dęns: many

áns: hard

keesh: firm

sanh: soft

dyuu:́ delicate

míír: wealthy, abundant

táog: poor, impoverished

giú: old

kleh: young, new

tsauy: ancient and delicate

uín: fresh

jxá: only

kpo: even (opposite of only)

z̨įį: other

jhęú: strange

úi: cute

çín: sharp

łaas: crucial

sį́nt: brutal, cruel, unforgiving

mííns: extra, spare

th'ao: grand, glorious

hįnsh: pathetic, pitiable

jea: important

tlíí: insignificant

lús: native, original

gbaa: having a feature

míoi: not having a feature ( an automatic breadmaker is gbaa, a rolling pin and mixing bowl are míoi)

huáng: meaningful, having information

jxhoy: meaningless, not having information

kąnj: convenient

jąl: crude, poor, inferior

ts'aá: refined, practiced, polished

Derivativational nounsEdit

j̨un: the largest repeating subunit of a repetitive object.

j̨unma-fractional number: An x order subdivision.

gbuj: a unique part, branch, wing, portion.

(v́)man-habitual verb: part which serves a function

Spatial OrientationEdit

In chains: kué

In bundles: bhun

Segmented: on-tjí

X-partite: X-tjí

Edged: qos

Unedged: huw


euzhín: In private

eukee: in public, in front of people


faúh: many, much

díínj: most | lídíínj: nearly all-

oi: some, unspecific portion

hǫw: few, little | líhǫw: hardly any

eǫnz: all


úen (Lo): In a field of terminology

Frequently used and/or productive Verb prefixesEdit

Directional prefixesEdit

Metin Demonstratives

Result prefixesEdit

jxį: causing damage

hama: over, down (as in knock over so the object is on its side)

zú, zúú: seperate, remove

enwzxį: Destroying

N-nhma: Separating into a certain number

Instrumental prefixesEdit

ji, jii: involving a fluid

fú, fúu: all at once (used with momentous)

qa, qaa: with the hands

syija, syijaa: with a rope, lasso, tentacle

Manner prefixesEdit

mie, mie: to do partially, go through a bit (with imperfect)

mį́rí, H́nrí: enough, sufficient

mazą, nzą: foreign, unknown, external, contaminant

bhiji: Exponentially

fia: very, used to intensify verb

tj'ǫǫw(į): wastefully, pointlessly

tágb(į): insufficient, not enough

tx'u-: indicates that the action of a transitive verb failed to produce the desired change in the object,e.g. tx'uchethxus tsitxá: The man shoved it (the big rock) but it wouldn't budge. 

txą, txąą: action on one's body

ɬo: by cooling

tyí: a quick, small action

dunh: recklessly, carelessly

d̨ai, d̨ayee, d̨e: to each of them (used with seriative)

cxú: by heating

cx'e: linearly

ko, kua: passively, without intervention

ęzmo, Hzmo:  entirely

Discourse and timing prefixesEdit

męndí: a cause of A (follows clause A)

dí: resulting in A (a following clause)

kpa: in order to

kx'o: so, thus

ingo: despite that, however

Mood prefixesEdit

tég: As a duty (usually used with habitual)

kue: may, as a right (implies legal force)

: may, it is ok to (weaker than kue)

kuenmi: may not, forbidden

Argument prefixesEdit

jxo: with comitative. Requires the prefixes e or n. The person/agent the action is done with is grammatically a direct object.

gi: Benefactive. Requires e or n

j̨ú: Causative. Requires e or n

s: Direct detransitive. Behaves like a direct object prefix. Requires a

c: Indirect detransitive. Behaves like an indirect object prefix. Requires a or e