See Sorvian language here.

Nouns Edit

A/Ä Edit

B Edit

C Edit

  • cylte - mind

CZ Edit

  • czappa - Sorvian currency (1 czappa = about 50¢)

D Edit

DZ Edit

  • dzöökjä - flame

E Edit

F Edit

G Edit

H Edit

I Edit

J Edit

K Edit

  • kaddo - leg
  • közzi - Sorvian currency (1 közzi = about $50)

L Edit

  • laaim - car/vehicle

LH Edit

  • lhäti - face

M Edit

  • mooišša - rabbit
  • myde - person

N Edit

O/Ö Edit

P Edit

  • palka - arm

R Edit

S Edit

  • savvi - dangerous
  • skyggäö - tooth
  • söde - man

Š Edit

T Edit

U/Y Edit

V Edit

Z Edit

  • zytäpy - god

Ž Edit

Verbs Edit

Adjectives and Adverbs Edit

Other Edit

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