The verbal structure became increasingly simplified, with the modality prefixes becoming individual, unconjugated verbs which came before the verb, the aspect affixes were dropped and replaced instead by adverbs which followed the verb and the causative, permissive, state and adjutative suffixes were analysed as part of the stem and as such become the vowels which would have undergone vowel mutation in Sangi. The intensity markers also merged into a single form and the conjugation has collapsed slightly, with now fewer classes and a two-way past. vs non-past tense distinction which arose as a result of affective sound changes.

Verb ComplexEdit


The stem, as a result of sound changes, now longer marks anything but the active voice in the two simple tenses and the passive voice in the two simple voices (but only with stems which cn undergo stem gradation). The passive is marked using the weak stem and the tenses are marked using vowel changes:

Causative Suffixes to Stem PartsEdit

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