Nove Latinus is just a very simplified Latin. I created this language as a means to help with the vocabulary of most of todays Romance Languages.


Consonents Bilabial Labio-Dental Dental Alveolar Post-Aveolar Palatal Velar Glottal
Nasel m ng
Stop p   b k   g
Affricative tS   dZ
Fricative f   v θ   ð S   Z x h
Approximant w
Lateral l
Rhotic r

Vowels Front



Close Long Short Long Short



i: u:
Open-Mid e: I o: u
Open ε o
a: a


The only things about this that is needed to be noted is that 'ph' in not a 'f' sound; the 'p' and 'h' are pronounced separatly. The same is not for 'th'.

Writing SystemEdit

Letter Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee Ff Gg Hh Ii Jj Kk Ll
Sound ah be ke de eh eff ge ha ee jo ka ell
Letter Mm Nn Oo Pp Qq Rr Ss Tt Uu Vv Ww Xx
Sound emm enn oh pe ku err ess te oo ve wa eks
Letter Yy Zz
Sound why zee



Nouns are very easy to spot in a Nove Latinus sentence because they all end in -us, or for plural -um. Example: Domus-House and Hominus-Man. For the possession of nouns the word 'del'(of the) is simply place before the subject and what the subject has or owns. Ex: Graphus del puellus.- The pencil of the girl.


Like nouns, verbs are easy to spot. The tense of the verbs are only Past(-im), Present(-i), and Future(-it). Ex: Me veni.-I am coming. Me venit.-I will come. and Me venim-I came. The only irregular verb is esti(to be) it conjagates like this: Past(este), Present(est), Future(esti)


The only difference between English and Nove Latinus syntax is that adjectives go after the noun. Ex: Le hominus alte.-The tall man.

Example textsEdit

-The First Article of the Universal Declaration of Human RightsEdit

En Nove Latinus: Omne hominum nati libe e equale en dignitatus e diritus. Eu praedi cum causus e conscienctus e actit at un alius en un spiritus de fratusnitus. -Declarus Universalus de Diritum del Hominum.

In Latina: Omne homines nacuntur liberi et pares dignitat et jure, sunt da rationis et consientiae, et agendu inter spiritu de fraternitat. -Declaratio Universalis de Hominis Luribus.

In English: All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience end should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood. -Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

-The Lord's Prayer(2016 Ver.)Edit

Nost Patrus, qui est en Cielus,

Sanctife est Ter nomus;

Ter rengus vini,

Ter voluntus facit,

En Terrus ut illu est en Cielus.

Donit nos hoc dius nost diamus panus,

E pardonit nos nost poccus,

E pardonit hic quad poccus versus nos.

E Ductit nos non en at tentatus,

Ac liberit nos ex malus.

-The Lord's Pray(2012 Ver. of Nove Latinus; showing from where I started from.)Edit

Patro nost, qui es en Cielo,

Tue nom santigit,

Tue regno venit,

Tue mos focit

En Terro ut illu es en Cielo.

Donitat nost hoc dia nost dianu pano,

Et pardonit nost pocco nost

Et pardonit hic qui pocci versus nost.

Et ductit nost non en at tentato

Ac Liberit nos ex malo.

Further NotesEdit

I plan on making a Memrise coures for Nove Latinus for those interested in learning it. Gratias e Vale.

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