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Hangulization of NHMEdit

Vowels ( 0-* is used for the examples)

roman hangul roman hangul
i y
o w
ii u
a e
er ar
ou eu
ao oa
wu yu
ie ia
ei ai

initial consonants (block *a is used)

roman hangul roman hangul
m r
n l '라
nn j '차
t q '사
d cj ㅅ사
p çj ㅅ자
b ks ㄱ사
k ㄱ자
g mv ㅂ마
v '바 br ㅂ라
f '파 kr ㄲ라
s fr ㅈ라
z cr ㅊ라
c th
h ph
ç '가 kh
x gh ㄲ가

Final consonants (block 0-a-* is used), for having a final consonant with a tone it has no combination for, use the final graph used in tone one and put them as a sole graph (no intial and vowel) after the syllable.

roman hangul roman hangul
tone 1 tone 1 m
tone 2 tone 1 n
tone 3 tone 1 ng
tone 4 tone 1 l
tone 5 tone 2 l
tone 1 p tone 3 l
tone 1 k tone 4 l
tone 1 g tone 5 l
tone 1 s tone 3 k
tone 3 s tone 5 k
tone 4 s tone 2 n
tone 3 g tone 4 n

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