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Neonova Note is a one of the constructed languages for the fictional world of Ari'Vecielm, and is a programming language used in Song Magic, mostly by the Hymmnians of the Hymniel Clan. It has some similarities to the REON-4312 dialect in Ar Nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star and Ciel Nosurge.


History of this language is unknown.

Warning: This Page and its Lexicon is under heavy construction

Grammar Edit

Emotion Bank Edit

Lv. 1: Level Lv. 2: Emotion Lv. 3: Desirability
  • 103- conflicting, hard to define
  • 110- denial, refusal
  • 111- fairly, normal
  • 129- trance-like
  • a.s.p.
  • a.z.t.
  • g.w.f.
  • i.s.i.
  • n.q.h.
  • y.r.j.
  • A- I want this to last
  • E- I don't care what happens to me, I am indifferent


Symbols Edit

Symbol Sound Purpose Symbol Sound Purpose Symbol Sound Purpose
-> pe Definite Direct Object Marker, Equivalent to the English "the". <-> >> [A] >> [B] = Use [A] through [B]
<- @ >
<= <=> flisua to switch, switch x->
=> <-x <
<-x-> # -
_ $ {}
^ lai Tool/Instrument Marker & [] Verb Bank Holder
* ++> ()

Form Blocks Edit

Time Indication Edit

Form IPA Jap. Sound Role
A[] a
AI[] ai
E[] e
ExE->{} ekuze
I[] i
O[] o
U[] u

Grammar Forms Edit

Form Function

Ownership Edit

Advanced Grammar Edit


To see all of the known words of Neonova Note, please click here. Neonova Note/Lexicon

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