Romine is a language spoken in the Efferian Republic of the Rominogue (Cun Taila Rominoc).  



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Romine has a subject-verb-object sentence structure with but is fairly flexible.

It has various types of words such as, nouns, adjectives, verbs, pronouns, prepositions, and verb modifiers, 


Romine nouns are only declined by case and number.  There are two forms of nouns, Type A or nouns that end with a vowel, and Type B nouns or nouns that end with consonants. 

Plural Edit

There are two forms of plural in Romine, numerical and non-numerical.

Aifen(Aunt) Type B

Numerical -at: Dima Aifenat(Eight Aunts)

Non-Numerical -a: Aifena(Aunts

Ratha(Dog) Type A

Numerical -ad: Mich Rathad(Two Dogs)

Nom-Numerical -an:Rathan(Dogs)


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