List of verbsEdit

NE Definition
akweinen to dwindle away
areisen to arise
ætweiten to blame, approach
beiden to await
behleiden to cover
beleifen to remain
besceiten to befoul
besmeiten to pollute
beiten to bite
bleiken to shine
ceinen to crack
dreifen to drive
dweinen to dwindle
fleiten to strive, quarrel
gereisen to befit
geweiten to depart
gleiden to glide
gneiden to rub together
greipen to seize
ȝeinen to yawn
ƕeinen to whizz
kleifen to stick, adhere
kneiden to beat
leihen to lend
meigen to make water, urinate
leiðen to go, sail
meiðen to avoid
neigen to incline
neipen to grow dark
neiten to knock
reiden to ride
reinen to touch
sceinen to shine
screiðen to go, proceed
screifen to prescribe
seihen to strain
seiken to sigh
seigen to sink
sleiden to slide
sleiten to slit
sneiken to crawl
sneiðen to cut
speiwen to spew, spit
steigen to ascend
streifen to strive (a French loan word)
streiken to stroke
streiden to stride
sweiken to cease from
sweifen to sweep
teihen to accuse
þeihen to thrive
þweinen to grow soft
þweiten to hew
tesleifen to split
weiken to yield, give way
wleiten to gaze
wreiden to grow, flourish
wreiðen to twist
wreiten to write

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