Sgevla was originally a grammar outline of language I created in Study Hall. Since then (2 weeks ago), it has become a language with about 300 words, and a complete grammar.


Sgevla has a 24 letter alphabet, using all the letters in English except Q and W.

Letter Pronounciation
a as in father, never as in weigh
b as in boy
c as in shell
d as in dog
e as in get
f as in fall

as in gulf

h as in hat
i as in beep
j as in the French bonjour or measure
k as in cat
l as in lull
m as in meat
n as in null
o as in open
p as in pelican
r as in run
s as in stroll
t as in 't'remor
u as in moon
v as in very
x the plegm loch
y as in button, not yellow

as in zygote

Words are formed by CCV, or VCC, not including compound words

Basic GrammarEdit






Verbs have no tense by default. Tense is designated by particles.

ax' - present tense

ex' – past tense

ox' – future tense

Verb PrepositionsEdit

Verb prepositions designate where the verb was taken place, in relation to the noun. Not using these would result in ambiguity. For example;

"I talk to the left of John."

Are you talking to the left side of John, or are you at the left side of John talking to him?

Sgevla has a way of preventing this. Verb Prepositions and Noun Prepositions. The same prepositions are used for each.

vle above
kle below
mle towards
cle left
ble right
dle away
ple upon
zle during
sle against
jle about
nle in
xle out

do ex'cle'tva zhe John

I [past] [left]-talk [name] John

I talked from the left side of John

as opposed to do ex'tva zhe zle'John

I [past] talk [name] left-John

I talked to the left side of John.

You can also make conjunctions of prepositions.

do ax'mlezle zhe John

I talk towards and to the left of John.


Verbs can be negated by placing 'pu' at the beginning of the verb.

do pu'ex'tva zhe John

I talked not to John.



plural particle'preposition'root'adjective

dol flikjo'scavla

[possessive me] ball-red

My red ball

dol flikjo'scavla kje cvalko

My red and green ball.

'kje' is an adjective conjunction, meaning it states the ball is both red and green, not red-green. If you were to say 'scavla cvalko' or 'scavlasvalko', that would mean the latter.

To list multiple nouns, put 'kja' inbetween each noun.

To make a plural add the 'po' particle

To negate a noun, as in 'It was the cake, not the bagel, that tasted good to him', use 'pu' as an adjective.

dol po'ble'mkelj

The right of my foods.


kje Adjective 'and'
kja Noun 'and'
kju or
kji introduces nominal clause
kjai and (sentence connector)
kjoi with
kju Introduces adjective/adverbial clause
sja but
sje if
lje therfor
lja than
rja yet
rje because

Relative ClausesEdit

To form a relative clause, place the particle 'je' before the clause.

zga elme je ex'tva ax'tva

The man who talked, talks.


zga specific noun follows
zhe specific name follows
zgi raw number follows
zgu unspecific noun follows
zhu unspecific name follows

zge John ex'bru

A certain John ate.

zga elme ex'bru

The man ate.

zgu John ex'bru

Any John ate.

Word SeperationEdit

Components of a word are sperated with a '. This is not necessary, but makes it easier to read for large words.


0 no
1 pa
2 ke
3 mi
4 lo
5 ju
6 za
7 he
8 bi
9 do
10 pano
100 panono
101 panopa



The number symbols written above, with the written numbers below it.



xa adjective/adverb question
xe what
xi who
xo where
xu True/False (place at beginning of sentence)
xoi preposition question (takes place of preposition)
xei when (beginning of sentence)

why (beginning of sentence)


do me
vo you
go it, s/he
co he
ro she
to this
po'vo they
po'to these
po'do us

To turn these nouns into posessives, add an 'l' to the end of the word.

to ax'ujki dol vkolj'kli.

This is my car.


Sentence construction is SVO.

do ax'cjo zhe ook ujke bgicvo

I present-think [name] Ook [adjective is] good [adjective intensifier]

I think Ook is very good.

Ujki versus UjkeEdit

Ujke is used to assign an adjective to a noun. Ujki is used to assign a noun to another noun, and Ujku is used to assign a noun to a verb.

zhe ook ujke bgi.

Ook is good

zhe ook ujki zgu sge'edlo

Ook is a programming language.

Example TextEdit

zga zhit ujke gkal'pri kju nki zga nle'plokj kja zga po'nle'ygfi. ax'asvi zga po'ple'vo kjoi zga adsevlo kja zga treplu kjai ax'fre ax'nle'edsi zga zhit kji zga upkli de zga frejka.

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit

of brotherhood.

Human Rights SgevlaEdit


I currently have a dictionary of ~300 words, with English, Sgevla Romanization, and Sgevla Script (nbigsgevla) in spreadsheet form. If anyone decides to take an interest in the language I will post it.

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