This list shows all words within the Řikūts̆reb. This is with the exception of verbal and comparative conjugations. This list is sorted into alphabetical order using the Řikūts̆reb alphabet. If you would like any words added to this list, please say so on the talk page.

Abbreviations and SymbolsEdit

The Řikūts̆reb Dictionary uses various abbreviations used for different types of words and grammatical terms. These abbreviations and symbols are listed below.

v - verb*
vt - transitive verb
vi - intransitive verb
vr - reflexive verb
v impers - impersonal verb
v aux - auxiliary verb
v caus - causative verb
ncau - has no causative form
ndsc - indescribable (has no nouns, adjectives, or adverbs)

*used when a word has multiple definitions
of different verbal types.
-----verb conjugations-----
The following are used only when the infinitive is preceded by a consonant.
{1} - verb ending is preceded by the letter "a".
{2} - verb ending is preceded by the letter "e".
{3} - verb ending is preceded by the letter "i".
mn - mass noun
cn - count noun
an - agent noun
-----adjectives and adverbs-----
adj - adjective
adv - adverb
ncm - incomparable
jui - juiscal definition
pl - plural form
prep - preposition