The Neoslavonic language (NS) is a non-commercial project made for the inter-Slavic community. Neoslavonic is a zonal constructed language made to facilitate direct communication between speakers of Slavic languages group. This group covers Russian, Ukrainian, Rusyn, Belorussian, Polish, Sorbian (Lusatian), Czech, Slovak, Slovenian, Croatian, Bosnian, Montenegrin, Serbian, Macedonian, Bulgarian and various dialects. Over half of Europe's territory is inhabited by Slavic-speaking communities. The worldwide population of people having Slavic descent is close to 400 million.

Neoslavonic language design is based on the harmony of following three principles:

  1. To share grammar and common vocabulary with modern spoken Slavic languages in order to build a universal language that Slavic people can understand without any prior learning.
  2. To be an easy-learned language for those who want to use this language actively. Non-Slavic people can use this language as the door to the big Slavic world. We believe, that knowledge of NS enables both Slavic and non-Slavic people greater passive (e.g. receptive) understanding and better learning of the living Slavic languages.
  3. Neoslavonic continues the tradition of the Old Church Slavonic language (OCS). OCS was the first literary Slavic language, believed to have been artificially developed in the 9th century by two Byzantine Greek missionaries Saints Kyrillos and Methodios, who were credited with standardising the Slavic dialects and were using it for translating the Bible and other ecclesiastical texts as the tool of the Christianisation of the Slavic people. OCS is still frequently used by the Orthodox Church and sometimes also by the Roman-Catholics in many Slavic countries up to the present days. NS is designed as the modernised and simplified but still sufficiently compatible version of this language.

The address is here:

Interslavic newspapers is here:

Memorandum of the interslavic community is here: memorandum.

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