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Type hermetic
Alignment Active
Head direction Front
Tonal No
Declensions Yes
Conjugations Yes
Genders Male, Female, Neuter
Nouns decline according to...
Case Number
Definiteness Gender
Verbs conjugate according to...
Voice Mood
Person Number
Tense Aspect
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Words of 2,000
Creator lowtide819


Okemunatel is spoken by the Okeman people in a world much like Earth. They tend not to linger on poetic notions, yet even a single word can convey the utmost detail. Th Okeman are a political nation with a focus on equality. Because of this, masculine and feminine traits are looked down upon and seen as a sign of weakness; succumbing to either extreme is viewed as a lack of control, the most revered trait of all. Neutrality and androgyne traits are praised as it shows complete balance between the two 'life forces' and allows for no bias.

Phonology Edit


Labial Coronal Dorsal Glottal
Denti -Alveolar Palatal Velar Uvular Pharyngeal Epiglottal Glottal
Plosive Voiced p t k
Voiceless b d g ʔ
Affricate Voiced j /dʒ/
Voiceless ch /tʃ/
Fricative Voiceless f th /θ/ s sh /ʃ/ ch /x/ h
Voiced v dh /ð/ z zh /ʒ/ ɦ
Rhotic Trill r r /ʁ/
Flap r /ɾ/
Nasal m n ng /ŋ/
Approximant r /ɹ/ y /j/
Lateral fric.
Lateral app.
Lateral flap

Here are the consonants and their meanings:

P- Masculine

B- Soil/Time

M- Self/Retain

F- Moon/Slow

V- Sun/Fast

DH- Famine/Poor/Lack of

TH- Thought/Head

T- Legs/Travel

D- Rock/Hard

R'- Food/Money/Excess

R"- Wind/Activeness

R- Beast/Uncultured

ʁ- Gut/Spirit

G- Death/Stop

K- Fire/Power

NG- Under/Negativeness

N- Hands/Create

SH- Sibling/Combination/Duo

ZH- Sound/Communication

S- Above/Positiveness

Z- Ice/Passiveness

J- Feminine

CH- Eyes/Education

H!- Clay/Body/Person

H@- Life/Begining

H- Water/Weakness

CH!- Secret/Hidden

Y- Sideways/Less

ʔ- Neuter


Front Near-front Central Near-back Back
High ő (bEEt) o͈ (bOOt)
Near-high ó (bIt) o̗ (bOOk)
High-mid o͓ (bAIt) o̖ (bOAt)
Mid o̅ (bUt) o̲ (pAW)
Low-mid ò (bEt) o̥ (About)
Low o̽ (bAt) o̳ (pOt)

Every vowel has a meaning when used in making a noun or adjective. (I have listed these in order going down from the left.)

EE- Feminine

AI- Good

I- Small

E- Neuter

A- Young

U- Near

(A is skipped because this vowel is only separated from U when it is at the start of a word)

OO- Bad

OA- Big

O- Masculine

OO- Far

AW- Old


Each vowel must come before or after a consonant, and vice versa. No double vowels or double consonants.

Writing SystemEdit

Letter Ց Թ
Sound P B M F V Dh Th T D R (tapped)(R') R (rolled)(R")
Letter ɥ և Ս Ո
Sound R R (guttural)(ʁ) G K Ng N Sh Zh S Z J
Letter ƕ ڪ
Sound Ch H with tongue close to palatte (H!) Soft Blow (H@) H Hard Ch (CH!) Y ʔ



Nouns are signified by the prefix DaMaGaZa- (for formal communication) or DaZa- (for informal conversation)

Adjectives Edit

Adjectives are signifies by the prefix KaRaShaFa- (for formal communication) or KaFa- (for informal conversation)

Verbs Edit

Verbs are conjugated according to tense (Past, Past hypothetical, Past negative, Active, Active hypothetical, Active negative, Future, Future hypothetical, and Future Negative), and person (First person singular, Third person masculine singular, Third person neuter singular, Third person feminine singular, Second person singular, First person plural, Third person masculine plural, Third person neuter plural, Third person feminine plural, and Second person plural). Each hyphen represents a consonant inserted in between the vowels to signify the meaning of the verb. Before each verb, the prefix BaRaCH!aDa- (for formal communication) or BaDa- (for informal conversation) is said to let the listener know the upcoming word is a verb. 

1p. s 2 p. s 3 p. s (m) 3 p. s (n) 3 p. (f) 1 p. p 2 p. p 3 p. p (m) 3 p. p (n) 3 p. p (f)
Past Neg. O-O-O-O O-O-O-U O-O-O-A O-O-O-E O-O-O-I O-O-U-O O-O-U-U O-O-U-A O-O-U-E O-O-U-I
Past O-A-O-O O-A-O-U O-A-O-A O-A-O-E O-A-O-I O-A-U-O O-A-O-U O-A-U-A O-A-U-E O-A-U-I
Past Hypo. O-E-O-O O-E-O-U O-E-O-A O-E-O-E O-E-O-I O-E-U-O O-E-O-U O-E-U-A O-E-U-E O-E-U-I
Act. Neg. I-O-O-O I-O-O-U I-O-O-A I-O-O-E I-O-O-I I-O-U-O I-O-U-U O-E-U-A I-O-U-E I-O-U-I
Active I-A-O-O I-A-O-U I-A-O-A I-A-O-E I-A-O-I I-A-U-O I-A-O-U I-A-U-A I-A-U-E I-A-U-I
Act. Hypo. I-E-O-O I-E-O-U I-E-O-A I-E-O-E I-E-O-I I-E-U-O I-E-U-U I-E-U-A I-E-U-E I-E-U-I
Fut. Neg. A-O-O-O A-O-O-U A-O-O-A A-O-O-E A-O-O-I A-O-U-O A-O-U-U A-O-U-A A-O-U-E A-O-U-I
Future A-A-O-O A-A-O-U A-A-O-A A-A-O-E A-A-O-I A-A-U-O A-A-U-U A-A-U-A A-A-U-E A-A-U-I
Fut. Hypo. A-E-O-O A-E-O-U A-E-O-A A-E-O-E A-E-O-I A-E-U-O A-E-U-U A-E-U-A A-E-U-E A-E-U-I

Each consonant has a different meaning, making up different verbs when placed in different spaces. Because the first space for a consonant signifies the environment/location of the verb, the second space signifies a description of the action taking place, and the last space is an adjective describing the verb, 21,000+ verbs can be made.

Using the charts above, the verb 'he might run' would be ATER"OVA. The first A signifying the future, the T signifying the location of the verb (legs), the E signifying the hypothetical aspect of the verb, the R" signifying movement in the verb, the O showing that the subject is singular, the V signifying the fast movement, and the final A showing the perspective of 3rd person singular (masculine).


Okmunaatl uses an VSO sentence structure.


Example textEdit

My name is Alexander Hamilton, and there's a million things I haven't done; just you wait...

BaraCH!ada iH@aH!obo Alekesanader Hamiliton, R'a oH!oR"ono zu; kizhi aH!ezozo...

o̳ᙂo̳óƕo̖ઈo̖ o̽ગò೭òՍo̽ևòჁòᙂ ມo̽Ցóગòᕆo̅և, o̖ƕo̖o̖ևo̖ Ոo͈; òò o̽ƕòՈo̖Ոo̖...

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