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idiomachungga vi
Type Fusional
Head direction
Tonal No
Declensions No
Conjugations Yes
Genders yes
Nouns decline according to...
Case Number
Definiteness Gender
Verbs conjugate according to...
Voice Mood
Person Number
Tense Aspect
Progress 0%
Nouns 0%
Verbs 0%
Adjectives 0%
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Words 200 of 5000
Creator Julgat
Boracish (pronounced boh-rak-ish) is a language created by Julgat. It is a language for his imaginary country called the Chungganation. A number of people will use this language for distinguishable purposes. It was first created last May 10, 2016 in Julgat's home in the capital city of Julgat, Chungganation. An interview from Julgat says that he will use his for his latest novel under construction, but mostly for personal uses only.


The Boracish language is much like the English alphabet, only with addition of the letter ñ (Alt+164) and ç (Alt+135) Some grammar rules also need the letters á, é, í, ó, and ú.


Singular Plural













She ela
We nus
They yo
It et

Verb ConjugationsEdit

Special conjugations to remember:
One-word conjugation (when the verb is the only word in the sentence) - comos
First-word conjugation (when the verb is the first word in the sentence) - comer

Simple TenseEdit

with the verb coma (to eat)

Past Present Future
jul comna comi comere
comed comu comisu
il comí come comni
ela comera coma comja
nus comedos comes comé
yo comno como comda
et comar com comba

Progressive TenseEdit

Past Present Future
jul estistadi comev esti comev esti weísti comev
estustadu comuru estu comuru estu wustu comuru
il estestade comini este comini este weste comini
ela estastada comadi esta comadi esta westa comadi
nus estatestades comendis estes comendis estes westes comendis
yo estostado comindo esto comindo esto westo comindo
et estadum comum estum comum estumwe comum

Perfect TenseEdit

Past Present Future
jul anacomidi acomidi arecomidi
adcomiva acomiva asucomiva
il ícomidsa acomidsa anicomidsa
ela aracomisa acomisa ajacomisa
nus adoscomideri acomideri écomideri
yo anocomiden acomiden adacomiden
et árcomirada acomirada


For the perfect progressive tense, combining is needed.
(English) I have been eating (Boracish) esti acomidiev

Noun CasesEdit

All suffixes are added after the noun.

Nominative Case
The nominative case is like the subject of the sentence.
(English) The boy is eating ice cream. (Boracish) el nino este comini sorbetera.

Accusative Case
The accusative case is like the direct object of the sentence. It has a suffix of -ra.
(English) The chef is cooking dinner. (Boracish) el chefo este lutandi cenara.

Dative Case
The dative case is the indirect object of the sentence. It has a suffix of -atu.
(English) I gave him a brand new toy. (Boracish) jul givna ilatúna toya suprabaga.
Note: Two duplicate vowels equals an accented form. a + a = á. Same goes for the rest of the vowels.

Ablative Case
The ablative case indicates movement from something. It has a suffix of -mula.
(English) We are going from the house to the restaurant. (Boracish) nus punté casamulá ristora.

Causative Case
The causative case indicates the cause. It has a suffix of -porque.
(English) I am here because of you. (Boracish) jul isti dito túporque.

Genitive Case
The genitive case indicates the ownership. It has a suffix of -de.
(English) That is your new computer. (Boracish) este ist la computadora baga túdea.
Note: An a was added due to a rule in Boracish regarding it.

Vocative Case
The vocative case is like the direct address. It has a suffix of -jo.
(English) Rodrigo, do your best. (Boracish) rodrigojo, doça tu supabuenora.

Locative Case
The locative case indicates location. It has a suffix of -en.
(English) She is in the shop. (Boracish) ela ista el groçaen.

Instrumental Case
The instrumental case indicates an object used in action. It has a suffix of -con.
(English) You don't eat with your hands dirty. (Boracish) poknat comes camacon dedu.

Compound Case
The compound case indicates a compound thing. It has a suffix of -ya to be placed on both nouns.
(English) Pen and paper are used in writing. (Boracish) penya papelya son usado en escribando.

Adjectival Case
The adjectival case indicates a noun modified by an adjective. It has a suffix of -is.
(English) She is such a beautiful person. (Boracish) ela ista sucha una jomaisa degada.

Questionable Case
Indicates a noun followed by a question. It has a suffix of -un.
(English) What game are you playing? (Boracish) que larún istu juguru?

Adverbial Case
Indicates a noun followed by an adverbial. It has a suffix of -li.
In Boracish, adverbials are described as an adverb in form but different in function. Example: daily
(English) I'm doing my daily exercise. (Boracish) jul esti comev mi ejercira endiali.


Unlike a base 10 numbering system, the Boracish language uses a base 46 numbering system.

Boracish Representation
0 wal
1 go
2 scu
3 da
4 mal
5 mo
6 la
7 bo
8 vi
9 be
10 ja
12 í
13 de
14 jor
15 ve
16 re
17 il
18 sa
19 taw
20 am
22 júl
24 en
25 pa
26 ca
27 ga
31 ag
32 cu
33 cor
35 ab
36 ba
37 flo
38 ma
39 ri
40 pas
41 bas
42 bar
43 bla
44 baw
45 ber
46 gowal

1 x (461) + 0 x (460)

47 gogo 1 x (461) + 1 x (460)
48 goscu 1 x (461) + 2 x (460)
49 goda 1 x (461) + 3 x (460)
679 jorab 14 x (461) + 35 x (460)
911 tawflo 19 x (461) + 37 x (460)
1,000 ságà 21 x (461) + 34 x (460)
1,738 floba 37 x (461) + 36 x (460)
2,116 gowalwal 1 x (462) + 0 x (461) + 0 x (460)

Notable Proper NounsEdit

English Name Nationality Language Country
American Americano America
Brazilian Brasiliano Brazilia
British Brito Brito Royada Unida
Chinese Chino Chino China

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