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The Rumritch orthography is the way in which Rumritch words are spelt and how their spelling corresponds with their pronunciation.



Spelling IPA Example text English approximate
a stressed, á [a] ald, fránt father
unstressed, à [ɑ] klaus, hàndredt spa
ah [aː] Wahrf father but longer
â [ɑ] spa
âh [ɑː]
aa, ä [aː] father but longer
å [ɐ] roughly like under
åh [ɐː]
ă [ə] but
e stressed [e] play
unstressed [ɛ] bet
ê [ɛ] bet
é [e] play
ee, ë [eː] play but longer
eu [ɯ]
i i [i]
î [ɨ]
ï, ii [iː]
o stressed, ó [o]
unstressed, ò [ɔ] law
oe [œ]
ô [ø]
oo, ö [oː]
u anywhere [u] tube
û [ʉ] Australian English goose
uu, ü [uː] tube but longer
ů [y] No English equivalent; rounded /i/
y as a vowel [i]
as consonant [j] yes


Spelling IPA Example text English approximate
b,bb everywhere [b] bal; bekt balloon
c before  e, i, or y [θ] centchuri thief
elsewhere [k] core
cc before  e, i, or y [ks] access
elsewhere [k] acclaim
  • intial, medial
[ɕ], [tʃ] chief
  • final
  • Greek-derived words
d, dd everywhere [d]
dch everywhere [dʑ]
dy everywhere [ɟ]
f, ff everywhere [f]
g before  e, i, or y [ʒ]
elsewhere [g]
gh everywhere [g]
h everywhere [h]
j usually [dʒ]
other [j]
k, kk everywhere [k]
l, ll everywhere [l]
ly everywhere [ʎ]
m, mm everywhere [m]
n, nn everywhere [n]
ng before  e, i, or y [ndʒ]
elsewhere [ŋ]
ngh everywhere [ŋ]
ny everywhere [ɲ]
p anywhere [p]
(p)ph anywhere [f]
q not before u [k]
r everywhere [ɾ]
s usually [s]
before a voiced consonanat (/l/,/m/, /d/, etc.) [z]
sch everywhere [ʃ]
sk everywhere [sk]
t, tt everywhere [t]
tch [tʃ], [tɕ]
ts [ts]
ty everywhere [c]
v always

[β] (in some dialects)

w always [w]
x usually [ks]
voiced [gz]
intially [ks], [s]
before i (and not ii) [kʃ]
y as a consonant [j]
as a vowel [i]
z everywhere [z]

Diacritcal marksEdit

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