Novoslavski is a constructed language intended for communication between speakers of different Slavic languages. It is derived from other constructed languages including Slovianski and Neoslavonic, as well as native Slavic languages like Russian and Serbian. The grammar has been simplified considerably by reduction in the number and complexity of inflections in nouns , verbs and adjectives. It is hoped that this has not reduced the resulting language to an Esperanto-like state where a great number of words have become unrecognisable and sound ridiculous to the ear of a native Slavic speaker, but that the sound of the language remains reasonably recognisable to them.

This short course attempts to present the grammar in logical stages, building on the previous sections. It is expected that someone wishing to learn Novoslavski already has some knowledge of one or more Slavic languages, but this is not essential. Throughout the text, all Novoslavski words are given in both Latin and Cyrillic characters, to assist persons who are unfamiliar with Cyrillic texts. Some brief exercises are included as illustrations of the grammar outlined in each section, but it has not been intended to provide a comprehensive vocabulary, as there are excellent dictionaries of Slovianski and Neoslavonic available on the Internet. Novoslavski uses these dictionaries, with some occasional differences in spelling, etc.

It is possible to utilise either Latin or Cyrillic to write Novoslavski, although Cyrillic is the preferred option as it does not require accented characters. Minor variations in orthography are possible if certain characters are not available on particular word processors, such as the substitution of y, j, ja and ju for Cyrillic ы, й, я and ю. The alphabets and writing conventions are detailed in the next section.


Novoslavski Cursive

The link below will take you to my website where you can download the file Novoslavski Grammar.pdf

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