An intransitive verb: cet, crwiit, cidaa, cocash(y): to speak
Finite paradigm
Singular Paucal Plural
1st person cedúu cedabu cedai
2nd person cedaak cedaak cedagé
3rd person cetahlo cedazu cetloon
4th person cedlíil

Descriptive paradigm
Singular Paucal Plural
cidaañu cidaamav cidaañoon

Nominal paradigm
Singular Paucal Plural
1st person cocayémi cocayébi cocayémat
2nd person cocayéxá cocayéxí ccocayéxé
3rd person cocazhlasha cocashkúde cocazhlashan
4th person cocashnii

An transitive verb: cába: to hit, independant paradigm



1st person singular 1p paucal 1p plural 2p singular 2p paucal 2p plural 3p animate singular 3pa paucal 3pa plural 3p inanimate singular 3pin paucal 3pin plural 4p
1ps - - - cábadó cábaru cábatr cábawan cábazhbu
1ppa - - - cábaco cábacov cábade cábazha cábalnu
1ppl - - - cábatwe cábarwe cábatwr cábawen cábazhbwe
2ps cábanim cábatsa cábazhwa
2ppa cábammyu cábatsu cábazhvu
2ppl cábammye cábatse cábazhwe
3ps cábavá
3ppa cábaza
3ppl cábavé
4p cábangzhi

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