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  • 'eq: quotative indicative evidentiality marker
  • 'í: probable quotative negative evidentiality marker
  • 'iap: verb-to-noun particle, -tion
  • 'ín: afternoon (2:00 PM - 5:00 PM) tense marker
  • 'ír: inferential negative evidentiality marker
  • 'iúy: hearsay negative evidentiality marker
  • 'op: verb-to-noun particle, turning verb into patient of verb
  • 'ú: one
  • 'ún: one (counting number)
  • 'út: one (ordinal number)
  • 'úr: one measuring people
  • 'yet: verb-to-adjective particle, -ed i.e. a (verb)ed (noun)
  • 'uof: verb-to-adjective particle, -ing i.e. a (verb)ing (noun)

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