cha'p: you, topic form, also a common greeting


  • caj: terminative case marker
  • c'heh: morning (4:00 AM to 9:00 AM) tense marker
  • c'hum: adjective-to-noun particle
  • chai: future-in-future tense marker
  • chau: second person ergative, first person absolutive particle
  • chí: realized negative evidentiality particle
  • chiúr: analytical indicative evidentiality marker
  • chuec: second person reflexive particle
  • chún: second person ergative, second person absolutive particle
  • chyop: second person ergative, third person absolutive particle
  • coy: second-person witness negative evidentiality marker.
  • crer: late night (10:30 PM to 12:00 AM) tense marker
  • cro: eleven
  • cron: eleven (counting number)
  • crot: eleven (ordinal number)
  • cror: eleven measuring people
  • cueh: hearsay indicative evidentiality particle
  • cuo: six
  • cuon: six (counting number)
  • cuot: six (ordinal number)
  • cuor: six measuring people
  • cuý: apparent indicative evidentiality particle

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