Spanillian is a Romanic language that is in turn a descendant of Spanish. The language originated in the Republic of the Spanish Islands, in the south-Caribbean.

Difference from Spanish Edit

The difference from Spanish is not great, all that is different is: words in a Spanish sentence get placed from last-first, and first-last, e.g. "Este es un nuevo idioma. (This is a new language)", becomes, "Nuevo idioma a es esto. (Language new a is this)".

Basic Grammar Edit

The grammar is just Spanish backwards. Although a sentence still starts with a capital letter, and ends with a period (.;!;?).

Examples Edit

First Spanish, second English, third Spanillian.

  • "Yo me estoy comiendo una manzana." • "I am eating an apple." • "Estoy comiendo una manzana I."
  • "¿Dónde está mi zapato?" • "Where is my shoe?" • "Es donde mi zapato?"
  • "¡El coche se está alejando de nosotros!" • "The car is driving away from us!" • "¡Nos de distancia de conducción es el coche!"

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