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Basic GrammarEdit

Articles Edit

Definite Articles Edit

Singular Plural
Masculine lu u
Feminine la le

Indefinite Articles Edit

Singular Plural
Masculine unu unus
Feminine una unas


Pronouns Edit

Personal Pronouns Edit

I Eu
You (singular) Tue
He Elu
She Ela
It On
We Nues
You (plural) Voseus
They Lus

Demonstrative Pronouns Edit


Singular Plural Before Vowel (Singular) Before Vowel (Plural)
Masculine Assu Assus Assut Assutus
Feminine Assa Assas Assat Assatas


Singular Plural Before Vowel (Singular) Before Vowel (Plural)
Masculine Acestu Acestus Acest' Acestus
Feminine Acesta Acestas Acest' Acestas

Possessive Pronouns Edit

singular plural
masculine feminine masculine feminine
possessor 1st person singular meu mea meus meas
plural nustru nustra nustres
2nd person singular teu tea teus teas
plural vustru vustra vustres
3rd person singular seu sea seus seas
plural lusu lusa luses

Verbs Edit

The Infinitive Edit



Example textEdit


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