English PoS Old Elvish Notes
baby n. libe
back v. tergen
back n. tergin
back adv. ab' + verb attached
bad adj. mal
badness n. males
bag n. folli
bake v. atropen
balcony n. perulus
bald adj. calvita
baldness n. calvite
ball n. pil
ban v. abgen
ban n. abgin
barn n. horrus
basic adj. mani
basic(s) n. manid
basically adv. manæ rare use of æ
basket n. bascod
bath n. perlin
bathe v. perlen
be v. se irregular
beach n. lite
beacon n. egna sometimes "egnâ"
beam v. ilucen
beam n. ilucin
bear v. iferen
bear n. acantho
beard n. bara
beast n. eloa
beat v. baten
beat n. batin
beautiful adj. bëae BAY-uh; very special diphthong
beauty n. bëo
because conj. cua KWAH; special irregularity of soft c
because of prep. abs
become v. escen
bed v. cubilen
bed n. cubila
bedroom n. cubile
bee n. alvia
beehive n. alvea
before prep. an' + object accusative, attached
before conj. an' + first verb first verb in clause takes an' as precedent and also conjunctive
before adv. ante
beg v. corragen
beggar n. corragon
begin v. acen
beginning n. acin
behave v. praeben
behavior n. praeban
behind adv. pon' + verb "move behind, move back": pon'cein!
behind conj. pon' + first verb attached to first verb in clause, also takes on conjunctive
being n. malea lit., "animal"
belief n. accredin unusual noun with two of the same letters adjacent to one another without an apostrophe
believable adj. accredes
believe v. accreden
bell n. pala
belong (to) v. adiuncten + accusative
below adv. sub' + verb/noun "move below!": sub'cein!
below prep. sub' + accusative
bend v. arcen
bend n. arcin
beneath adv. sub' + verb/noun "the bell below": sub'pala
beneath prep. sub' + accusative
benefit v. beficen
benefit n. befica
benign adj. benîe one of the rare uses of a diatrix in an adjective
berry n. bacus
beside prep. Click, go to nouns>declensions>"next to" apudessive case
besides adv. en
betray v. proditen
betrayal n. proditin
between prep. Click, go to nouns>declensions>"between" intrative case
beware v. praecaven "beware!": praecavein!
beyond adv. ex'+subject attached
beyond prep. ex'+object accusative, attached
big adj. graes
bind v. adligen
binding n. adligin
bird n. alitis
birth n. genin
bit n. frusta such as "a small part"
bite v. admorden
bite n. admordin
black n. atura
black adj. aturam
blame v. culpen pronounced "kulpen"
blame n. culpin
bleed v. cruden
bless v. beaititen
blind v. caeciten
blind adj. caecites
blink v. coniven
blink n. conivin synonymous with "wink"
block v. clauden
block n. claudin
blood n. crudin
bloody adj. crudes
bloom v. ifloresen also "efflorescen"
bloom n. efflorescin
blow v. adflen
blow n. adflin
blue n. caerula
blue adj. caerulam
boast v. ebullien
boast n. ebullin scholars are trying to figure out why it isn't "ebullīn"
boat n. aphracte
body n. orsa
boil v. concen
bold adj. audact
boldness n. audactes
bone n. os
book n. bin
both adj. ambi
both conj. ambi'+subject-subject "both the book and the boat": ambi'bin-aphracte
both n. plu. ambid
bottom n. fundes
bottom adj. funda
bow v. curven
bow n. curvin
boy n. purius
brag v. ebullien synonymous with "boast"
brag n. ebullin synonymous with "boast"
brave adj. audact synonymous with "bold"
brave(ry) n. audactes synonymous with "bold"
bread n. atropa
break v. rumpen
break n. rumpin
breath n. adflin
breathe v. adflen
bridge n. crus
brief adj. angtes
bright adj. alba
brighten v. alben
brightness n. albes
brilliance n. albes synonymous with "brightness"
brilliant adj. alba synonymous with "bright"
bring v. adgeren
broad adj. capas
brown n. fulva
brown adj. fulvam
brush v. converren
brush n. converrin
build v. adstrusen
building n. adstrusin
burn v. arden
business n. adeian
busy adj. dinstre
but conj. ast
but prep. ast'+object accusative, attached; "everyone but him"
buy v. empeten
by prep. if not possible to use with one of the cases given in the homepage, ap'+object accusative, attached

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