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Verbs derived from a Dhatu are marked with a prefix skeleton that indicates how to conjugate them.


(mi IO): Indicates a verb that takes mi-suffixed noun phrases as arguments but indicates pronouns with indirect object markers) miit: burn, oxidize | n-miit: to react in a redox reaction| a-miit: to be burning | e-miit: to burn | ęzmo-e-miit: to burn to ashes | lú-e-miit: to scorch 

miit Nonfuture Future
Momentous miit miís
Continuous miid miiz
Incohative miind miinzx

mįd: to play (a game, with someone) | 0-mįd: to play | e-mįd: to toy with |

mįd Nonfuture Future
Momentous mįį́ muis
Continuous mįd muiz
Incohative muind muinzx

míír: abundance | uu-míír: to be abundant | jxį-uu-míír: to be excessive, too much | jxį́-e-míính: to overfill | e-míính: to enrich

míír Nonfuture Future
Momentous míính mííns
Continuous míír míé
Incohative míínr míínzh

muig: rot, decay | 0-muig: to be rotting

muig Nonfuture Future
Momentous muix muic
Continuous muig muij
Incohative muing muinzx

mung: sad, greiving | 0-mung: to be sad, to grieve |

mung Nonfuture Future
Momentous munx munx
Continuous mung munz
Incohative muung muunzx

méal: anticipation, excitement | 0-méal: to be anticipatory, excited | e-méal: to look forward to

méal Nonfuture Future
Momentous méaɬ méaɬ
Continuous méal méay
Incohative méenl méeyn

móí: rotation | a-móig: to be spinning | txa-a-móí: to spin onesself | e-móí: to set spinning

móí Nonfuture Future Habitual
Momentous móí móíx móín
Continuous móig móiz móíng
Incohative móing móinj -

maa: open, unveil | e-maa: to open | bhemą-e-maa, bhemą-a-maa: to unveil, expose | jxį-e-má: to peel, scrape off |

maa Nonfuture Future
Momentous maa męę
Continuous maan maanz
Incohative main mainzx

maag: flood, immerse in | fu-ji-n-maáng: to place under water, immerse | ji-e-maag: to flood an area | uu-mag: to be full of, surrounded by | móyo-uu-maag: to be filled to the brim, at capacity |

maag Nonfuture Future
Momentous maáng maánj
Continuous maag maaz
Incohative mainj mainzx

pxęę: enter, inward motion | (txa-)a-pxęę: to enter | e-pxęę: to put in |

pxęę Nonfuture Future
Momentous pxęę pxee
Continuous pxen pxenz
Incohative pxein pxeinzx

fíiy: slit, cut | e-fíiy: to make slits into something | 

miit Nonfuture Future
Momentous fíiy fíiys
Continuous fíil fíiy
Incohative fíiny fíinzx

fuih: boil | uu-fįį: to be boiling, vaporous | n-fuih: to boil | a-fuih: to vaporize, explode | ko-a-fuih: to evaporate | ko-a-fiur: dried up

fuih Nonfuture Future
Momentous fuih fuí
Continuous fįį fįįz
Incohative fuin fuinzx

fuu: downwards motion

fuu Nonfuture Future
Momentous fus
Continuous fuu fuz
Incohative fuin fuinzx

foí: pierce, drill, break | ęzmo-e-foí: to break through | pxę-e-foí: to break into | o-txa-a-foí: to break out, hatch

fóí Nonfuture Future Habitual
Momentous fóí fóíx fóíf
Continuous fóínx fóínz fóínw
Incohative fóínc fóínzx -

fas: consist of | X-uu-fas: to be made of X | X-e-fas: to make out of X |

fas Nonfuture Future
Momentous fas fás
Continuous faaz faaz
Incohative fainz fainzx

bhut: destroy | e-bhut: to destroy | uu-bhut: to be in ruins, destroyed |

bhut Nonfuture Future
Momentous bhut bhús
Continuous bhuu bhuuz
Incohative bhuin bhuinzx

bheen: disguise, discolor, modify superficially | e-bheen, a-bheen: to disguise, modify, makeover | tlį́hį́-e-bheen: to disguise, hide | tlú-e-bheen: to paint, dye, permanently color | ji-e-bheen: to make wet, cover something (mud, paint, water) | ęzmo-uu-bhin: to be completely covered in, riddled with | jxį-e-bheen: to disfigure, discolor |

bheen Nonfuture Future
Momentous bheen bhiinz
Continuous bhin bhinz
Incohative bhiin bhiinzx

bhę́: cover, overlay | uu-bhę́: to cover, be over | e-bhę́: to cover, set over | ęzmo-uu-bhę́: to be in a heap | a-bhai: to be wearing | a-bhę́: to put on

bhę́ Nonfuture Future
Momentous bhę́ bhíí
Continuous bhai bhaiz
Incohative bhain bhainzx

bhoo: revertevrate, hold a standing wave | uu-bhoo: to be ringing (after being struck) | a-bhoo: to sing, make sound, ring (of a phone) | fuhi-e-bhoo: to play (of a woodwind instrument), blow on a pop bottle |


Nonfuture Future
Momentous bhooh bhoos
Continuous bhoo bhooz
Incohative bhoon bhoonzx

bhai: govern, control | e-bhai: to govern, have control over | uu-bhai: to be ordered, functional, civilized

bhai Nonfuture Future
Momentous bhaí bhaís
Continuous bhai bhaiz
Incohative bhain bhainzx

bhaanw: reflect

bhaanw Nonfuture Future
Momentous bhaanw bhaanf
Continuous bhǫǫn bhǫǫnw
Incohative bhaun bhaunzx

pleh: respect, responsibility | a-pleh: to do as a Metin is supposed to, respect elders, preform one's job with pleasure, obey, and never fall into sloth

pleh Nonfuture Future
Momentous plé plés
Continuous pleh pler
Incohative plenh plensx

pxí: surprise, startle | e-pxí: to surprise or startle someone

pxí Nonfuture Future
Momentous pxí pxís
Continuous pxii pxiiz
Incohative pxiin pxiinzx

pxú: sight | e-pxú: to watch | li-e-pxú: to see | uu-pxú: to be visible, prominent

pxú Nonfuture Future
Momentous pxend pxeins
Continuous pxú pxúz
Incohative pxúun pxúunzx

pxęz: insertion | e-pxęz: to insert | a-pxęz: to enter | foih-a-pxęz: to force onesself into | foih-e-pxęz: to stab something into

pxęz Nonfuture Future
Momentous pxęz pxęs
Continuous pxaiz pxaij
Incohative pxainz pxainzx

pxaan: bother, irritate | e-pxaan: to bother someone | a-pxaan: to act irritating | uu-pxaan: to be irritating

pxaan Nonfuture Future
Momentous pxanh pxans
Continuous pxaan pxaanz
Incohative pxain pxainzx

fee: to search | e-fee: to be searching for | ęzmo-e-fei: to search thoroughly, look in every cranny | 

fee Nonfuture Future
Momentous feí feís
Continuous fee feez
Incohative fein feinzx

fáu: light, empty, thin, sparse | uu-fáu: to be thin, weak, dilute | e-fáu: to rarefy | ji-e-fáu: to dilute (by adding a fluid, filler) | shálya-e-fǫ́i, fuę: to deplete

fáu Nonfuture Future
Momentous faú faús
Continuous foo fooz
Incohative foon foonzx

wiin: cry, tears | 0-wiin: to cry b

woos: extrusion | e-woos: to expel, produce | a-woos: to well up

woos Nonfuture Future
Momentous woos woos
Continuous wooyh wooyz
Incohative wuunl wuuynz

woons: radiate, exude | e-woon: to radiate (something) | n-woon: to illuminate

woons Nonfuture Future
Momentous woó woós
Continuous woons woonz
Incohative woons woonzx

wáál: panic | 0-wáál: to panic

wáál Nonfuture Future
Momentous wáál wááyz
Continuous wáál wááyz
Incohative wáánl wááynz

tjuuł: throw, toss, launch, accelerate | qa-e-tjuuł: to throw, pass | o-e-tjuuł: to eject, expel | tso-e-tjuuł: to accelerate (especially along a track)

tjuuł Nonfuture Future
Momentous tjuuł tjuus
Continuous tjuul tjuuyz
Incohative tjuunl tjuuynz

tjíw: obedience | a-tjíw (oo): to obey someone |

tjįįh: bite | e-tjįįh: to bite | e-tjui: to chew

tjug: note, report | n-tjug: to report something to someone | txa-a-tjug: to note

tjug Nonfuture Future
Momentous tjug tjuic
Continuous tjuig tjuij
Incohative tjung tjunj

tjénh: to wipe, brush, rub | qa-e-tjénh: to rub, massage | tlú-n-tjénh: to clean, brush off | jxį-n-tjénh: to rub off, damage |

tjénh Nonfuture Future
Momentous tjénh tjéns
Continuous tjen tjenz
Incohative tjén tjénzx

tj'áu: read, decipher, unencrypt | 0-tj'áu: to read | tlú-e-tj'áu: to translate, decrypt |

tj'áu Nonfuture Future
Momentous tj'áu tj'áus
Continuous tj'óo tj'óoz
Incohative tj'óon tj'óonzx

djhínx: trap, restrain | e-djhínx: to trap | qa-e-djhínx: to hold someone down | mó-dhjííng: to keep prisoner | a-djhínx: to be trapped | txa-a-djhíng: to be trapped (completely unable to move) |

djhínx Nonfuture Future
Momentous djhínx djínc
Continuous djhing djhinj
Incohative djhiing djhiinj

djhoo: send, deliver | e-djhoo: to send something | txa-n-djhoo: to have something delivered

djhoo Nonfuture Future
Momentous djhó djhós
Continuous djhoo djhooz
Incohative djhoin djhoinzx

tiin: crowd, dense | 0-tiin: to be crowded with, full of | tsi-a-tiin: to crowd, assemble | a-tiin: to gather, clump up | pxę-n-tiin: to attract, draw in | pxę-e-tiin: to fill, force into, compress | qa-e-tiin: to pack in, to shove in

tiin Nonfuture Future
Momentous tinh tins
Continuous tiin tiinz
Incohative tiin tiinzx

tien: to meet | 0-tien: to meet (with someone) | tyí-a-tien: to run into something, encounter | a-tęęn: to be with someone |

tiog: support, provide for (never in a structural sense) | e-tiog: to support, provide for | uu-tiog: to be provided for, sustainable

tue: have on person, wear | (txa-)a-tįį: to have on person, wear (of necklaces, collars, small things) | (txą-)e-tue: to put in a pocket, put on |

tue Nonfuture Future
Momentous tue tuih
Continuous tįį tįįz
Incohative tuin tuinzx

tut: cough | 0-tut: to cough | tsa-0-tut: to sneeze

tunɮ: to place (of singular objects or objects in a group), to bring | e-tunɮ: to place something | fu-e-tunɮ, ha-e-tunɮ: to put down, put something in a high place, etc | n-tunɮ: to give | txą-e-tunɮ: to take |

taaz: stretch, extend | e-taaz: to stretch out | lyíns-e-taaz: to inflate | bhuayns-e-taaz: to stretch over | 

taáł: to cut, sever | e-taáł: to cut, slash at | yǫ-e-taáł: to sever completely | geans-e-taáł: to cut off

taáł Nonfuture Future
Momentous taáł taáx
Continuous taayg taag
Incohative taayng taayn

tááns: increase, multiply, expand | a-tááns: to increase, multiply | e-tááns: to make increase, multiply

tááns Nonfuture Future
Momentous táán tááns
Continuous tááns táánz
Incohative táánx táánzx

tǫǫd: freeze, solid | uu-tǫǫd: to be freezing, frozen, solid | n-tǫǫd: to freeze

tǫǫd Nonfuture Future
Momentous taót taós
Continuous tǫǫd tǫǫz
Incohative tǫǫnd tǫǫnzx

tǫ́nh: argue | 0-tǫ́nh: to argue with someone (mi IO)

tǫ́nh Nonfuture Future
Momentous tǫ́nh tǫ́ns
Continuous tǫ́nh tǫ́nz
Incohative tǫ́inz tǫ́inzx

tas: happy, motivated | 0-tas: to be in a good mood, motivated | e-tas: to encourage, cheer up

tas Nonfuture Future
Momentous tás táis
Continuous tas taaz
Incohative tainz tainzx

tál: dance | 0-tál: to dance

tál Nonfuture Future
Momentous táł tás
Continuous tál táz
Incohative tány tánzx

táx: collide (accidentally) | j-a-táx, e-táx: to bump into something, hit | hama-e-táx: to knock over 

táx Nonfuture Future
Momentous táx táic
Continuous taag táij
Incohative tainj tainzx

t'ósh: taste | e-t'ósh: to taste

t'ósh Nonfuture Future
Momentous t'ósh t'óish
Continuous t'ónsh t'óinsh
Incohative t'óinsh t'óinz̨

tsííl: lose | e-tsííl: to lose (an object)| a-tsííl: to be lost |

tsííl Nonfuture Future
Momentous tsííl tsíís
Continuous tsííny tsííy
Incohative tsíínl tsííny

tsíił: to come apart, undone | a-tsíił: to get undone, untied, fall apart |

tsíił Realis Irrealis
Momentous tsíił tsíis
Continuous tsíil tsíiy
Incohative tsíiny tsíinzx

tsun: nervous, anxious | 0-tsun: to be nervous, worry | e-tsunh: to bother, make wary |

tsun Realis Irrealis
Momentous tsunh tsuns
Continuous tsun tsunz

tsóie: at peace, satisfied | 0-tsóie: to be at peace, fine |

Nonfuture Future
Momentous tsóih tsóis
Continuous tsóie tsóiz

tsás: line up, arrange | wai-e-tsás: arrange in order | ąskú-e-tsás: array, put in formation | gbe-e-tsás: to arrange (in three dimensions) |

tsás Nonfuture Future
Momentous tsás tsáís
Continuous tsaa tsaaz

tsáx: tackle, run into (deliberately) | e-tsáx: to run into something | hama-e-tsáx: to tackle, knock over |

tsáx Nonfuture Future
Momentous tsáx tsáic
Continuous tsaag tsáij
Incohative tsainj tsainzx

tsǫ́ǫ́: stand | 0-tsǫ́ǫ́: to be standing | ha-0-tsááf: to get up

tl'úę́g: have a meal, dine | 0-tl'úę́g: to dine |

tl'iix: to pinch, constrict | e-tl'iix : tto choke | dú-e-tl'iix: to choke | gbǫ-e-tl'iix: to pinch, pin, crush |

txuu: transmit | a-txuu: to be transmitting, conducting, working (of a communications device) | 

txen: spring back, recover | a-txen: get back on one's feet | uu-txen: to spring back | 

dee: go (plural) | 0-dee: to go (of a group)

dej: transfer pipe | 0-dej: to send via transfer pipe | e-dej: to set up a transfer pipe | n-dej: to establish a transfer pipe between two locations |

dej Nonfuture Future
Momentous dej desx
Continuous dei deiz
Habitual dezx deiz

dǫ́ǫ́nz: miss, long for, desire | e-dǫ́ǫ́nz: to miss, long for |

dǫ́ǫ́nz Nonfuture Future
Momentous - -
Continuous dǫ́ǫ́nz dǫ́ǫ́nz

dac: set, place | e-dac: to set down, place | a-dęę: to be sitting somewhere (inanimate object) |a-dęęd: to belong somewhere (inanimate object) | 

dac Nonfuture Future
Momentous dac dęęs
Continuous dęę dęęz
Habitual dęęd dęęz

dhį́į́g: mangled, crooked | e-dhį́į́g: to mangle, ruin, mess up | uu-dhį́į́g: to be screwed up, messed up |

dhį́į́g Nonfuture Future
Momentous dhį́ dhúí
Continuous dhį́į́g dhúíg

dheu: climb | 0-dheu: to climb | ha-0-dheu: to ascend | ji-a-dheu: to wick

dhááy: step | 0-dhááy: to take a step | dho-0-dhááł: to pace | jxį-e-dhááy: to crush with the foot | fu-e-dhááy: to place foot on |

dhǫǫh: enemy | j-a-dhǫǫh: to become enemies with someone | j-a-dhǫǫ: to be enemies | uu-dhǫǫ: to be inimical

dhǫr: catch, trap | e-dhǫr: to catch | 

zįx: tie, connect | qa-e-zįx: to tie a knot | e-zįx: to connect (with a line) | 0-zįx: to be bound

zaú: copy, imitatee | e-zaú: to imitate (someone)| uu-zaú: to be similar to something | n-zaú: to make a copy of | txą-e-zaú: to replicate, multiply | a-zauz: to be capable of replication |

zaú Nonfuture Future
Momentous zaú zaús
Continuous zǫǫ zǫǫz
Habitual zauz zauiz

t'oíg: hide, flee, avoid | a-t'oíg: to flee (from) | mó-a-t'úoíx: to avoid |

txí: jut out, extend, hold out (something flat) e-txí: to stick out, extend | e-txí: to be presenting, holding out | 0-txí: to be sticking out

suh: friend | j-a-suh: to befriend someone | j-a-suu: to be friends with someone | uu-suh: to be friendly | 

soe: eat | e-soe: to eat | 

sanh: cushion, soft | e-sanh: to absorb, cushion (an impact, a projectile) | 0-sanh: to be soft | n-sanh: to be a cushion for | 

zis: crawl | 0-zis: to crawl

zéá: smell | e-zéá: to sniff | li-e-zéá: to smell | uu-zéá: to have an odor |

zhui: temporary, labile, ephemeral | uu-zhui: to be temporary, ephemeral, labile | me-uu-zhui: to be temporary, (implies it will be replaced later |

zhó: to place (of distributed objects) | e-zhó: to place around | n-zhó: to distribute, give

łuu: consist, make | uu-łuu: to be made of | e-łuu: to create | n-łuu: to create (out of)

łens: drunk, delirious, confused | 0-łens: to be drunk, confused | e-łens: to cause confusion | n-łens: to get someone drunk/ confused |

lans: keep, hold onto, protect | e-lans: to keep something | 

luu: hold, cradle, contain | qa-e-luu: to hold (in the cup of the palm) | uu-luu: to rest in, be cradled in, be contained in | txą-a-luu: to recline | ji-uu-luu: to be waterlogged |

lee: flow, squirt | uu-lee: to be flowing | 0-lee: to flowf | gidi-0-lee: to meander down to, flow (down a long and complex path) | ło-a-lee: to flow (of a viscous substance) |

lenc: to tear, pry apart | e-lenc: to tear off, separate |

ley: leak, burst |

láur: twist | e-laúr: to twist | txa-a-laúr: to turn around (to look at something), to look back |

láur Nonfuture Future
Momentous laú laúsh
Continuous laúr laúz̨
Incohative laúnr laúnz̨

lai: cook | e-lai: to cook: fui-e-lai: to boil |

lai Nonfuture Future
Momentous laih lai
Continuous lai lęęz
Incohative lain


łiinx: to have stories (of a building) ɮiin: false | 0-ɮiin: to lie (not speak the truth) | uu-ɮiin: to be false |

ɮih: shame, embarass | 0-ɮih: to be ashamed, embarassed | e-ɮih: to embarass

ɮú: endure, lasting, durable | 0-lyú: to last, endure | uu-lyú: to be durable | e-lyú: to fortify | remi-a-lyú: to persist, perservere, refuse to give up |

ɮúó: apathetic, dejected | 0-lyúó: to be apathetic, sick of

thii: dense, concentrated, thick | uu-thii: to be thick | e-thii: to concentrate, thicken |

thé: scrape, rub | a-thé: to rub against | jxi-a-thé: to scrape against, cause damage | n-thé: to rub together |

thung: ring, revertebrate | e-thung: to strike (of a bell) | uu-thung: to be sonorous | 

thoi: hear | e-thoi: to listen | li-e-thoi: to hear | txí-e-thoi: to pay attention, listen closely |

thuał: clear, transparent | e-thuał: to clear up, clean

d̨íé: dissolve, disperse | a-Díé: to disperse, spread out, diffuse | yǫ-a-d̨íé: to dissolve | e-d̨íé: to dissolve (transitive) | n-d̨íé: to let out, allow to disperse, dissolve | 0-d̨íé: to be spread out | yǫ-0-d̨íé: to be homogenous, spread out | ji-uu-d̨íé: to be soluble |

d̨iin: to be interested in, fascinated by | e-d̨iin: to be interested in something | 0-d̨iin: to be interesting

d̨uą: isolate, seal off, seperate | e-d̨uą: to isolate, cut off, seperate | dzú-e-uą: slice off, cut off | mazą-e-uą: to cut out impurities, remove an illness, extract a cancer | o-e-uą: excise | yǫ-e-uą: to hermetically seal | pxę-e-uą: to ostracize, encapsulate |

d̨aah: wake up, bring to senses | 0-d̨aah: to wake up | e-d̨aah: to wake someone up | łens(į)-a-d̨aah: to snap out of it, sober up | łens(į)-e-d̨aah: to snap someone out of it

heng: thicken, viscous, become firm | 0-heng: to become thicker, firmer | ji-uu-heng: to be viscous | e-heng: to make thick, firm

thxus: push, shove | e-thxus: to shove | hama-e-thxus: to push over, down|

chud: shameful, cringeworthy | a-chud: to act shamefully, commit a gaffe | e-chud: to make someone cringe with shameful action | 

ché: to run, go, behave, operate | 0-ché: to be running, operating | uu-ché: to be functional, in order | mim-uu-ché: out of order |

chon: to watch, take care of, supervise | e-chon: to watch, keep track of, supervise | uu-chon: to be under supervision or care

chah: have fetched | n-chah: to have someone get you something

j̨uu: stick to, append, attach | e-uu: stick to, attach, append | uu-uu- to be sticky | a-uu: to be attached to | remi-e-uu: to fasten |

shiił: long for, crave | a-shiił, e-shiił: to long for, crave, desire

shúó: embed, stick in, root, attach | e-shúó: to root in place |

shąą: close | e-shąą: to close | 0-shąą: to be closed | 

cxį́į́: weak, fragile | uu-cxį́į́: to be fragile, weak | e-cxį́į́: to weaken, damage | n-cxį́į́: to wear away, erode, make fragile | zhui-uu-cxį́į́: to be ephemeral, break at the slightest touch |

cxį́į́ Nonfuture Future
Momentous cxúí cxúíx
Continuous cxį́į́ cxúíg
Incohative cxį́į́n cxį́į́nzx

cxii: to crack, break under stress | a-cxii: to fail (under stress) | gidi-a-cxii: to fail over time, wear down | gidi-uu-cxii: to be slow, broken, inneficient | uu-cxii: to be broken, out of order | gidi-e-cxii: to use until breaking down | jxį-gidi-e-cxii: to overuse

cxii Nonfuture Future
Momentous cxii cxis
Continuous cxiig cxiz
Incohative cxiing cxiinj

cxúł: coreect, straighten, fix | e-cxúł: to fix, correct | uu-cxúł: to be correct, in working order | a-cxúł: to heal |            mó-cxúúsx: to maintain, keep up | 

cxúł Nonfuture Future
Momentous cxúł cxúił
Continuous cxúy cxúyz
Incohative cxúyn cxúynzx

cxun: kill, die | e-cxun: to kill someone | 0-cxun: to die | txą-e-cxun: to commit suicide

cxun Nonfuture Future
Momentous cxun cxus
Continuous cxung cxuz
Incohative cxung cxunj

cxad: hide, conceal | e-cxad: to hide | a-cxad: to hide onesself, enter disguise |

cxad Nonfuture Future
Momentous cxá cxáís
Continuous cxad cxaid
Incohative cxand cxainzx

cxó: drink | e-cxó: to drink |

jxhuot: arrange, order, crystallize | a-jxhuot: to enter formation | bhu-uu-jxhuot: to crystallize | e-jxhuot: to organize | mó-jxhuózx: to herd |

jxéd: hang | e-jxéd: to hang from something | n-jxéd: to hang up something | 0-jxéd: to be suspended

jxaa: have space for, hold | uu-jxaa: to have the space for | e-jxaa: to contain | tánsa-e-jxaa: to increase capacity | 

ceu: count | e-ceu: to count | oínmi-e-ceu: to number off | 

cég: sense | e-cég: to detect, sense | 

caayn: flight, suspension in fluid media | la-0-caayn: to fly (a ship) | a-caayn: to fly (as a bird does) | uu-caayn: to be suspended, float, levitate | ji-uu-caayn: to float (on a liquid) | fehą́-uu-caayn: to float (in air) | ha-a-caayn: to float to the top, rise, surface | ha-uu-caayn: to be buoyant, float up | ji-la-0-caayn: to sail | ji-a-caayn: to swim |

jing: connect, communicate, mind | a-jing: to be connected (into a mind) | 

jú: study, examine | e-jú: to examine, look at | e-jú: to study

juu: guilty | 0-juu: to be guilty

jei: pain | 0-jei: to be in pain | a-jei: to hurt someone

jóf: to drive, pilot | 0-jóf: to drive (of a vehicle) | 

jaí: art | a-jaí: to make art | e-jaí: to depict, draw |

jheing: elevator | 0-jheing: to take the elevator somewhere | e-jheing: to set up an elevator | n-jheing: to connect to places by an elevator |

jheing Nonfuture Future
Momentous jheing jheins
Continuous jheing jheinz
Habitual jhiinj jhiinzx

jhat: explode, detonate | a-jhat: to explode | e-jhat: to detonate something | uu-jhad: to be explosive |

çín: point, sharp | uu-çín: to be sharp | e-çín: to sharpen | pxę-n-çín: to stab, insert | qa-n-çín: to poke, prod |

çuu Nonfuture Future
Momentous çú çus
Continuous çuu çuz
Incohative çuun çuunzx

çuu: duty, obligatory | 0-çuu: to be obligatory | me-0-çuu: to be (metin) law | me-a-çú: to make into law | 

çó: trade, sell | n-çó: to trade something for something |

yúá: help | e-yúá: to help someone

yezx: dream | 0-yezx: to have a dream |

yeex: nauseous | 0-yeex: to be nauseous | e-yeex: to nauseate

yai: confuse, at a loss | 0-yai: to be confused | e-yai: to confuse | 

yáx: undo, untie, unclasp | e-yáx: to untie, undo | míyyí-e-yáx: to uncoil

yǫǫ: exist, reality | 0-yǫǫ: to exist

kiow: fight | e-kiow: to attack someone | ja-a-kiow: to fight with someone |

keeł: to telephone, call | ja-a-keeł, e-keeł: to call a person |

koo: bend | e-koo: to bend | a-koo: to bend (one's own limb) | uu-koo: to be bent | jxį-e-koo: to crease |

kaas: coil, pack up, put away, collect | e-kaas: to pack up | míyyí-e-kaas: to coil up | uu-kaas: to be put away | txa-a-kaas: to cower, curl up in the fetal position |

k'át: drag, pull | e-k'át: to drag, to pull | uu-k'át: to be stuck | tyí-e-k'át: to tug at |

k'uí: write, note | e-k'uí: to write

gii: lean (of poles) uu-giin: to lean | e-giin: to set leaning

guí: feel (sensation of touch) | qa-e-guí: to touch | a-guí: to feel something touch onesself

gezx: lean (of planes) uu-gezx: to be leaning | e-gezx: to set leaning

klí: strong, firm | 0-klí: to be strong | remi-0-klí: to be firmly in place, secured | remi-e-klí: to secure, tie down | e-klí: to strengthen | bhu-e-klí: to add to, reinforce

kliǫ: bored | 0-kliǫ: to be bored, not in the mood for

kx'ieg: entertain, enjoy | 0-kx'ieg: to be having fun | uu-kx'ieg:to be funny | e-kx'ieg: to entertain |

kx'įį: absorb, soak up | e-kx'įį: to sop up | jxį-e-kx'įį: to assimilate | a-kx'įį: to be absorbent

xuij: walk (legged locomotion) | 0-xuij: to walk | gidi-0-xuij: to wander | gel-0-xuij: to tiptoe

kpío: tie, weave | e-kpío: to tie | uu-kpío: to be knotted together

kpuc: bury | e-kpuc: to bury something

kpan: shatter, brittle, crack | a-kpan: to crack | uu-kpan: to be brittle | dea-a-kpan: to shatter | ło-e-kpan: to chip |

guos: true | e-guos: to speak the truth | uu-guos: to be true

goj: sit (posture) | 0-goj: to be seated | fu-0-goc: to sit down |

gaa: point out, delineate | e-gaa: to point at something | 0-gaa: to stand out | txa-a-gaa: to make a scene

gáf: jam, block up | e-gáf: to jam something | uu-gáf: to be jammed | n-gáf: to jam with something

gát: jump, leap | 0-gát: to leap | e-gát: to bounce, dribble (in the repetitive) |

gal: swing | a-gal: to swing, sway | e-gal: to set swinging | mó-e-gaayg: to keep swinging |

ghúnh: send (parcels) by the system | e-ghúnh: send something | 

gbii: rain | hįgbii: it's raining

gbíed: precipitate, seperate out, settle | fu-a-gbíed: to precipitate | 

gbue: sad, dissapointed | 0-gbue: to be said, dissapointed | e-gbue: to dissapoint

gbaó: wear, bear | a-gbaó: to have on one's person, wear (of clothing) | a-gbaw: to put on | uu-gbaó: to be on, attached | n-gbaó: to carry around, have with | e-gbaw: to adorn something/someone

ghįng: abrade, wear away | e-ghįng: to wear down, sand | uu-ghįng: to be easily worn | e-ghįįg: to scratch | 0-ghįng: to be worn away | a-ghįng: to be abrasive

qun: fear, fright | 0-qun: to be scared  | e-qun: to frighten | 

quis: fuel | uu-quus: to be fueled | e-quis: to fuel, charge | rixi-e-quis: to charge (electricity)|

quis Nonfuture Future
Momentous quis quiis
Continuous quus quuz
Incohative quins quinzx

qend: correct, proper | 0-qend: to be correct | e-qét: to correct, fix | 

qend Nonfuture Future
Momentous qét qés
Continuous qend qenz
Incohative qeind qeinzx

qoi: rich, varied | uu-qoi: to be colorful, rich | e-qoi: to spice up |

qaa: hit, smack (with the hands) | e-qaa: hit, punch | ɮua-e-qaa: slap | tyí-n-qaa: snatch | tyí-e-qaa: pinch | rii: charge, electric field | uu-riih: to be charged | e-rii: to establish an electric field | tso-e-réh: to maintain an electric field | e-rier: to run an alternating current through something

riing: life | e-riing: to give birth to | txa-a-riinj: to survive | uu-ring: to be alive | a-riinj: to be born |

rú: say | 0-rú: quotative verb |

róh: pride | a-róh: to be proud | 

raáj: sleep, not concious | 0-raáy: to sleep | uu-raáj: to be tired, sleepy | dzįmó-uu-raáj: to be drowsy, semi-concious | n-raáyy: to go to sleep | jxį-uu-raáj: to be unconcious | yǫ-jxį-uu-raáj: to be comatose

huac: embrace, hug | e-huac: to embrace |

heit | forget | a-heit: to forget

hóén: take out, unpack, uncoil, bloom | e-hóén: to take out, unpack, move in | txa-a-hóén: to bloom, open up | tsítli-e-hóén: to unravel |

hee- empty, vacant | uu-hee: to be empty | e-hiz: to empty, evacuate | yǫ-e-hiz: to evacuate, create a vacuum | tso-yǫ-e-hés: to maintain a vacuum |  fí-e-hiz: to clean, organize, remove clutter (of a room, place)

haa: upward motion | e-haah: to hold up, support (never figurative) |

haan: to lie, lay | a-haan: to be lying down | e-haan: to set down (in a lying position)

Irregular Verb wooh, "to do"Edit

Conjugations of wooh
Continuous Momentous
1st person exclusive wauh faa
1st person exclusive wumun yimin
1st person inclusive wułun yilin
0 person han hoo
3rd person obviative hén
3rd person proximative miis hoons
2nd person informal hątan hąitan
Inquisitive wuzhun hoozhun
Relative haz hooz

Dhatus with suppletive futures and imperativesEdit

júé, júéh: go

miod, miot: get, take, fetch

tsow, tsó: to get, fetch (of a person)

chįį, chui: put on, get

rįįnz, runs: put, bring

hanz, hán: watch, look at 

pxoei, pxoih: learn, go find out 

jhío: look for, search, find 

moi, mó: say, tell 

káy, káł: stay 

kpęę, kpai: take care of, manage, 

cuu, cú: explain, teach

rón, rónh: ask(a question) 

doo, duǫ: ask (someone to do something)

doog, doox: order (someone to do something)

iod, ió: hide (suppletive imperative only used in intransitive sense)

hąą, haį:  flee

zhuw, zhuf: take away, remove

Imperatives not derived from verbsEdit

These are words used like imperative verbs that are not verbs, coming either from demonstratives or having no external origin

ái: here! (as in come here or bring it here)

tsái, įng-jái, ooyái, jái: leave! (in order from weakest to strongest

ox: stop!, wait!

Question wordsEdit

tsíid: who?

híid: what?

eeyyíid: what?

yai: at where?

yánmau: why?

-yaun: how? (verb stem)

yǫng: how many?

yoín: whichth

Nouns Edit

Noun prefixesEdit

tsi, tsoo, tsuee, tsual*: generic person prenoun

sxu, sxoo, sxui, sxual*: generic place prenoun. Also used to mean "home of", as in "sxu-txen": Txen's place, or sxu-mádzáanh: the imperial palace.

eey, yyoo, yyee, yyal*: generic vec/animal prenoun

tlia, tlioo, tliee, tlęęl*: prenoun for a subset/component of a noun.


mádzáanh-(un): the empress, (our) empress

tsi-mix: a Mixtin person

tsi-mn-e, ma-mi: father | mama, manma, maan: daddy, dad

tsi-mee: person | tsuiya*: this person, you. Plural is oawa. Deponent, only used in unmarked absolutive

tsi-maaz, madz-en, maząm: a foreigner (from outside the Daiwe), barbarian, corrupt person, person who has been compromised by an inhuman intellegence, un-person

tsi-bhi, bh-en, bhi-mi: woman

tsi-bhins, bhintay-en, bhinta-mi: costumer, beautician

tsi-fuu, -yen, -mi: Metin citizens who dwell on the surface

tsi-wi-e, wa-mi: mother | bebe, wewe, weew: mommy, mom

tsi-wions, -tsen, -wiónmi: ancient person, person from before the plague (age ~10,000+)

oa-dáán: family

tsi-tiys, tsy-en, tsyi-mi: child, one's offspring, student, apprentice

oa-ti-yen, tii-mi: friends, group, associates

tsi-tsúás T: A resident of the inhuman regions

tsi-txá: man

tsi-tx'oos T: Savage, people who have abandoned technology

tsi-suh-en, sug-mi: a close friend, relation, sexual partner

tsi-łicx-e Cx: aunt, uncle, trusted family friend, confidant | łisxúús: trustworthy, reliable tsiłixúús: trustworthy person, reliable person

tsi-ɮaa: hedonist, connoisseur

tsi-th'ú, -ufen, -unmi: degenerate, lazy person, hedonist

tsi-dhaaw-en, dhǫǫ-mi: enemy

tsi-d̨úh, tsid̨úk-en, tsid̨ug-mi: an elder, superior

tsi-d̨úo: agent, servant

tsi-cxuu, -uwen, -umi: adult (over age 120)

tsi-cak-en, cag-mi: parent

tsi-jueng, juenk-en, juenk-mi: scientist

tsi-juáá: fetus or embryo

tsiyáang, yáang-en, yáang-mi: youth, young person (from age 26-120)

tsi-goz̨, goj̨-en: juvenile, one not yet physically mature (age 0-26)

oa-gaúd: the public, the masses

tsi-gaw: a commoner, unimportant person | oa-gawtin: the masses

tsi-gajú, gajúh-en, gajug-mi: student, understudy, apprentice

tsi-xúéf: gamesman, naturalist, person who explores and collects things from nature

tsi-qeú: Star person, a member of the collapsed starfaring civilization preceding the Metin

tsi-roo 0: old person, powerful person

Serviles, inhumans and AIsEdit

eey-(a)nh, (a)nt-en, (a)n-mi: household servile, used for general cleaning, maintenance

eey-fíhés T: organizing servile eey

eey-d̨úo: agent, avatar

eey-mádzáánh: hand of the empress

eey-jhį́įn, jhį́įnm-en, jhį́įn-mi: Intellegent robot, machine, nonhuman, vec | -jhį́įn: intellegent, alive eeyy-o, yyoo-mo,

eeyy-en, o-mi: servitor

eey-caay, caal-en, caay-mi: autpilot

eey-bhins,, bhintay-en, bhinta-mi: servile used to dress and style master

eey-sóó: private servile

eey-gaúd D: public servile

eey-mee: inhuman

eey-hóé: animal, plant, life of the world | yyaa-hóétin: the life of the world

eey-dháú: biont (using the dháú biochemical system)

eey-dhá: "dog", mammallike artificial creatures often used as pets or servants.       

eey-mas T: servile of war                                                      

The bodyEdit

cí-máng-e, mángmiyen i: face

m-tséix i: bone 

m-kįgun i: a piece of cartilage

m-jáus i: a muscle

m-lúcmú i: a tendon

cí-lǫ́ǫd, lǫ́doyen, lǫ́ǫnmi i: head

cí-goi i: forehead

cha-tsíx i: hair (upon the scalp)

cha-maf i: beard

cha-guł i: skin

m-hęɮ: a membrane

cha-kpǫw: flesh, tissue

eey-gánx i: mind (inalienable), computer(alienable) | cha-gánx, m-gánx: brain matter, computronium

(v́)th'ayn, th'ayyen, th'aynmi i: leg

(v́)muts-i, mósmi i: arm

m-pxáts'u i: upper arm

m-tauns i: lower arm | m-tsį́xtauns i: elbow

(v́)t'inx i: wrist

(v́v́)qaa 0 i:  hand

hu-qabhuay, -yyen, -mi: hand,  palm, in the hands

hu-qaɮí: fist, in the hands

(v́)qal, -en, qaymi: finger | (v́)qayyii i: thumb | (v́)qaysang i: index finger  | (v́)qaybhuay L i: middle finger | (v́)qaykx'ó i: ring finger | (v́)qaygea i: pinky | m-tsį́xqaa 0 i: knuckle

m-tao: nail (part of the body)

(v́)jxįl T i: ear

(v́v)yuus Ts i: eye

tlia-yutsuuf i: eyebrow

tlia-yutsuíx i: eyelashes

tlia-yusauh i: eyelid

(v́v)t'ui, t'uyen, t'įmi: nose

hu-weet: cheek

m-méa: cheekbone

(v́)jid: chin

cí-kázda: mouth

m-súx: tooth

hu-muow: lips

hu-miung: gums

oo-thíi: saliva

hu-dhín: neck

út-jans: trachea

út-díeh: esophagus

hu-múí: torso

hu-laj: shoulders

hu-bhet: chest

hu-guo: stomach (ventral region, not organ)

hu-yó: back (of a creature)

hu-rei: hips

hu-leing: buttocks

hu-rúax: groin

(v́)dand: thigh

(v́v)ɮiu: shin

m-tsuę́x: knee | m-tsį́x: a joint

(v́v́)dhaa 0: foot

hu-dhafuu: sole of feet

hu-maldhí: heel

hu-dhahaa: top of the foot

(v́)gel: paw, tip of the foot,

cí-dháál, -en, dhááymi: toe | cí-dháyyii, cí-dháysang, cí-dháybhuay, cí-dháykx'ó, cí-dháygea: big, second, middle, fourth, pinky toe 

(v́v́)ząą: stomach (Refers to the organ. The metin stomach is not analogous to the human stomach, combining the functions of the majority of the organs in the human digestive tract)

m-jííh: one-way valve, sphincter (used in both mechanical and biological contexts)

(v́v)diaz: nerve (also used in inorganic contexts to refer to connections that transfer information or commands) 

út-móí: blood vessel | út-móísang: vein | út-moíkx'ó: artery

út-gaú, hu-gaú: aerovein

(v́)bhus: a heart (in a strictly anatomical sense)

cí-yoo, yoow-e, yoo-mi: core, heart

m-hįáf: lung

Places and geographyEdit

sxu-maaz D madąmi: the outside world, the wilderness | maaz, mazą: foreign, external, not in control maząro: the external section

sxu-maazmayǫ: the universe

sxu-metin: the Metin nation

sxu-gį́taang: land, region

sxu-fuu: the ground, the lands below

sxu-t'ogáág: mountain, mountainous country

sxu-giz: jungle, forest | sxu-gizlíng: the great jungle below

sxu-koįs Ts: waterfall, stream

sxu-koįslíng, -língmi, -língen: river, stream

sxu-tl'ans: lake

lít'ix: trickle, dripping

i-ch'íí: rainbow

sxu-sxunlíng: flat ground

fuuyǫ: the world

dáíwe: the civilized world

zhuo: nation (group of people or nation state)

sxu-zhuomee 0: the metin nation (entity)

oa-zhuomee 0: the metin people as a whole

mií, -jmií, meit-en, mei-mi: home | mit'uu: apartment, complex | tsijmií, -imeit-en: roommate

sxu-mai: forest, wilderness

m-toó, tooq-en, toor-mi: plant | sxu-tooqx'id: field, thicket

m-shúó: root

i-jit: leaf

(v́)k'ens: the sun

m-qeú: a star

sxu-hue: outer space

sxu-d̨íít T: sky, atmosphere

i-láú, -mi, -yen: cloud

oo-láú: haze

įh-t'á, -tanmi, táfen: a rock

įh-t'ǫt, -mi, -en: a pebble

sxu-pxó, -pxongmi, pxóhen: neighborhood, town | tsi-pxó: neighbor

sxu-tien, tienm-en, tien-mi: forum, plaza, place to meet

sxu-toó, toóq-en, toor-mi: garden

isin, -chin, isiny-en, isiin-mi: path, trail

sxu-dhááy: step, place to stand | sxu-dhááyt'uu, -t'uwen, -t'umi: staircase

sxu-haa: the high places, the great outcropping, metin lands

sxu-txíro: Alcove, outdoor entrance of apartment

sxu-xąns: terrace

sxu-ndau, -maud, ndauy-en, ndau-mi: pool | sxu-ndǫt'uu, -maudt'uu: spa, bathhouse

sxu-tl'an, -nmen, -mi: metropolis, city | tl'anmid: sprawling metropolis

sxu-tl'ant'uu: eucumenopolis, great city

m-j̨ao, -rao, -mi, -j̨aowen: city, locale 

m-mółoo: fridge, freezer

(v́v́)xuus: airtight thermos (used for storing perishables, often outfitted with auto-refrigeration and filled with argon)

m-maag: pool

sxu-maag: pool, reservoir

m-woon: a light

m-j̧uor: sticker, tag, sticky thing 

m-łex: grit, bit, pebble

m-bheenjhį́įn: living ink

m-guút: a piece of furniture

(v́)-tlag: table

(v́v́)goons: stool, chair

m-haan: couch, place to lay

(v́)tsia: mat(for sitting)

m-kee: pot

sxu-dó, -dongmi, -dóhen: room

m-hawǫ́ǫ́: roof | m-haun: ceiling

út-roo: entrance, door

(v́)ɮeo: wall

sxu-kląą: hallway

įh-tsáhmuf: floor

įh-haa: platform

(v́)dhic, -mi, -en: window

sxu-kuén Ǹ: lounge, living room

sxu-tácmui: bathroom

m-kxįį: sponge

m-kxįyaon, -mi, -nmen: towel

(v́)-gio: net

m-bhaanw: mirror

sxu-raáj, -mi, -ręę́jen: bedroom

m-ręę́jaon: blanket

įh-łief: bed

m-sanh: pillow, cushion

sxu-lai: kitchen

sxu-suiil: dining room

m-lág: bowl | m-lágjwǫ́ǫ́: basin

m-ciar: plate

įh-záu: cup

m-jút: box

(v́)dzaa: bag

m-has: lid

įh-gbind: bottle

m-tázduh: faucet | m-tázdawǫ́ǫ́: fountain

m-kpint: fork

įh-lį́s: spoon

įh-gue: knife, blade

įh-k'íns: carpet

(v́v́)ch'éé: phone, small computer

(v́)j̧an: computer

(v́v́)keeł: telephone, auditory communicator, the call function on a more complex device

m-dheu: ladder

út-jheing: elevator

út-héá: bridge

(v́)tlęnc: cord(electric)

út-chaw: train, subway

út-míng: high-speed train

út-dezx Jx: a transfer pipe

įh-tleang: desk, workspace

út-dęęd D: stand, place, seat (the object  you are supposed to leave an inanimate object in/on)

m-gbishłéé: balloon

m-mįd: toy, game

(v́)huską 0: light shirt, undershirt

įh-máí: shawl, quechquemitl, huipil

įh-keens: vest, overshirt

įh-bhaíj: coat

(v́v)kpoo 0: poncho

m-bhiyǫ: suit (protection, not formal dress)

m-rábhi: formal dress, suit

įh-tliɮ: mask

(v́)tsuh: shoe

m-dhábhę: socks

m-ɮę́ts'á: pocket

m-jaan: tie, ribbon

įh-famaaw: chullo, beanie

įh-dyuu: belt

įh-kx'an: pants, skirt, legwear

(v́)kacmi: skirt

įh-thens: shorts, trousers

įh-kx'úmuu: loincloth

įh-kx'úmee: bra, chestcloth

įh-kx'anɮí: leggings

įh-tlai: collar

įh-mon: bracelet

(v́)huao: necklace

m-tálįnsto: open legged trousers

m-kįstįs Ts:  hood

oo-kl'ef: air

ooji, -wji, -yen, -mi: water

ooyii, -wii, -yie, -yimi: blood

eey-jhį́įnyǫ: shapeshifter, formless creature

cha-kǫi: fat, oil

cha-tsááw: metal

cha-t'á, -áyen, -anmi: stone

cha-kpienh: plastic (as in hydrocarbon polymer)

cha-teéł: ceramic

oo-quu 0y: snow

cha-sái: soap, detergent | įh-sę́s: bubble

cha-ghúe: gel

cha-bhaaf: foam

cha-lee: liquid cha-dhic C: glass

cha-fui: gas

cha-tǫǫd D: solid

cha-tj'axkút Ts: cloth

cha-tsúnd: tissue paper

įh-tet: string | m-tetj'u: thread

cha-qéz: food

m-tl'úę́g: a meal

cha-cxó: drink

cha-miindjoih: ash

cha-gíoih: powder

cha-tháts'oih: sand

cha-bhon, cha-bhonmoih: salt (NaCl)

cha-wuu, cha-wuuyoih: sugar | cha-wuuji: syrup

cha-k'ín: spice

cha-mágmoih: dust | m-mágmoih: cloud of dust

cha-káó: mist, spray

cha-wuéf: smoke

cha-nsaw: fumes (implies toxicity)

cha-gai: acid (bronsted) | gai: sour, acidic

cha-mont: acid (lewis)

cha-dión: base (bronsted and lewis) cha-giuu: thermos or dewar lining, a type of vacuum insulation

m-tjug: a note, report

m-tj'ii: beam, board

m-mááh: rod

įh-qx'aj: door, hatch

lu-riix: electricity

lu-k'anw: gravity

lu-ho: space, gap | luhoí: crack, flaw | hoíhid: full of cracks

lu-zhyíi: time

lu-gjęung: space

lu-mayǫ: space-time, reality, the universe

lu-jǫ́ǫ́: value

m-dónmid: rainbow, spectrum

duas, -dǫs, duats-en, duas-mi: fire

lu-hoan, -nmen, -nmi: biochemical system | lu-gaú: the Metin biochemical system lu-hóá: the biochemical system of the world's life

(v́v́)kx'aa, 0y: emblem, symbol

eey-dól Tl: institute



míyyi, -ien, imi: spiral, swirly

gít'i: wrinkle, crease

ólwo: squiggle

káts'a: jagged, zigzag

umúlu: wavy, undulating

gúe: round


çį́į́çįį: hiss

éggje: buzz

íxke: scrape

į́nbįn: infrasonic, a sound which is felt more than heard

ę́míín: extremely high pitched sound

úcx'u: screech

ą́cx'eg: splat

ghicígi:  jingle, metallic clatter

ikígą: gurgle

umúdu: babbling, the sound of water

míímiin: beep

gęng: chirp

háxaa: whir

táh: pop

andáh: boom

fóx: whack

kícic: crunch

tsápxa: rattle

íging: creak

mį́į́n: hum

bhágazh: splash

ką́k'ą: tap

énfą: muffled

wǫ́dǫlą: murmur

Textures and AppearancesEdit

mįlį́mį: glitter (glitter, snow)

fánma: sparkle (crystal, glass)

bhábhanw: lustrous, very reflective, metallic

wówoon: dazzling

ónzoo: dull, clouded

łóar: matte

mágmo: baggy, billowy

és-heef: tattered | m-es-heef: a tatter

kófoh: chapped, cracked, jagged

yúnzį: corrugated, ribbed

ǫ́hwaaf: fluffy

wásaaf: shaggy

úlsįf: matted

énhef: prone to shedding | cha-nhef: loose fibers, hair

kítsix: coarse

táłax: full of small blades 

tałáxa: full of tiny scratches, roughed up

cį́nhį: full of microscopic needles, deceptively sharp (insulation, asbestos, nettles)

ę́nfęę: fine, silky

yámui: velvety

xáaw: fuzzy

ę́nsuf: woolly

jxinsę́nmą: knotted, tied up, complicated

góos: smooth

ánkan: glossy

éye: slippery

gą́tj'ą: "catchy" (think dragging a wheel sideways, on a smooth floor it "sticks" even though it has a smooth texture)

sį́tj'į: tending to catch fabrics, spiky, hooked, velcrosih

obhógo: bumpy | m-obhógo: lump

íc'is: abrasive

ícoih: grainy

klį́c'į: prickly

t'į́įz: thick, pasty

bhą́zdą: sticky, adhesive

úwįz̨: mushy

gbúthunz: syrupy

lééleh: runny

yúúlu: slimy, greasy

míyyin: grimy

wéle: damp

z̨hóngho: moist

óíhoh: dusty

ázhaas: flaky

úntsanw: crusty and wet

į́klįng: lumpy, coagulated

thénde: stringy                   

łéof: raw, red (of skin)

fę́tęt: cratered, pocked

gutúghun: beat up

idáan: taut

bhį́nyi: firm but yeilding (inflated tire, polymer coating)

sánd: stiff but flexible (tent poles)

txénme: springy

pxétjąx: brittle

éxic: rustling, brittle (like leaves)

fą́sąx: crumbly (like a rock)

óóbhįt: chunky, crumbly (like clumped sugar)

ǫ́nbhǫ: flabby

éízxu: friable

kléend: tender, soft, delicate, easily bruised

hoéé: thin, intangible, runny (like running your hand through spider silk or liquid helium)

Time periodsEdit

Time periods are prefixed by lu- when being used as nouns but are left bare when being used as adverbs.

k'í: "day" (roughly 24 hour period)

lįn: one 12th of a k'í, an "hour"

húyn: one 144th of a lįn, a "minute"

cxot: one 144th of a húyn, a "second"

klóh: "year" (one day on fuuyǫ is about 405  k'í long, and the different times of day are like seasons)

róín: daytime

yoé: dawn

jíaw: sunrise

us: morning

jxhao: midmorning

minsh: noon

qíé: early afternoon

tluo: late afternoon

tét: evening

múu: sunset

ḑio: dusk

shił: nighttime

kuy: early night

tsaon: midnight

jį́į: late night

d̨ua: now

k'ínja: next k'í

k'úa: this k'í

k'íǫx: the last k'í

lįnja: the next lįn

linma: this lįn

lįnmǫx: the last lįn

X-(į)nja: next time period | X-(į)njiyaa: the time before last | X-(į)nj(i)-number: (number) time periods ago

X-úa: this time period

X-ǫx: the last time period | X-ǫkaa: the time after next | X-ǫx/ǫk-number: number time periods from now


(v́v)gaa 0: a bit, digit

cha-duzx Jx: information

lu-hos: state of a bit

(v́)cei: library

(v́v́)taan: file

(vv́)łiuw: sensory file

út-gies: network

(v́)koh: program

sxu-qiú: space (mathematical)

Primary ColorsEdit

mad̨aag, -nd̨aag: color


qoo: white

tsíx: black

jio: grey

klaa,-kla: bright, light(suffixed to colors, as in lúíkla, bright blue)

túung, -túung: dim, gloomy, dark


kx'ees: ultraviolet A

meol: violet

lúí: blue

maú: cyan, turqouise, sky-color

chuot: green

tlǫǫns: yellow

ais: orange

ty'uy: red

yúúh: scarlet, deep/dull red

kpat: near infrared


kuir: purple,pink (+red+blue)

íoí: -UV-IR /A (the color of water)

bhąd: -UV-IR: (the color of something that is wet or damp) | bhąttsá: spot, stain, blemish

łáán: +G+IR(the color of plants, clorophyll) | łáánmid: greenery, foliage

dhiit: +IR /A(the color of most human skin)

wíeh: +G+R+IR (afternoon, sunset color)

dįįsx: -IR

gúéz: -UV

ua: -G

łęntli: -R

hoex: -B

xee: big

káu: small

yáá: heavy, massive

thx'ó: light, low mass

ies: bulky

gjhán: compact

lin: good

oyo: bad

cxú: hot

d̨hanz: warm

móa: cool

łoo: cold

cáán: tall, high

rio: short, low

ǫ́ǫd: long

įc: short (of length)

bhur: thick (of a sheet)

jíél: thin (of a sheet)

kéins: thin, slender (for cylindrical objects, people)

j̨iuł: thick, fat (for cylindrical objects, people)

k'ig: narrow

tínsaw: wide

jáie: beautiful

ruxot: ugly

míee: exquisite, intricate, fancy

yuo: simple

dáo: plain, boring

wuu: sweet

gai: sour

ts'áándi: spicy

gbinl: bitter

oezh: mild

jhiix: savory

guos: true

ɮiin: false

d̨húj: vague, unclear

plás: common

tsoiu: rare

jǫ́ǫ́: valuable

magán: worthless

tins: several 

tsantó: various (implies plurality)

gjhún: few

dęns: many

áns: hard

keesh: firm

sanh: soft

dyuu:́ delicate

míír: wealthy, abundant

táog: poor, impoverished

giú: old

kleh: young, new

tsauy: ancient and delicate

uín: fresh

jxá: only

kpo: even (opposite of only)

z̨įį: other

jhęú: strange

úi: cute

çín: sharp

łaas: crucial

sį́nt: brutal, cruel, unforgiving

mííns: extra, spare

th'ao: grand, glorious

hįnsh: pathetic, pitiable

jea: important

tlíí: insignificant

lús: native, original

gbaa: having a feature

míoi: not having a feature ( an automatic breadmaker is gbaa, a rolling pin and mixing bowl are míoi)

huáng: meaningful, having information

jxhoy: meaningless, not having information

kąnj: convenient

jąl: crude, poor, inferior

ts'aá: refined, practiced, polished

Frequently used and/or productive Verb prefixesEdit

fu, fuu: downward motion

ha, haa: upward motion

o, oe: outward motion

pxę, pxea: inward motion

jxį, jxįį: causing damage

ji, jii: involving a fluid

hama: over, down (as in knock over so the object is on its side)

fú, fúú: all at once (used with momentous)

txą, txąą: action on a body

tyí: a quick, small action

d̨ai, d̨ayee, d̨e: to each of them (used with seriative)

qa, qaa: with the hands

mazą, maząą, nzą: foreign, unknown, external, contaminant

syija, syijaa: with a rope, lasso

zú, zúú: seperate, remove

ko, kua: passively, without intervention

ęzmo, ęzmoo:  entirely

tx'u-: indicates that the action of a transitive verb failed to produce the desired change in the object,e.g. tx'uchethxus tsitxá: The man shoved it (the big rock) but it wouldn't budge. 

mie, mie: to do partially, go through a bit (with imperfect)

ɬo, ɬoo: by cooling

cxú, cxúú: by heating

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