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A Language that i have begun but am having quite some trouble with. There are new letter designs and i an having trouble getting them on Computer. The secong K should have a little w next to it. like the first Q sorry. I shall record the pronunciation of the letters if you want to add me and i can send it to you ^^

Pronunciation of Letters Edit

A - as in Cat

Acented A- as in Late

B - as in Boat

Brg - Said like a B then a breath with an R in it

C - Cat

Accented C- as in Chat

Chl - Ch as in german streigh into a hl sound

D - As in Dance

Dd- a d and a t sound in rapid succesion

e - as in Pet

Accented e- as in Flea

F - as in frog

Fh - F into a breath

Frr - F into a rolled R

G - As in Gate

Gl - a Hl sound

H - as in Hat

Hr - Said like a Hur with the tongue at the back of you're throat

I - as in Sit

I with line- Pronounced Yee

J - as in Just

Jy - Pronounced like Joy without the o

Double sided J - Jn, A little like at the end of Pigeon, when spoken quickly.

K - as in kite

K with w - Kw like Quick

L - Love

ll - Like Welsh, a lisp sound.

M - Moon

N - Nun

N with a tail - Ny, like News

O - Dog

O with line - Purr

double OO - Moon

P - Plate

Pr - Price

Prz - Pronounced Prsh, like in polish

Q with w - Queen

Q with r - Like in Cream

'Q' - Said seperate from the word that is in, like a click, but right at the back of the throat, like you would say Q but further back.

r - Race

Rz - Like at the end of Racers

Rcz - Like says Urch without pronoucing the U

S - Safe

Sh - Shine

Sw - Sue

T - Track

Tr - Train

Trz - Pronounced like Trsh, Like Prz

Tk - Unvoiced seperate plosives T'K'

U - Put

UU - Puke pronounced yoo

Accented U - Pork, Pronounced Or

Joined UU - Both puke and Pork, Uor

V - Vase

Accented V - Like V but held longer.

W -Wake

Ww - Oov (ie, Wwan pronounced Oovan)

X - Sticks

Y - Young

Yx - Sticks

Z - Zoo

Zcz - Zch, Like Rcz.

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