English PoS Old Elvish Notes
call v. accen "cc" pronounced "ks"
call n. accin
calm v. inersen
calm adj. inerses
calm n. inersin synonymous with "calmness"
can v. sen to be able to
cancel v. retecen
cancellation n. reticin irregular noun formation
candle n. delæ one of the rare nouns ending in æ
capture v. cavten
care v. accuren
care n. accurin
careful adj. accurates
carefullness n. accurati
carry v. adferen
carve v. caelaten
casual adj. temres
casualness n. temris
catch v. caupen
catch n. caupin
cause v. procien
cause n. procīn
caution v. adcuren
caution n. accurin synonymous with "care"
cautious adj. accures
cautiousness n. accuris
center v. umben
center n. umbes unusual noun formation
central adj. umbis
certain adj. atces
certain n. acti
chair n. solilum
challenge v. poscen
challenge n. poscin
chance n. elae
change v. aben
change n. abin
changeable adj. abes
check v. confuten

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