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This is the list of all the known words in the Neonova Note dialect.


Word Meaning
abyt nothingness, void, emptiness
ADDR Address Designation
aera air, the element of air
aflon school, academy, university, college
akad bind, restrain
aldus vision, image, prediction
alef enter, go in
alpha leader, throne
alt change, transform, alter, mutate
amplecti sermon, chant, prayer
an together, alongside with
ankau chain, shackle
anyork dream, daydream
aqer attack
aqua water, the element of water
arya save, rescue
asacet lies, deception, false, of lies
asuz day (24 hours)
atari city, metropolis, town, village
atmel soul, spirit, heart
au it
aura they (neutral)
AURUM=ZETA Name of the Neonova Note Server
auxl door, gate, hatch
aveyatha Divinity, Caelum, Aether, holy, divine, heavenly, ethereal, celestial, the element of Divinity
axleh red, crimson, blood
azelyo exchange, swap, switch
azerty emotion, feelings


Word Meaning
bakaqnas idiot, fool (derogative word)
bezel program, software, AI, system
bool download, absorb, install


Word Menaing
caelum heavens, sky
caere world
calma unstable, unbalanced
cazyo water, Hydro, Aqua, the element of water
char person, people, population, character
chi energy, power, energize
cie sky, the skies, atmosphere
ciola world, universe
Cls Class Word Declaration
com record, memory, memorize, remember
cryzo ice, the Element of ice, Cryos
cs channel, transfer, utilize, use
cselles turquoise
ctrl bye, goodbye, farewell
cygwyn swan
cyrix thank you


Word Meaning
deka target, aim at, lock on
delta system, protocol
Dialespim God's Protection
diff bitter, sour, disgusting
difx sweet, delicious
digama maiden, virgin
dje lord, leader, master
djervi land, plain
DW D-Waves (Material Energy)
dzelo famine, hunger, thirst, gluttony


Word Meaning
ebeleyaf darkness, dark, shadowy
ectifa white, pure, snow, pale
eeel mutual
ei good, good-hearted, kind, gentle
eidoz enemy, nemesis, opponent
ekary day, days
elifi crazy, wild, mad, insane
else speak, tell, inform, converse with, communicate with, commune with
elux honour, praise, exalt
emoji language, dialect
EmW Em-Waves (Elemental Energy)
enizoniq insanity, madness
epox raise, nurture, grow, lift
epzon black, bleak, pitch-black
eq do
error mistake, fault, sin, crime, commit a crime
esak bomb, mine
ESC Energy Signature Code
eta hold, wield, possess, carry, have
eth entity, existence
ethes god
ethesia goddess
etnahta haven, paradise, sanctuary, utopia
eval connect, link with, tie together, synchronize
evewef deity, immortal, entity, being that has ascended
eviqa woman, women, lady
exa declare, announce, make (something) known
exec execution, execute, put into action


Word Meaning
farl sentence, verdict
fax input, type in, enter (a code/message)
fijha welfare, well-being
for result, outcome
funai communicate, speak with, commune with, interact with, socialize with
fynacha pulse, beam, ray, laser
fztab symbol, sign, representation, represent, symbolize


Word Meaning
gamma flower, flora, plant
gangia absolutely, positively, surely, certainly
ge cruel, harsh, cold-hearted, cold, sadistic, evil
geim heart (organ)
geot earth, the element of earth
gi-a great, powerful, strong, mighty, higher
gi-z weak, inferior, lower
gib claw, blade, talon
geresh monster, demon
gje advance, progress, march
glagoli beast, creature
goto shell, cage, prison, jail, imprison


Word Meaning
halanta arrow
hamzo weapon, artillery
har he
harinya harmony, concord, balance, peace
has they (muscular)
hat him
hau his
hayana wing
hayez depression, despair, stress
her she
hes they (feminine)
het her
hiew mind, inner abyss
hori none, nothingness, void
hv and so, thus, therefore
HW H-Waves (Spiritual/Mental Energy)
hwesta feather, petal
hxael smart, wise, intelligent
hytha voice
hyma song, singing
HzW Hz-Waves (Emotion/Psychic Energy)


Word Meaning
icfiyata precious, beloved, fragile
icidull time
ID Identification Code
iem stop, halt, suspend
ifin play (an instrument)
ik I, me, myself, my
iliza purge, erase, delete, annihilate, exterminate
ilja save, rescue, salvation, help
inda big, large, gigantic, huge, humongous
infela love, to love
insyde lover
int enter, go in
iona come, arrive (time)
iota hear, listen
iwil scan, analyse, research, experiment on
iyomeja psychic, the element of psyche/mind, Psychos, Anima
izhitsa purification, cleansing, decontamination


Word Meaning
java heal, restore, healing, restoration
jenla pass, go by (time)
jeta target, search, locate, aim
jomenyur manipulation, control, influence
Jouenne God's Divine Power


Word Meaning
kai heavy
kallana kindness
kayah beloved (one[s])
kei approach, come, visit
khyud ice
kiez read, process, analyse, scan, comprehend, take in, absorb, download
kit give, send, bestow
kje lighter
kluge name, title, label
ksi wet
kvm reveal, disclose, show, expose
kye fulfill, complete
kylin create, craft (is mainly used to express when crafting a physical object)


Word Meaning
laam collect, gather, unify, unite, union, collection
label offering, gift, sacrifice
lambda virtue, prosperity
librifox library, place of knowledge
liedjne knowledge, wisdom, intelligence
linla embodiment, representative, symbol, manifestation
linux ignite, light up
liyon teach, lecture
lje horrible, terrible
ljota rock, stubborn, headstrong, stone
loop wonderful, excellent, terrific, amazing, outstanding
lumia light, the element of light, Lumina, Phos
lux hard, solid
LW LW-Waves (Time Energy)


Word Meaning
maiyamok gold, golden
mak see, look, watch, observe
malta shoot, fire
map guide, guidance, navigate, navigation
math trash, garbage
matlab with all one's effort
mel us, we
mu perfect, flawless
mutex code
myslite magic, sorcery


Word Meaning
nalga search, look for
nano end, terminate, put an end to, finish
naskapi realm, dimension, universe, world
ndole tame, dominate
ne the
neper eternity, eternal, eternally
nero null, void, emptiness, nothingness, nothing
ngeadal silver
nginx mission, duty, objective
nigahita goddess
nikahit extinction, end
nimh wide
nje nourish, raise, cultivate
no within, inside, in, inner
noqya hope, have hope, hopeful, of hope
noviti attack
nu narrow
nuhmen "Hey!" (is mainly used to attract attention, but it also can mean a sound of praise)
null erase, delete, wipe out
NW N-Waves (Destruction Energy)


Word Meaning
octet city, metropolis, town, village
ohre small, tiny
om over, beyond, on top of, on, above, ahead
omega transcend, surpass
omnicron install, download
omnis malice, cruelty, cruel
omul All, everything, everyone, every~
ongowl deed, action
ovonel fire, the element of fire, Pyros
oz of


Word Meaning
paiyanoi separate, divide
pajl revolution, cycle, loop
parse purging, purge
perl correct, amend, rectify
phi enter, go in
phid door, gate, gateway, portal, entrance
pi near, nearby, close
pop explode, explosion
pthaha gem, jewel, gemstone, mineral
PW P-Wave (Life Energy) (Otherwise known as Dynamic D-Waves)


Word Meaning
qairthra pink, rose, magenta
qefit shield, barrier
qeliyar devotees
qi create, craft (with magic/magically) Note: It's used to mean when one is creating something immaterial, supernatural, phenomenal or magical, like a song
qing sound, noise
qubit affectionately, lovingly, caringly
quesse disconnect, sever, detach
qulara please
QUON=DESILA Name of the Clusternia Note Server Satellite
quora system, network
quplo distance
qushaya radiance, brilliance, glow, illumination
qwerty scattered, dispersed


Word Meaning
ra by, from, derived from
rauva mirror, reflection
regex soul, spirit, ghost
reia advance, progress
resel fate, destiny
rho manipulate, control, influence, possess (a living being/someone)
roxyo signal, signpost
RW R-Waves (Space-Time Energy)


Word Meaning
sampi green, cyan
scala blue
scanf slowly
schwa quickly
seed origin, birth, beginning, cradle
sheek suffering, abuse, torture
shift move, shift, dodge, avoid, change, turn
shyna star
shyulra star, planet, comet, meteor, meteorite
sigma melody, tune, sound wave
siri continue, go on
sol sunlight, daylight, light
soyo more than anything/anyone else
stauros purple, violet, indigo, lavender
SW Reality Energy (SW-Waves)


Word Meaning
tab attack, strike
taesud orange
targu hatred, hate, loath
tau execute, put into action, initiate, perform, activate
tcl manipulate, control, influence (a concept/element/quality)
terre land, earth, surface, ground
tet change, alter, transform, metamorphise
theta reach for
thuhle path, way, road
tilera radiance, shine, radiant
tipeha opal
todo yellow
toxar tree, tower, skyscraper
trizquel friend, companion, ally, teammate
truu fight, battle, challenge
tvimadur restoration, healing, regeneration
tvrido trauma, traumatization
TzW Tz-Waves (Solar Energy)


Word Meaning
ubuntu maybe, possibly, perhaps
uilean white (can also mean purity or light)
uinye (sound) wave(s)
umbar black (can also mean darkness or corruption)
umbus darkness, the element of darkness
upsilon accomplished one, blessed one
urda order, authority
Ureshila Name of the Goddess of Creativity, Art and Craftsmanship
UW U-Waves (Resonance Energy)


Word Meaning
valanga amaranthine
van because of, due to
vazraka globe, sphere, ball, orb
virama good-hearted soul, kind people, good people
visarga teachings, doctrine
vista pulse, beam, ray
VxW Vx-Waves (Mana/Magic Energy)
vyueh make happen, orchestrate, perform, act


Word Meaning
wau fair, medium, average
wasla herb, spice
wazilo chaos, discord
woloso heart (organ)


Word Meaning
xante for the sake of~
xaveem demon, demons, evil beings
xel operate, work
xeon heart, soul, core of feelings
xerox foolishness, stupidity
xi measure, measurement (can also mean the symbols "m", "km", "cm", "mm")
xile countless, thousands, numerous
xirq swear, promise, vow
xrel liberate, free, release


Word Meaning
yamaha rose, rose petal
yamanjol acknowledgement, recognition
yenisei shape, form, appearance
yeru cat, meow, kitten
YGGDRASIL Name of the Tree of Life and the Alvuren Note and Arlesong Note Server
yizet play, frolic
yod trash, waste
yon you (subject)
yona you (subject plural)
yoni you (object)
yonia you (object plural)
yor your
yosemite technology, machinery
ytha sorry
yu distant, far-away
yzas soft


Word Meaning
zadmin shield, barrier, fortification
zag destruction, destroy, ruin, ruination
zarava prayer, orison
zeoz connect, tie together, unite, join together, link
zepto blade, sword, (sharp) edge
zeta care for, love (someone)
zhivete play (instrument)
zn become, transform into
zodiel death, die, kill, murder, mortality
zoran colour, dye
zqapha dance
zu this
zune connect, link together, tie together
ZW Z-Waves (Concept/Law Energy)
zynja petal, cherry blossom, blossom, sakura
zz (negation) no, cannot

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