Consonant Phonemes
Labial Dental Alveolar Palatal Velar Radical
Nasals m n (ɲ) (ŋ)
Plosives p b pʰ t d tʰ c ɟ cʰ k g kʰ
Fricatives f ʋ θ ð s   ʃ   ɕ ʝ x ɣ h
Continuants β j ʟ ʕ
Affricates ts dz tsʰ tʃ dʒ tʃʰ (ks gz ksʰ)
Vowel Phonemes
Front Central  Back 
High i y i: y: ɨ ɨ: u u:
Mid-High e ø e: ø: o o:
Mid-Low ɛ: ɔ:
Low a a:

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