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Fictive Language

Spoken in Segregaterra.

Phonology and Phonotactics

i - cannot stand with other vowels. 

y - i sound. placed with other vowels.

c - k sound. silent if first in syllable and followed by vowel. cannot end a syllable.

k - changes consonats to secondary sound.

kk - k sound. used in the end of syllables.

syllables consist of 3-5 letters. They cannot begin with a vowel, but can begin with c (silent if first in the syllable and followed by vowel) followed by a vowel.

Words consist of main syllable (giving the foundation of the word), the secondary (providing the word with a category, e.g. noun or verb and possible conjugations), the tertiary syllable (implicating a certain relevance for the sentence). 

Words as nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs and prepositions always have a main and a secondary syllable. Whereas pronouns, conjunctions and determiners lack the secondary syllable.

If a main syllable is followed by a tertiary syllable they are divided by an apostrophy. 

Criletk = flame

Cryekk = fire (or flames)

Crivarg = Burn (present tense)

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