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Cardinal NumbersEdit

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  • 1-20: an, tweȝn, þrie, fier, feif, six, sefen, aht, neiȝn, tien, endlefen, twelf, þrietien, fiertien, feiftien, sixtien, sefentien, ahttien, neiȝntien, tweȝntiȝ
  • decades: tien, tweȝntiȝ, þrittiȝ, fiertiȝ, feiftiȝ, sixtiȝ, sefentiȝ, ahttiȝ, neiȝntiȝ, 100-hund/hundred, 110-endlefentiȝ, 120-twelftiȝ
  • hundreds: hund/hundred, twahund, þriehund, fierhund, feifhund...
  • larger numbers: þusend, tienþusend, hundþusend, Million (10^6), Billion (10^9), Trillion (10^12), Quadrillion (10^15), Quintillion (10^18), et al.

Ordinal NumbersEdit

  1. ærste
  2. tweȝnþe, oðer
  3. þridde
  4. fierþe
  5. feifte
  6. sixte
  7. sefenþe
  8. ahtþe
  9. neiȝnþe
  10. tienþe
  11. endlefenþe
  12. twelfte
  • twentiȝþe, hundredste, endlefentiȝþe, twelftiȝþe, þusendste, millionste, etc.

Writing numbersEdit

Writing numbers: when writing numbers, like in German, they are written together, with the digits preceding the decades. When writing hundreds, you write hundred when it's an even hundred (100, 200,..., 900), but otherwise, the shortened form is used.

  • 31: anandþrittiȝ
  • 110: endlefentiȝ
  • 111: endlefentiȝaan, aanhundendlefen
  • 120: twelftiȝ
  • 125: twelftiȝfeif, aanhundfeifandtweȝntiȝ
  • 200: tweȝnhundred
  • 210: tweȝnhundtien
  • 255: tweȝnhundfeifandfeiftiȝ
  • 568: feifhundahtandsixtiȝ
  • 9327: neiȝnþusendþriehundsefenandtweȝntiȝ


  • For the first time: formen seiðe
  • For the second time: oðern seiðe
  • For the third time: þridden seiðe
  • and so on: ordinal+en seiðe

Once, twice,...Edit

  • once: æne
  • twice: twiwe
  • thrice: þriwe
  • four times: fierwe
  • five times: feife
  • six times: sixe
  • and so on: sefne, ahte, neiȝne, tiene, endlefne, twelfe,
  • The formula is: cardinal plus e

Distributive NumbersEdit

  • One each: ænliepige
  • Two each: be tweȝnen
  • Three each: be þrienen
  • Four each: be fieren
  • And so on: be cardinal+en ending


  • One and a half: oðre Half
  • Two and a half: þridde Half
  • two and a half kids: þriddehalf Cilder
  • 2/3: twejn Þriddlinge
  • 4/7: fier Sefenþlinge
  • 8/21: aht Aanandtweȝntiȝþlinge

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