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Yorshaan English Note
ace mother Archaic
adnapre vein literally "little canal", from ad "small "and napre "canal"
aene spirit
aislu envy, jealousy
almaju initial state
altote chin
alvu rain
ame mother, mom
ampu pollen
Andor Andorra
Anglen England
anze the number "fifty"
argru anger, wrath
arteriye artery from Latin arteria
asyu pregnancy
atomu elegence
Atra Atra
Austra Austria
avoce lie, fake fact, false
avce butterfly
aye god
Ayu God, Lord
ayte father Archaic
bane watch
bavu solitariness
beimatre larynx
Belj Belgium
besu summer
bine kindom
Bislayt tangent literally "the toucher", from bislam (touch)
bleme mirror
blemente cheek
bode road, way
boeute dream
brate bitch Slang.
bracu grass
caidge boy
calvu new
cante dungeon, basement
casentu laziness, sloth
cazzu power, energy
cele brain
celidre cerebrum literally "brain's big part", -dre is from dregnu (majority)
celive cerebrellum literally "brain's small part", -ve is from vagnu (minority)
censhe birch
cese error, mistake
cezye tongue
chele sun
cisine mood
conu land, ground; surface of Earth
coru fullness
cosye cage
coute idiot Slang, different from "horba".
coze number "six"
cozeru possibility
crade person
cradiesle doll, mannequin
cronde voice
cronicle chronicle Loan word
croudu fluency, smoothness
csaze disease
cseru emptiness
cuse sheep
dancu mustache
datse height dats = high
dawu greed
dece number "ten"
defu fear
dene maiden usually preteenage, from 12 to 18 years old
depu thousand
Deuts Germany
deze lake
diaspore dispersed group Loan word. Mostly used to describe Jews outside Isreal, or Yorshaan themselves outside Dwopen (Lit. the center land).
dnaze pond
dodoye throat
dolchu cold Every time I make a conlang I always add a word whose pronunciation sounds like "dolce"(sweetness in Italian) but meaning is very different. :P
dopu dilligence
doru stillness
dostu luxury
dregnu majority
duhe number "two"
dupe center
duvu state
dyasu copper
dyete older brother
dyopu indifference, apathy
dzaru age
ece mansion, palace
ecforu charity
echye leather
edru pain
efre jail, prison Efrayeem: to prison
egore womb, uterus
einu air
eizu outside
eje device, machine
ele wall
elince lake
elte number "four"
elyoige desert
ene testament
ente sweetness
Eny Testament New Testament (Enen Calviys)
enje princess In the early time, it referred to the (cherished) daughter of the ruler.
epe toe
Espany Spain
esye canon, principle, standard esi (from *esyi) = ortho
eve fire, flame
ezye student
fahu power, authority
fande face
fate number "five"
fauge drum
faze desert; hell
ferdye cycle
fesce liver
feuze side, part
fille chapter
filte difference
filye temptating thing, bait
fime season
fimfe the number "fourty"
finde angle, corner
fohe older sister
foye dude, buddy (intimate)
fone servant
fonzu fever
fore burn
fortu strength
Frans France
frate purpose
frodyu wealth
fronzye prince
frote shield
fujose judgement (often religious)
gale one self
gantu ink
gasu magic
gazyu ugliness
gebe baby, infant
gende front
gertu greatness
getare fortune
ginshu responsibility, duty
glasyu glacier
gneze neck
goltu youth
golu ash, dust
gomyesu temperance
gonne bow
gonu present, right now
gorcu steel
gosu void
gote bird
gotle circle
goze emotion
gubicu richdom, richness Doesn't equal to "frodyu"
guble (one of) twin
gutu number "hundred"
hacrose lagoon
hagne situation, consition, circumstances
haje taboo, exhibition
hale law, principle, rule
halye glottis
hamu loveliness, cuteness
hante elf Its adjunct form, "hantem", can also be used to describe mythologic creatures or fantastic legends. Such as "tiana hantem" (fairy tale).
harce object, thing
hazyeve counterpart, opposite
Hazmopral cosine < haz- (opposite, derived from hazyeve) + morpale (chord)
hecte secret
hele wax
helsluye candle
hende place, land
heritsu harshness
hesle shape
hile number "seven"
hoire stream
horbe fool More formal than "coute".
horte ear
hoste name
hosu past
hosye young person
huste queen
hutyu normality
ibibe gulf
idoise organ
idre boat
ile adult
ille paper
ilye foot
ime army Imicte, soldier
imoru description
inowe content
ipte sleep
ipzu temptation
iratu chastity, virginity
isotye tomorrow <is ("to") + oty ("dawn") + e < seron ("to go") + otye ("dawn")
isye pen
Italy Italy
ithanu virtuality
ithu poverty
jahe point
jalese thigh
jantyu food
jasu water
jasye palate
jate river, stream
jazu iron
jende lip
jente moment
Jepon Japan
jeru cry, scream
jiaye vice, bad habit Jiayaz Hillit: Tleifua, Reshorvua, Dawua, Casentua, Argua, Æslua, Oiblua. (TÆRDOCA)
jice book
jinu gene
jise folk, man, friend
jodeie coast
joiuste pharynx
joiste cliff
joiwu inside
jone entirety, the whole
jote tooth
julyu spring
labe beach
labrinyu slime, mucus
lante demon, devil
Lantu Satan
lanzu trust
lende crotch
leuste screen, board stem of salleuste (monitor)
leyte string
liante peasant
Lictenstain Liechtenstein
limfu lymph
lontuzyu blindness lon- (inability) + tuzyuu (vision)
lonu inability
lope village
lorpe abyss
losyenu arrogance pride plus contempt
Lucsemburg Luxembourg
lyasmyu dusk When the sun is sinking.
lyepu cruelty
lyoife plateau
lyolyu obsidian
mabe mail, letter
mace the number "thirty"
madze pot, pan
mahe pig
mate door, gate
mele girl
melme younger sister
memte convention
metrone metron from Greek μέτρον
miaje well
midre devision, branch
mile flower
milte verb
mimu weakness
mimye droplet
modye game
mofre train, chain (big)
moieve wrist
mointyu gold
momyu amber
mondre noun
Mopral sine math, see hazmopral
moprale chord
morale buttok
morome hypothesis, suppose
morte truth
mose castle, fortress
mote cloud
mouju west
mule daughter
munu winter
myawe scales
myezhu carefulness
myotu lava
nacizhe a person who believes in religion Derivated from "nacaam" (to believe religiously). Together with avoc- (fake) refers to infidels (avocnacizha).
nane eye
nanoilu eyebrow
napre canal
nare home
narate narative poem Loan word.
nastuu sadness, sorrow
Nedzer Netherlands
neiste elbow
nere number "nine"
neze cup
ninte prophet
nizyu bitterness
nole younger brother
none world
nosloie function can be used mathematically
nuapu health
nube hill
nule number "zero"
nute war, battle Wannuta, the Jihad or holy war..
nu light Uncountable light
nyade bridge
nyone seed
nænte light Countable light
oce father
octe number "eight"
odu blue
odye farm
odze island
ofru length Ofriys: long.
ohale parade, march
oiampe part
oibe plate
oiblu pride
oilu hair
oje leg, lap
oldu bronze
olme fault
omu shadow; darkness
onte deep sleep, coma
onye trip, travel
opferte belly, stomach
opove smell
orre life
orrise organ shortened from orrisozyale, "organization of life"
ote language
otyu dawn When the sun is rising.
oulu wind
oulirivre windpipe, trachea
ozye virtue Ozyœ Hilloh: Iratua, Gomyesua, Ecforua, Dopua, Rasdyua, Swawua, Tranfua. (SDIRTGE)
pactu shortness **********
paje ranking
panyu dirt, earth
peshte time (duration)
pfame waist
pfegne chamber, room
pfonte body (whole) Can also be euphemism of corpse
pocte day
poctorre daily life
ponpu midnight The middle of night.
prasyu publicity
prede answer
prinu ability
protcu command, demand
prou question The actually noun root is "proth". That is, it's absolutive plural form is "prothit".
puru moisture
ralu purity
rame tear drop
rasdyu patience
reshorvu gluttony Similar to csestizhuu(waste), ustgantizhuu(eating fast)
rinmu contempt
rivre pipe
rolze month
rore moon
rozye local thing
ruye hole, pit
sacre nail
sade the number "twenty"
sadze nose
sale image, picture
samu poison
sane sibling
saple source
saru happiness
savoie valley
sawu kindness
sede sea smaller than ocean
sehe number "three"
seifinde triangle sei + finde
Seifindimetron trigonometry seifindi + metrone
seye finger
shaute lord, owner
Shin China
shoye friend, comrade, companion
shuju wildness
sime sin, trespass
simfonye symphony Loan word.
sinte stone
sintyawe lithopedion < sinte ("stone") + yawe ("kid"), literally "stone kid"
siontye rib bone
sipu dryness
size hero
slage child Of one family.
slagunu childhood < slage "child" + unu "time, period"
slanyu state of being together
slegone amethyst
slongu sanity
sluye torch
smadu sky
smoiye middle part
smoiyete median, line to middle part mathematic proper noun
snoirte lung
soite arm
sonnu noon The middle of  day.
sonoje oath
sontu history
sozyale system, organization
spoyeye tyrant
steanu nonsense Meaninglessness.
suite suite Loan word.
sulye chest, container
svobe sword
Swits Switzerland
syatolle celebration, congratulation
syaze forest, woods
syertu night When the sun is below the horizon.
syeze painting, draw
syolu authority
tahe saint
tatu shit Vulgar.
taigu taiga
tegru wood
tere cross
thate wolf
thatse tooth
thanu red
thertu scenary
thile year
tiane story, tale
tihtainu mercy
tlalu pollution
tlambe mountain
tlaze heart
tleifu lust
tlemoie palm
tloine element
tlopu hatred
tloye family, clan
tobru green
tochu amount
todorce oblation Offering of worship, often about to be sacrifised.
todove adjective
thoile hundred
topade palace
tose sound
tosce trick, disguise
tranfu humility
trase hand
treode edge, side can be used mathematically
trine jewel; precious
troipe ocean bigger than sea
truonu autumn
trute corner
tseru foreign thing
tunde single The adjective tund derived from it can refer to "being alone" or "lonely"
tuje arrow
tumu blood
tumirivre blood vessel rivre = pipe
tundru tundra
tuzyu vision
tyelu twilight
Twe Heaven Sometimes referring to Eden or Paradise.
uage sprit, soul
ubone statue
ucethu loyality
udze problem, trouble
uete proof, evidence, testimony
ummie that time, then
unatye monster
une time point root of ummie (that time, then)
unoigoyu tropics
unu time
unyu east
uope key
ure number "one"
urte shirt
ustu rapidity
usu ice
utye song
uzavre canyon smaller, narrower than valley
vabre star
vagnu minority
vandru meat
varvu oldness
vase body, torso
vatru possession
vece lip
verte snake
vharre hymn, holy song
vhorje horse
vivu curse; punishment
vordu spirit, mind
vourfu despair
vozu all things, everything
vuju vividness
vyawe head
vyole era, age, period
wadre plain
wadorre long glove Sometimes be seen as a symbol of elegance, arrogance, pride, nobility,or superiority complex.
To complain about someone's superiority complex, one can say "Pro bœzegs cuzus wadorraz doy?" (Lit. Can your long gloves be taken off?)
wanu holiness, sanctity "Wantwerra", the Christian cross.
wasande hall
wase bread
wasyu extreme
wawe flute
wecu evilness
wertye hope, wish Some such nouns ending in -tye have some relations ship with those verbs (mostly III verb) sharing the same stem. Cf. werus.
wessertye disappointment Negative form of wertya.
wesare number
winde chest, bosom
wirre disaster
wonde memory
wontse mouth
wonzhu sincerity
wulu reality
wuwagu certainity
yantiye valley
yayu worship
yawe kid A person under age 9 ~ 12.
yede gear
yehu fantasy
yeje glove
yematu sulfur
yertu music
yeyu despair
yodzu death
yontle back body and direction
Yorsh Yorshaan
yozgu beauty
yulu eternity
yume that (distal)
yure this
yuste that (medial)
yuyu insanity
zabe common point zab = same
zabote mill
zadye eagle
zaile number, quantity
zanle poem
zapre sole
zarfiju perfectness
zawu sober
zene word, phrase
zhasse time, count
zhene king
zidompe shoulder
zinde message, information
zhordu day When the sun is above the horizon.
zontu mystery
zozu electricity Zozthera: television. (Lit. electric scenary) Often written as ZT.
zuve miracle
zyoze peace
æfe view
ænaru orient
ænde the number "thousand"
œme knee
œnfu future


Yorshaan English Note
accem await
aicam hit, attack
alem drink
alon be (copula), do (+PRS PTCP) Used for antipassive voice.
anem start, begin, commence
anomam perform
ascem sacrifice
asem end, cease
azyam share
bacam open
bailam giggle
bapem seal, lock
barjam equip
bavam salvage, rescue
bazam rage, be mad
bergam taste
bindam walk
birdam wander Especially homelessly.
bislam touch
blamyem study, learn
blugem abandon, betray
bopam teach, educate
boram keep, save
boeutashem dream
brupem covet, try to benefit oneself from others
bujam ask
bumem desire, long, yearn for, want
butam wake, awake
buzram depend
boicam bloom
boizem be able to do, can
boissoizem be unable to do, fail  Derived from EMY bœzeem, added a infix "-ss-" and repeated vowel
calam live
calem breathe
camem laugh Because of happiness.
cardiye cardia (of stomach)
caslam nake
cazam startle, surprise
cebam forbid
cecroidem surround
cedram unit, merge
centam suffer
ceplam switch, change
cevam click
chatem collapse
chesam torture
choirtem shape, mold
chyastam lie, sit, be located at
cirtam raise
contam deceive, lie
conzam play (drama, show, instrument, trick)
corcam regret
coroisyem banish, ban
cofam attemp
cosam accompany, be with
covam break, destroy Relationship
cozam throw; quit, give up
credam inherit
csasem answer, reply
csestam waste
coihem summon, make sth. come
coilcam jump
coitem revenge
culjem judge, convict
cuzam take off, bramh off
dagem see
dedam observe, watch
docovam respond
dremyam rot
dzacem care
doifam play
doinem sing General action, cf. humam, pfadam, roscam
doirfem forgive
doizem notice, beware of
efam conquere
enfortam foretell, predict Lit. to decide in advance
egoihem ache
eilam tramt, believe
elintam throw, pitch
emam acknowledge
eton exist
eusatem reverse
fadre stomach
faisam understand, know
fartyem satisfy
fawam steal
fenadem try
fetam say, express
flawam murmur
flurtem indicate
fortam decide
fratlem mean
frayemam samtain
froinem change, turn, make AERG BABS froinem CINSTR = A change C into B
foisrem bury, cover
futem like, be interested in
gabrem sail
gantam eat
gegram govern, rule
gesam release
gnawem find
gnedam bore
gortsam hide
gradam lead, guide
gredyutem blink
gruyem endow, give, send
groirem sell
halcam battle, be at war scale bigger than "raytam"
hamzem hunt
hahamam walk over, cross
hazam commit, do
hensyam shine, spread AERG BABS hensyam CDAT = A shine B on C
holcam ignore
humam hum (sing without opening mouth) derived from the onomatopoeia of humming
huncem tell, speak, converse AERG BABS huncem CDAT = A tell B to C
idam sigh
ihalam must do, doomed to do, destined to do
ijatam convince
ijazem leave, depart
iliadam (candle, light, fire) go out; (poitic) die
irram accept
itam work
itham run
ithoitem determine
izam paame, halt
janem protect
jalam feel, experience
jalsem come
jasam scold, blame
jerafham cry, scream
jezam explain
joltam hurt, injure, wound
joinsyem continue
lasam erode, corrode
latam beg
logam scare
loigem look, gaze
malamem falsify
mandam wash
masam do, act, fulfill
meizam lose
melemam choose
melmam enjoy, appreciate
metyam escape, flee
mimam love
mamyem praise
minam be responsible for, should to do
manzem kiss
matlem fill
modnawem receive humbly Humble.
moignem escalate, fly
myuzam cheer, be happy
nacam believe religiously
nacrem cry, drop tear
nadam give birth to, bear
nedam thank
nefram turn, rotate
neitam attend
nentam lay, place
nentyam flow
netam promise
nijam invade
nizam be lack of
nolyam color nolyam + adj
nordam scream To shout in a high pitch. Mostly amed to describe the voice made by females.
nyoijem name, call
obam stand
oftam cut (with tool)
oidnem let
oiwem happen, cause
omam cultivate, stir soil
oram sleep; make someone sleep
pacam attack
parem ame
pastem color
pedoillem swear
pfadam sing the chorus, make sounds together
prartam punish
psajem listen
psayam hear
pseram go, come
psotam curse
poinem honor
rahem dare to do
raytam fight against, beat
rendam imply
roscam echo (singing, opinion, responce...)
rurem harden
saivam save
sansuwem disappear poetic "to die"
sassam march
satrem bless
saunam miss, slip by
saysem be tired of, be sick of
sazam stare
sebam introduce
sebitam employ introduce to work
segam shake
seuram test, examine
shavem need, require
shulem forget
sidam die
snadem create
sosam ache
spadem warn, alert, notify
stahem scatter
stuchem smile, grin
suwem appear
swegam fight, struggle Hard-working
syonam feed (animal) with grass, graze
soirdem be angry, rage, infruitiate
soisem think, ponder
syertam know, recognize
tadrem remove, delete
thadam destroy, ruin Objects, buildings
thainyam be born, come into existence
thunem dance
thoimem return, feedback
tlawem rise, arise
tobrinolyam vegetate literally "to color green"
toiyem incite
tomyam serve
topam deliver, sent
tugem transfer; pass
tyadam turn, twist Slowly and lightly
toifem hate, dislike
uprem close
varbem translate
vebam build, construct
veshyam admit
vestam hold (party, ceremony, etc.)
vobram equal
weram hope, wish
wamyem clean
yon be
zhasam twist Powerfully
zaidzam yell, scream To shout loudly. See nordam.
zilam shine
zoidem hold, seize, grab
zoirem possess, own, have
oirvem kill


Yorshaan English Suffix for Adverb Note
ad small NON
ayan special is
avoc lying (um)
filt different um
fort strong is
froin misleading, unclear is
gent fake, false (is)
hoir useless (is)
hith very NON
hosy young um
imaz gray, grey NON
la feeling good is colloquial
led bright is
matl creepy (is) colloquial
mvon true (is)
nim far is
porsh fragrant is
ras rosy NON
sar happy is
sep fast is
weth only, mere um


Yorshaan English Note
ces ever Emphasis
ithoim again From ablative of "thoimaru", gerund of "thoimem" ("to return")
jant just, not long before
pfost near
oins though
sort so, such


Yorshaan English
ummi then, thus, well

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