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The Qâêr Language Family conatins the following languages

Ancient Qâêr

Also the following Mutually-Intelligible-Diaclects which have descended both from Ancient Qâêr over time through degradation, assimiliation, and dissimilation. These are as Follows (In their Common names with an English Equivalent). [They will soon be added to the Wiki].

Wasteland - Râlôryn

Islander Elvic - Elfâryn

Mainland Elvic - Elfâryn á Âldâryn

Common - Harâm

Noun Suffixes
- Meaning Province/Kingdom of
eg. Ôbâdemerk > The Orcish Province
Esêlon > Empire
eg. Harâm Esêlon > Human Empire (Empire of the Humans)

Desert - Cŷben

Mountain - Erdâl

Northern Band - Skafânok á Ôbâdem

Noun Suffixes
- Meaning Kingdom of
eg, Ubârgerek > The Orcish Kingdom
- Meaning Speech/Language of
eg, 'Ubârdemag > Orcish/Orcish Language

Northic - Skafânok

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