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This page is a list of common weak verbs for the language New English.

byrgen - to taste; (byrgde, gebyrgd)

dælen - to share; (dælde, gedæld)

drencen - to submerge; (drencte, gedrenct)

folgen - to follow; (folgte, gefolgt)

grœten - to greet; (grœtede, gegrœted)

halgen - to hallow; (halgte, gehalgt)

langen - to long for; (langte, gelangt)

læden - to lead; (lædede, gelæded)

læren - to teach; (lærde, gelærd)

lengen - to lengthen; (lengte, gelengt)

lysten - to please; (lystede, gelysted)

maken - to make, do; (makte, gemakt)

melden - to announce; (meldede, gemelded)

nappen - to doze off, nap; (nappte, genappt)

resten - to rest; (restede, gerested)

salfen - to annoint; (salfte, gesalft)

scryden - to clothe; (scrydede, gescryded)

scyrten - to shorten; (scyrtede, gescyrted)

senden - to send; (sendte, gesendt)

senken - to cause to sink; (senkte, gesenkt)

sparen - to spare; to save (tech); (sparde, gespard)

spræden - to spread; (sprædede, gespræded)

strengen - to strengthen; (strengte, gestrengt)

waken - to be awake; (wakte, gewakt)

wandern - to wander (wanderde, is gewanderd)

wuldern - to glorify; (wulderde, gewulderd)

wunden - to wound; (wundede, gewunded)

wundern - to wonder; (wunderde, gewunderd)

wunen - to live in, dwell; (wunde, gewund)

wyscen - to wish; (wyscte, gewysct)

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