Here is a brief list of characters and words of Soeinam Language. Of course, I am not going to post all of the characters and whatsoevery online (I have the list myself and I find it more convenient to update the list locally.).

  • N: Noun
  • V: Verb
  • A: Adjective
  • Adv: Adverb
  • Exp: (syntactic) Expletive
  • C: Number or Counter


Char. Roman. Class Meaning
poeng1 A square; local


Char. Roman. Class Meaning
nam5 N; A south; southern

Dental sibilantEdit

Char. Roman. Class Meaning
soei1 N A blur geographic concept seen in the word 綏南

Retroflex sibilantEdit

Char. Roman. Class Meaning
tsrie1 V know; have an idea


Char. Roman. Class Meaning
njit8 N day


Char. Roman. Class Meaning
ngoe6 N language (vernacular)
ngian5 N language (literal)
khu2 N mouth; dialect (vernacular)


Char. Roman. Class Meaning
xoet8 V say; speak (language)


Char. Roman. Class Meaning
jang5 A fake


Word Roman. Class. Meaning Note
綏南語 soei1-nam5-ngoe6 N Soeinam language
方言 poeng1-ngian5 N dialect Always used along. In the case of referring to local dialects with names, 口 (khu2) would be used instead such as 萬樂口.
真佯 tsjin1-jang5 Adv really, seriously Often occurs in questions, seeking a clear answer.

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