English PoS Old Elvish Notes
abandon v. delen
abandonment n. delin
abate v. contenen
abdicate v. adicen
abhor v. abominen
ability n. faculat
abolish v. estengen
abolishment n. estengin
abominable adj. detentres
abominate v. detentren
abomination n. detentrin
abrupt adj. abreta
absent adj. ausis
absent n. ausos
absolute adj. pulrus
absorb v. konspen
absurd adj. aubsé one of the rare adjectives where an accent is used
absurdity n. aubsin
abundance n. besdatin
abundant adj. besdatia
abuse v. abuten
abuse n. abutein
abusive adj. abutin
academic adj. amorentia
academy n. amorentin
accelerate v. receluren
acceleration n. recelurin
accent n. oln one of the rare words where "l" and "n" are adjacent to one another
accept v. asernen
acceptable adj. asernin
acceptance n. asernin
access v. aseonen
access n. aseonin
accessible adj. aseones
accident n. casros
accidental adj. casre
accomplish v. confencen
accomplishment n. confencin
according to prep. er + acc.
achieve v. emolien
achievement n. emolīn
act v. anten
act n. antein
active adj. antuon
activity n. antean
actual adj. etia
add v. acænden rare uses of æ
adept adj. ineptas
adjust v. commaen no one knows why "æ" isn't used here
admirable adj. amirin
admire v. amiren
admission n. amitin
admit v. amiten
admonish v. admeonen
admonition n. admeonin
adopt v. asumpen
adoption n. asumpin
adorable adj. lines
adoration n. min
adore v. men
adult adj. ulred
adult n. ulrid
advance v. diecten
advance n. diectin
advantage n. icus
adventure n. otol
advice n. asidum
advise v. asiden
affect v. fectien
affection n. fectīn notice how it changes from "fectiin" to "fectīn"
affectionate adj. fectines
afford v. duen
afraid adj. ecstemes
afternoon n. paremidin
again adv. re'[verb] explained in homepage under grammar>apostrophe
age v. aeta
age n. aetus
aggressive adj. infeso
aggressiveness n. infes
aggressor n. infon
agile adj. pernis
agilitiy n. pernam
agitate v. adflen
agitation n. adflin
ago adv. a + noun not attached
agree v. acipen
agreement n. acipin
agriculture n. arateo
aid v. adminen
aid n. adminin
aide (helper) n. adminon
aim v. fecten
aim n. fectin
air n. ir
alarm v. coternen
alarm n. coternin
alas! inter. ve!
alert v. erhen
alert adj. erhes
alert n. erhin
alertness n. erhoin
alive adj. anuro
all n. to
allow v. oncen
allowable adj. onces
almost adv. fer
alone adv. ceses
alone adj. cesin
aloud adv. cerus
already adv. am
also adv. en
although conj. cum
always adv. semprus
amaze v. stupen
ambition n. cupoda
ambush v. indesen
ambush n. indesin
amount n. alicis
amuse v. delen
amusement n. delin
ancestor n. atae
ancestry n. atius
ancient adj. aclo
and conj. e
anger v. bilen
anger n. bilin
angry adj. bilies
animal n. malea
announce v. denuen
announcement n. denuin
annoy v. carpen
annoyance n. carpin
anonymous adj. delal lit., "no one"
another adj. an
answer v. asonen
answer n. asonin
ancticipate v. antesipen
anticipation n. antesipin
antique adj. aclo
anxiety n. istus
anxious adj. ang
any adj.,n. in
anybody (anyone) n. ce
anything n. ina
anywhere adv. abici
apart adv. di
appear v. paren
appearance n. parin
apple n. falme
appreciate v. intellen
appreciation n. intellin
appreciative adj. intellens
approach v. aceden
approach n. acedin
approachable adj. acedes
appropriate v. adripen
appropriate adj. amoder
approval n. purbin
approve v. purben
area n. fin
argue v. giten
arguement n. gitin
arm n. ala
army n. agma
arrange v. comen
arrangement n. comin
arrival n. advin
arrive v. adven
arrow n. chalis
art n. arta
artist n. artor
artistic adj. artes
as adv. eka
as conj. it
ask v. adoren
assemble v. ceoen
assembly n. ceoin
as soon as conj. ta
astonish v. admiren
astonishment n. admirin
attach v. dregen
attachment n. dregin
attack v. adoren
attack n. adorin
away adv. as
awful adj. formides

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