Neonova Note is a one of the constructed languages for the fictional world of Ari'Vecielm, and is a programming language used in Song Magic. It has some similarities to the REON-4312 dialect in Ar Nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star and Ciel Nosurge.


History of this language is unknown.

Warning: This Page and its Lexicon is under heavy construction

Grammar Edit

Number Sound Number Sound
0 o 1 i
2 a 3 e
4 u 5 ai
6 ei 7 ou
8 ao 9 ii

Emotion Bank Edit

Lv. 1: Level Lv. 2: Emotion Lv. 3: Desirability
  • _0_0_1 - non-existent
  • _0_0_5 - lethargy, unconscious
  • _0_1_7 - fairly, moderate
  • _0_5_8 - overload, infinite
  • _0_6_7 - very much
  • _1_1_0 - trance-like
  • _1_5_0 - a little
  • _1_6_0 - meaningfully, from the soul
  • _1_9_8 - faint, but existent
  • _3_2_6 - as if a godly level
  • _3_5_0 - denial, refusal
  • _3_5_9 - intentional, artificial
  • - anger, rage, wrath
  • j.n.s. - joy, happy
  • p.a.w. - power, strength
  • s.o.s. - desperation, earnestness
  • s.p.s. - hopeful
  • t.n.b. - sadness, sorrow
  • -A - I want this to last
  • -E - I don't care what happens to me, I am indifferent
  • -Ga - I never want to feel like this ever again
  • -I - I want this to stop
  • -Ki - I must help/protect what makes me feel like this
  • -Ma - I must consume what makes me feel like this
  • -N - I reject this feeling
  • -Na - I reject this feeling
  • -O - I accept this unto insanity
  • -Ra - I deserve this/this is my fate
  • -U - I must merge with what makes me feel like this
  • -Wa - Doesn't matter, I'll accept the current situation


Symbols Edit

Symbol Sound Purpose Symbol Sound Purpose Symbol Sound Purpose
-> pe Definite Direct Object Marker, Equivalent to the English "the". <-> rul is equivalent to the English 'or'. >> tria to use [A] through [B]
<- rio @ el Destination Marker >
<= sia <=> flisua to switch, switch x->
=> res <-x exa < ex equivalent to the English 'from'.
<-x-> # -
_ e $ de {} word bank for nouns
^ & en equivalent to the English 'and'. [] word bank for verbs
* ++> ()

Form Blocks Edit

Time Indication Edit


xxx- Temporal Status Indicator

yyy- Time Tense Indicator

Form IPA Function
(blank) normal, nothing, no effect
0 /ɒ/ (negation), won't~, never~, can't~
1 /ɪ/ passive
2 /ə/ reflexive
3 /ɛ/ imperative
4 /ʊ/ hypothetical
5 /ʌ/ present-progressive, continuous
6 /ʃ/ request
7 /ʧ͡ʰ/ forbidding, denying, order to not~
8 /ʤ/ conditional
9 /j/ causative
Form IPA Function
A /ə/ normal, present tense
E /ɛ/ future tense, will~, shall~
I /ɪ/ past tense, did~, has~
O /ɒ/ desirative, want to~, wish
U /ʊ/ potential-permissive, can~

Grammar Forms Edit

Form Function
{xxx}<-{yyy} [xxx] in regards to [yyy] ([yyy] is an additional subject that adds up to [xxx])
kod(xxx) Class Declaration Word Bank

Ownership Edit

Lexicon Edit

To see all of the known words of Neonova Note, please click here. Neonova Note/Lexicon

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