The Asermian languages (Modern Rikučreb: Rikučreb ku rιbιzrø ; Rιkučwâb: Rιkučwâb ku rιbisrø) is a family of languages spoken in Rikučar (Rιkuča), a fictional nation that encompasses most of the Milky Way galaxy. It evolved from the Proto-Asermian language. The Asermian languages are regulated entirely by Bâkswalt, a bird-like gender-neutral transcendental being who has ruled Rikučar since its establishment nearly 5 millenia ago.


Bâkswalt inherited the Pre-Asermian language (a substratum of Proto-Asermian) from an ancient earth-based race of avian humanoids, which Bâkswalt was a member of. The entire race inhabited a group of 3 large islands in the Pacifc Ocean, known collectively as Dezabet. Following a catastrophic bolide event which wiped out most of the island, Bâkswalt became the last native speaker of the Asermian languages. Bâkswalt would later go on to teach his language throughout the world, and was eventually established as the official language of Earth when it was unified under Rikučar.


The Asermian language family has 3 extant members: Rikučreb, Rιkučwâb, and less common Rowiktob. Another member, Karbash, is a scarcely spoken creole of Rikučreb and various members of the Indo-European based Swalo-Khronic languages. More information on this relation can be found at the page for Karbash.