The Panlaffic alphabet is a true alphabet that is used to write the Panlaffic languages, the main variant of which is the Kihā́mmic version. The alphabet is written from left to right.


Panlaffic letter Kihā́mmic IPA Standard Romanisation
[p] P p
[l], [ɫ] L l
Panlaffic A
[a] A a
Panlaffic Ā
[ɑː] Ā ā
[m], [ɱ] M m
[n], [ŋ] N n
Panlaffic E
[ɛ], [e] E e
[d] D d
[h], [ɦ] H h
[k] K k
Panlaffic O
[ɒ] O o
Panlaffic Ô
[o] Ô ô
Panlaffic Ō
[ɔː], [ɔ] Ō ō
[ɹ], [ɾ] R r
[b] B b
[θ], [ð] Þ þ
Panlaffic I
[ɪ], [i] I i
Panlaffic Ī
[iː] Ī ī
[v] V v
Panlaffic Ə
[ə] Ə ə
[z] Z z
[ʒ] Ž ž
[f] F f
[g] G g
[s] S s
[ʃ] Š š
[t͡ʃ] Č č
Panlaffic U
[ʊ] U u
Panlaffic Û
[u], [uː] Û û
Panlaffic Ū
[uː] Ū ū
[t] T t
[j] Y y


Panlaffic character Name - character(s)
Panlaffic full stop
Full stop - .
Panlaffic comma
Comma - ,
Panlaffic question mark
Question mark - ?
Panlaffic exclamation mark
Exclamation mark - !
Panlaffic colon
Colon - :
Panlaffic semi-colon
Semi-colon - ;
Panlaffic speech marks
Speech marks - "
Panlaffic parenthesis (left)
Panlaffic parenthesis (right)
Parentheses - ( )


Panlaffic numeral Western Arabic numeral
Panlaffic 1
Panlaffic 2
Panlaffic 3
Panlaffic 4
Panlaffic 5
Panlaffic 6
Panlaffic 7
Panlaffic 8
Panlaffic 9
Panlaffic 0

1371 Kingdom ScrollEdit

Panlaffic (Kihā́mmic) alphabet scroll

This is the earliest known record of the Kihā́mmic variant of the Panlaffic alphabet as it still exists today. The scroll dates from 1371 and gives a brief explanation of Kihā́mmic orthographical rules. The scroll was commissioned during the early Kingdom of Kihāmát.

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